Close Foil or lull Atk/Spd?

So, I used my spark summon on Julian, mainly because of the lull Atk/Spd I can give to my L!Alm. But now that I think about it, Close Foil is very premium. I have some units to give them CF:
Kliff is my favorite unit from the series (please don’t ask why…). He is very similar the NY! Alfonse, and while I think NY! Alfonse is a lot better, for me personally, Kliff can be better for AR-D.
With summoner support, my +3 Kliff will have 48 atk. There are a lot of units who don’t have 53+ Atk, like Altina if she is not merged, but with the powercreep meta there is now, most of the units people run have 53+ atk. Being able to get the +5 right from the beginning is pretty good to not get OHKOd right from the beginning (it happened to me with Alfonse, not OHKO, but from a follow up). I can’t run Alfonse with IP team because mine has 51 HP.

While Alfonse negates follow ups, Kliff gets the follow up, with 41 spd, +5 to all stats and lull Atk/Spd, he most likely to double with 52 spd.

While Kliff doesn’t have the best bulkiness, mine has pretty decent with 32 res and 35 def with summon support. And with Lull Atk Spd, his weapon and CF he gets 40 res and 48 def.

The only thing that holds him back is that he can’t have atk buff overwise it will negate his weapon effect.

My build for him:
Lull Atk Spd
Res Smoke
Close/Distant def, mirror stance or any skill that buffs his atk, spd, def or res during enemy phase.

Another unit will be Bramimond. While his defense is not good, with his +5 from his weapon, +5 from CF, +3 from Lull Atk/Res and +4-6 from a def seal, he can get up to 37-39 defense which is pretty nice. And he also gets that +5 to his atk from CF.

My build for him:
Lull Atk Res
Impenetrable dark
Any seal that rises his def/atk

And the last two I can think of will be NY! Alfonse and L!Chrom. Just to swap that CC to get more def/atk, even though they won’t be able to counter dragons.

I do have Takumi for CC fodder, but I don’t think Brami and Kliff will have a good use from that.

So, what should I do? Fodder the Lull for Alm or fodder the CF?
Thanks for helping me!


Fodder for… both? That’s way more effective tbh.

Not Bram imo because he’s too weak to getting doubled so he’ll just be killed a lot of the time tbh.

Honestly if you like Kliff enough, then go for it. It is a good set for him.

Also that isn’t even that good on L!Alm. His native NFU or lull spd/def are both better options.

Yeah definitely not. Don’t waste that valuable fodder, especially since arguable NY!Al is better with CC.


I know she wasn’t on the list but I would suggest giving them both to norne. Very easy to merge and she’s one of the best units in 4* pool. Extremely solid fast tank for both arena and ar


Am I the only one left who remembers when everyone insisted Brami NEEDS close counter and were furious that he came with atk/def push 4?


Midori could be better in that case , but good suggestion. I like the kliff idea because a lot of units have a good attack statline while he doesn’t but the fort. Def/Res is more reliable on him because it lowers his atk ( CF and a fort in the slot s to lower is atk can do pretty much the same thing)


Midori is 5* locked, borne is 4*
Norne has like 7 more spd and more res.
Unless you meant foddering midori to norne instead of julian, in which case spendthrift bow is really good but norne can still get a lot out of just a slaying bow. And regardless of the build being lull x/spd is almost always norne’s best b skill option.

At any rate I suggested norne purely for being easier to merge and useful in all game modes(particularly arena as she’s still the only colorless f2p arena option). However I’m sure Kliff can use these skills pretty well also


I meant fodder Midori because of her bow, guard bow is still decently good on her so fodder Julian is pretty much the same thing

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Nah. Bruh with guarunteed follow ups it’s always better on PP unless they have vantage because that’s how attack order works, they’ll be killed.

For the same reason people don’t usually use Dimitri as an EP unit.

But ye I do remember when people said he should have CC, but really most of the time people won’t think things entirely through before saying stuff.

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Oh only problem with Norne is she’d rather Midori. But other than that, she is good with it

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Just saying there were quite a few people furious he didn’t come with close counter saying “he needs close counter to acually do his job”. Very angry that they needed to “waste fodder so he actually works”. I remember it quite clearly but now people look at you like you have 3 heads if you suggest close counter brami lol


Yeah sprendthrift is broken but lull atk/spd is basically norne’s best b skill on every build she runs(aside from firesweep norne preferring lull spd/def). I foddered my midori to norne and no regrets but I do wish she had lull atk/spd for tanking

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Now that’s the most stupid thing tho. Being so entitled that they wanted a pristine kit on summon. Sure a lot of units get them these days, but that doesn’t me we should rage when they don’t.

Besides tbh I think quite a few people would’ve rather him with Sturdy Impact, which is fair because that’s way better with him


Yeah sturdy impact/death blow bramimond with a pre-charged luna(or moonbow on a budget) is one of the scariest nukes around because you have so few options for defending yourself against it

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Yeah lol NFU is pretty important in light solely for Bram lol. Those IP’ed Brams are hella scary dude :catroll:

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You know the funny part

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My duofonse can actually tank that luna. But he ends up with like 10hp left after combat so my best bet is to just nuke him on my turn with dominance. I just find it funny that without an AoE there are like 4 units in the game who can acually one-shot fonse. I really don’t think IS meant to make him as strong as they did

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When you forget to use his dou ability and get one shotted by anyone who can double you


Even without the button he has decent bulk. 35/30 isn’t awful and with his oath active(which I don’t recommend using but is a stand-in for field buffs in general) that 40/35 defenses. He’s gonna hurt after combat but as long as the foe isn’t green he can usually live

Yeah, I was joking. But really a green unit with good atk and good spd like Thrasir or duo Alm can definitely one shot him if his special trigger is not charged. That’s the main reason why I took him off my AR-D team, and I don’t really want to give him TP and QP just so he can be on it. As I said, mine has 51 HP, so no IP team

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Mine is unmerged with neutral IV’s so I’ve been using him on my anima defense with emmeryn and a +hp f!julia that pity-broke me a while back. 2x mirabilis and 1 thrasir gives him 46 def/res (I maxed his dragonflowers). Very few people who attacked my defense have been able to take him out without casualties. If I can get Hel and 2nd sothis I’ll do the same thing for dark season as well