[CN]Theresa's last letter to Kal'tsit

The moment you reading this, the ending act must already be played. For so much knowledge you taught me, I have always kept it in me. This world, a layer of soil laid on a sphere, has its boundaries; we crawl until we can walk, our bodies were initially different; the twinklers beyond are just like the world underneath, are arks sailing in heaven. Kal’tsit, I remembered these words of yours all the time. You mentioned once that you were seeking the answer of ourselves more than the motive of our behaviours. For so many times, you asked of the plans I have for this landship, of the reason I commit this very much into it. I didn’t give it to you until the end, as it really is a naive one after all. Kal’tsit, I can sense your loneliness. You might be convinced that you are the last of your species. Kal’tsit, you shall have my answer at very last: I hope the Rhodes can be a place you name home, an Island you may always return to. I had thought about witnessing the future with you together. However, there is no cure for loneliness; there is no end to the wandering journey. No one shall deceive death in the end. I have no complaint about this ending just as I already planned and did my best. The mission of Babel ends here; however, every one of you and this landship’s journey has just begun. Now go, unto your initial grand quest. Through the grim perils of the longest night, Rhodes Island shall breach into the promised dawn. The bright future of voyaging on the land belongs to all of you. Kal’tsit, I am indeed not one of yours, neither can I resolve your doubts. But Kal’tsit, I used to, and from now unto forever, will always by your side.

[Personal translation based on the text translated from Japanese]




In Kal’tsit new profile, it says her origin is from Rhodes Island, in other operators profile, if they don’t want other people knows their origin they could just leave it as unknown, so it seems that Kal has finally followed Theresia wishes and make Rhodes Island her new home, the place for her to return after a long long journey wandering alone in Terra :ak_exusiailove:


I literally cried after seeing the text translated and sent by my friend.
She is so gentle. She was just a girl to Kal’tsit, yet persisted in giving the lone witness of Terra a home.
I just couldn’t help but to translate it to English and share with you guys…


Hmmmmmmm so Theresa did know she was going to die after all! Hmmmmm I wonder what this means. W seems to think her death is Doctor’s fault, but if it’s our betrayal after all, then it’s not something that caught Theresa by surprise judging by this pre-recorded letter.

Furthermore, if we did indeed betray Theresa, then why is Kaltsit still sticking around with us? Clearly this letter from Theresa means she’s close with Kaltsit. This can only mean that Kaltsit isn’t against our betrayal.

So we have 2 new clues:

  1. Theresa knew about her death in advance.
  2. Kaltsit accepts Theresa’s death, despite being as close to her as (or even closer than) W is.

More support for my Queen Exchange theory!


This was not okay.

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