Code of Brawl Penguin Medal warning CB-6 CB-8 CB-9

It’s a warning for people like me who don’t take time to read the missions.
There are conditions to get some penguin medals i haven’t read until today and i lost many sanity point due to this.
CB-6 CB-8, CB-9 you must use the devices to get the medals.

Yep, also, CB-EX5 should be cleared without using a terminal, and CB-EX7 should be cleared without using skill points device. Maybe add this info to the post, too? Let people feel despair all the way :fgo_deadinside:

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Yeah, that got me too. I got to the end of the normal stages and then realised I didn’t have all the normal medals and had to do some again :man_facepalming:

Hooray for people like me who have the habit of reading seemingly useless things like instruction manuals :fgo_rinlaugh:


Clearing cb-ex5 without them terminals was hard. For once I had to use my brain to clear that! Cb-ex7 on the other hand I did so without knowing I had to do it that way.


I’ve spent a lot of efforts to clear that one x_X The most humiliating attempt included the big bully killing my defender on his last legs and running away towards the gate WITH LESS THAN HALF A MILLIMETER OF HEALTH!


Yeah EX5 without terminals was harder than EX5 challenge mode for me.

EX7 was hell but thankfully the no supply thingies or challenge mode didn’t make too much difference.


That’s pretty much the story of my CB-ex2 CM runs. There’s always a runner with less that a pixel of HP standing :fgo_jeannu:


Did you get it in the end?

Spoiler -


If not, place more blocks, you can make them go on a pretty ridiculous journey. It seems they must hit all 4 corners.

I struggled even using the terminals.

In the end, i had the bully keep running around, while i waited my Defenders to finally kill the mob and start blocking that damn pinball man.

I think that my most deployed operator for that map was called “Block”. Super effective in annoying the Bully

Man, that was intense but entertaining