CN Lava's new form system explained!

Since there’s no official translation so far, I will temporarily translate this new system as Opposition, as the original Chinese word seems to be derived from the “Opposite-coloured Bishops” term in chess.

The new 5* opposition and the original 3* form will share the trust. When a doctor has the opposition and the original at the same time, an opposition mission will be triggered. Completing the mission, or when both operators each meet certain conditions, the doctor can obtain rewards including elite materials, LMDs, and combat records.

  1. The outfits of the opposition and the original are not universal.
  2. Opposition and original cannot be in the same combat at the same time.
  3. If one of the original/opposition operators has been selected in the squad, the other one related cannot be selected in the support unit list.

    (I.e. If you already selected Lava the Purgatory in the squad, assign Lava to the squad will remove the Opposition, and you cannot choose either Lava or Lava the Purgatory in the support unit list.)
  4. The infrastructure skill of opposition is different from the original operators, and they count different morale, and the opposition cannot appear in the infrastructure at the same time as the original one.
    (I.e. When Lava is working or resting in the infrastructure, Lava the Purgatory cannot be assigned to the infrastructure. If you do that, Lava will be removed.)
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