CN friend codes?

I recently installed the Chinese version of Arknights on an emulator on my computer and I’m looking for some friends! Not sure if there’s anyone else on the forums with a Chinese account but if so feel free to leave your friend code in the comments :D

My friend code is Jayne#2895

I’m still starting out on that account so my only support is a lv 40 Specter but there will be more to come as I progress!

That’s my ID. There’re 2 servers on CN version, one of them is official server, with nothing on that app icon. The other one is Bilibili server, with a little TV smile face bottom right on the app icon. Btw I’m on official server, these two servers are not interchangeable.

Ah unfortunately I’m on the Bilibili server. Guess I can’t add you then :(

Yeah no problem buddy. Sorry for the delay. :slight_smile: