Code question

As someone who has a number of codes but has installed none, I do have some strong servants with solid CEs to loan out, what are some of the best codes for servants?

Depends on what you want to improve on your Servants, and the fact that not all the rarer codes have come to us yet.

Typically you would either want to use them to improve a particular Servants strength, or patching their weaknesses. Like NP gain for one.

I’ll write my own up later if I remember :catlie:

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Honestly I’m looking for a few best fits, or some underrated very overlooked fits. I’ve got a number of strong servants but haven’t invested any codes into them.

You can always test the 2* and 1* ones just to see if those fit. You can simply overwrite them with other CC’s unlike the rarer 3*+ cousins.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I know one main that’s going to get it is Herc. End of the month I’ll have him 10/10/10 with NP5 and his bond CE should be following soon after. So if I had to ask about a specific servant I’d go with him. If you’re wondering how he got to that let’s just say my luck with intended summons is somewhere between C-E, my luck with spooks has to be close to EX.


Hercs survivability is already top notch, no need to worry about that.

Best you can do for him is improve his damage, heal debuffs and the ability to make sure hits land (like Sure Hit, Ignore Invincible).

Thanks for the advice, definitely will throw him some debuff and sure hit/invuln pierce love. I’ve lacked skill in figuring out what should go where because I don’t want to spend prisms on code removers.

Debuff clear is the most important for Herc, to prevent burn or poison from eating through his Guts. While the 2* Cure CC can be used for this purpose, White Vessel’s Command Seal is after all Illya’s CS, so between utility and the massively appropriate Fate lore connection, it’s really one you should put on one of his cards.

Mind’s Eye is obviously going to be used for its defensive capability 99% of the time but it does improve his Critical strength. He has very little star production, though, so Holy Night’s Aurora would help him generate some. Then, Armament of Victory would concentrate any stars you create on a single card, helping him crit – and while he does put up some magnificent numbers when he crits on Buster, critting on Arts is extremely convenient for NP gain.

If you are fully kitting him out with the CCs we currently have, my recomendation would be:

Buster: Holy Night’s Aurora
Buster: Love Hunter
Buster: White Vessel’s Command Seal
Arts: Armament of Victory
Quick: open

For this layout I am assuming you are soloing a large enemy. When possible you rack up NPBB numbers on one turn, using the HNA Buster, and on the next turn you hit the Arts for NP gain. An open slot is left in case of gimmick solos where you might want a specific other card, such as Dark Disciple’s Command Seal for removing DEF Up buffs.


Also, advice here on Command Codes, general and specific. In your case I’d say an important maxim is “A Command Code that gets used has more effect on your game than one sitting on your bench.” :^) Removers are expensive, sure, but game-changing improvements to CCs aren’t all that common. If you’re putting the CCs on Servants you like and use, you’re ultimately unlikely to go wrong.

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