[Closed] Contributor Recruitment

Dragalia Lost contributor recruitment- GamePress

Hi everyone! I’m Kieramisu, editor for the Dragalia Lost GamePress wiki. With the preparation of a new Epic Seven subsite, our workload grows. While our current Dragalia Lost team has been available enough to maintain the site, I wish to improve the quality and accuracy of our guides with added community support.

This is where contributors come in: written content is copyedited and ported to our robust database for seamless display. We’re open to one-off content submissions, but for those who wish to create content regularly and help with ongoing projects such as the Tier List, I highly encourage you to apply. If you know anyone making great content, feel free to pass this message along-- though of course, nobody’s under any obligation to do so.

If you have any questions, feedback about the application, or don’t meet one of the requirements, feel free to PM me or reply to this thread and we can work something out.

Application will be open from Tuesday, 3/26 and remain open indefinitely.