Coco IV and Birthday Luck

Ever since 2018 when I got a +Atk Ophelia, Flora and Silas in 50 orbs, I’ve clung to the likely fallacy of birthday luck in Heroes. When weekly revival banners came in, I got 3 Azura in 200 orbs to finish +10ing her.

The Ashen Wolves aren’t particular favourites but I do like them so thought I’d try my luck for them anyway. Initially just planned to do any red and blue in the ticket circles and go until a 5*.

+Atk -Res Coco from there so all well and good.

Then saw more of Hapi’s forging bonds conversations and I think she is really cute so went back in.


Sparked her and went to break the pity rate. 10 5 stars in 200 there so I’d say birthday luck is real once again. And finally a +Spd Sumia.

Question: +Atk or +Spd Coco? 56/43 neutral, both are super assets and she gets effective +20 Atk/Spd from her base kit. Is 63 speed enough these days?


Congrats! Nice 5*s in there.

I say +SPD, but can’t go wrong with either of them


+Spd -Def is her best statline, same as Yuri

The speed superboon may end up helping you against foes with distant counter who are extremely fast on both phases. Also, the two conditions of Agnea’s Arrow work around speed, so it’s better to improvise on said stat.

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