Combat Manual Idea

Sorry, long post ahead.
I don’t know if this has been brought up before, but I am here to share this idea I had. One of the things I noticed (and am thankful for) is that FEH is sort of different from some other gacha games that have summoning systems where you might get materials/weapons instead of a unit/character. That got me thinking, what would the FEH equivalent of summoning a material/weapon be? Combat manuals.
I will say this now, I am NOT suggesting they add the possibility to summon a combat manual instead of a unit on normal banners, that would suck (since summoning the unit itself is more useful than the combat manual because you can actually use the unit). What I am suggesting is that they introduce Combat Manual Banners where the focus units will be summoned as a Combat Manual instead of the actual unit. Now, I just got done saying that getting the unit itself would be more useful, so why would you want to summon on a banner for a Combat Manual? What I was thinking, to make the banners more enticing, would be to do a combination of: increasing the %rate, doing a 4* focus, removing pity breakers, and/or decreasing orb cost. Here is my thought process.

For the player:

  • Pros- Easier and cheaper to get merges/fodder and no pity breakers. Gives more chances to get/merge hard to get characters.

  • Cons/balance- You don’t get the actual unit to use, cannot get a different asset/boon (assuming you already have one with an undesirable asset), maybe limiting the amount of manuals of a certain unit you could get so you don’t get +10 too easily?

For I.S.:

  • Pros- People will want to spend more orbs because they can get fodder/merges easier (even if the orb cost is lower than normal, more people spending = more $$money$$). Basically, monetizing combat manuals. It might also encourage people to try and pull for the unit itself on a normal banner so they can actually use the manuals as merges (and get a better boon if desired).

  • Cons- (Potentially) Less people spending money on the normal banners

Other notes:

  • Only the focus units would appear as combat manuals.
  • Obviously, summoning a focus manual will reset the pity rate.
  • Maybe this is a way I.S. could split up the summoning pool. Take out old 3*/4* units from normal summoning pool and restrict them to Combat Manual Banners (making the older units “cheaper” to get essentially).

Feel free to weigh in your own thoughts. Honestly, I do think this is a good idea, but I doubt we’ll ever see this happen. All of this sort of stems from the fact that there doesn’t seem to be reliable ways of getting and merging certain characters who are harder to get (due to the lack of banners with them on it), but aren’t even worth being rare (not just units like Leo or Mist who have no right being 5*. I am also talking about the middle ground like Exalted Chrom, Mikoto, Rhajat, Shiro, Lugh, etc. who really don’t have much to offer without high merges/investment).


you could say that again

ooo I like this
interesting idea, although with how we’ve seen I.S. this will still probably be unlikely unless they’ve come done with a serious case of generosity


That is why I doubt it will happen, it requires I.S. to be generous and take a risk. Maybe they’ll actually be making more money if they did something like this. But maybe not. I remember when they did the 3*/4* banners and people really appreciated it. Problem is, it only happened twice.


IS taking a risk?

Yeah sadly, nah :feh_elisad:


They just can add a “Universal Merge Combat Manual” that you get after “xyz” summon. :smiley:

Or that you can get this “Universal Merge Combat Manual” as a reward. (maybe login reward, once a month) :smiley:

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I don’t even know who I would merge if I could merge anyone… But it would really support my f2p habits.

I personally would prefer a banner that doesn’t go away where you can spend arena medals for only combat manuals. It would have a 8% 5* unit focus of only manuals that are older than 4-5 months ago.

100 arena medals = 1 summon
400 arena medals = full circle