[CN] Winter 2020 Event Leaks/Datamines & Livestream Discussion

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Watch the Livestream at Dya’s twitch channel when it’s time.

Looks like we’re getting SF Capture if the datamine is to be believed.

executioner-hanging executioner-sit executioner-wait executioner-walk


SWAP Brutes (pls don’t have high accuracy)
swap-brute-attack swap-brute-die swap-brute-idle swap-brute-run

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Acheron (the hell are these)
acheron-deploy acheron-die acheron-idle acheron-undeploy acheron-wait

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Coeus (looks like it has a main cannon and some side guns, two possible attacks)
coeus-attack coeus-die coeus-machine-gun coeus-move coeus-wait

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Kratos (why does it have a smiley face on the helmet?)

kratos-die-2 kratos-shield kratos-shield-flex kratos-wait kratos-walk

Transfer Catalyst item (转移触媒)

waifu2x of the highest res clean event banner I can find

New Nyto animations

Stream soon

Yuzhong wishes everybody a Happy New Year, currently listing off the itinerary.

Official Weibo will also provide updates for people who cannot watch the stream.

2020 Winter Event logo

Stream acknowledged that the fandom is freaking out about the tentacles, and said it does not necessarily mean we’ll be fighting giant squids, but it does have some meaning relevant to the Polarized Light event.

The name “Polarized Light” is inspired by the phenomenon of light polarization changing all kinds of non-coherent light into the same polarized direction, and is a big hint towards how the story will play out.

COMPLETE PV now being played. The PV shown earlier was just half.

A ton of SF ringleaders showed up in the complete PV! Are they our enemies or allies?

On January 16 the first 3 chapters of this event (as well as Ranking) will be released.

Mid-February, Chapter 4/5 released.

The previous screenshot shows two additional members of team DEFY, will be added to production (not event limited).

RPK-16, MG