Come on GP

Last year, the ultra unlock gave us Unown from 10k eggs and researchers discovered that these too had disappointingly low odds of hatching out

Unown’s hatch rate last unlock is NOT this low.

It’s around 20%.

Deino’s hatch rate is EXACTLY 0.5% during this event, I can confirm myself.

Just another mon behind a paywall. Dont make sense to be angry because that is the way of how free games survives. Although, the game is becoming more and more greedy towards its players base. No more money for them for now i think.

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The problem is you HAVE a higher odd meeting one from a 10k or GBL than in a 7km. (Deino, that is).

But seriously this IS unprecendented. Not even joking here. The last time Unknowns were behind paywalls, or Shiny Riolus are behind paywalls they have decent hatch rates, not this.

If at anything, Shiny Deoxys would come after 1000 raids on average next week.

Oh really? What’s your sample size? Keep in mind anything under 100 is too small (and even 100 is pushing it).


1 out of 40-50 at minimum. I didn’t keep track.

(Look at the shameless perfect brag thread, it’s that one)

So you have made a definitive conclusion based on 1) a small sample size and 2) an inaccurate sample size. You really need to start reading what you post before you post it so you stop looking a fool.


It’s not small, since you can’t open 100 eggs within this window.

The most is 90.

I’ve opened around 40-50 minimum, 70 max? and I only hatched 1 Deino.

Remember there are a few times where I opened around 2-6 gifts without an egg.

You are not the only player who can hatch eggs. You have chosen to make conclusions for every player based on your personal experience. Your sample size is too small. You would be more helpful researching other player’s sample sizes and when you have data for at least 1000 hatches, you can make a definitive conclusion.

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Or more probable… because 1000 is still a small sample compared to all eggs hatched the last few days. :wink:

I put some credit into his fruitless hatching, I’m not trying (infinite only finally got one 7km after I hatched a 10km Absol). Total I’ve seen one shiny (a Rayquaza)…I click on (or catch) a considerable number of pokemon and haven’t seen any shiny…pretty sure if I gave half (or a quarter) of his hatching effort I wouldn’t get one specific rare Pokémon.

If I had more poke balls, a good thing being: my living room gets 6-7 wild spawns each spawn cycle. Not sure what causes some spawn points to spike or plummet, but eventually some good stuff will appear

Well, that’s 2-2.5%… so you can’t confirm it yourself

Maths is fun when they provide the evidence to their wrong answer :rofl:

once you’ve hatched 100k eggs and got 5k deino out of it, then you can confirm. Anything lower is just idle speculation

I say this with complete seriousness: There has never been a better time to quit.

The game has been going downhill all year, and we know that the worst is still yet to come. Why bother wasting time and energy? Just let the game die.

Niantic gets so many other things correct, it is easy to pick out the 1 or 2 things they misfire on. (Nobody could have predicted it would rain today, it was sunny at noon!)

Interesting to think that a game that has never been more popular is going downhill or dying.

By the time I stopped playing in December 2016 there had been 5 months of nothing new, full of players using Bluestacks and not much point to the game (they made there first million in a very short time, and there wasn’t even anything that needed to be purchased).

So much has been added in the last 10 months alone, some of it which will remain and some which will be removed once everything is back to normality, whatever that is. Everything added has been to keep people entertained.

If you want to talk about something going downhill, talk about Now TV raising the prices AND adding adverts before you watch something.


The Silph team have done some solid research for those interested…

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So much has been added in the last 10 months alone, some of it which will remain and some which will be removed once everything is back to normality, whatever that is. Everything added has been to keep people entertained.

First they removed raids, in favor of remotes raids, which are behind a paywall. There is currently no viable method to earn in-game currency.

Then, they killed off Community Days in favor of… nothing to replace it. There hasn’t been a meaningful Community Day in sixth months.

And what do they claim as the alternative to actual gameplay? PvP! Poorly designed, laggy, buggy PvP. That is to say, they’ve replaced actual gameplay with a huge waste of time. Moreover, that huge waste of time is the only way to acquire the TMs that we’ll need to prevent our investments from depreciating if they ever introduce the real versions of things that we already have; although they’re also stalling on bringing those out, because they know that then the playerbase will have nothing to look forward to.

Seriously, it’s circling the drain. Unless they spend some considerable effort in fixing their problems, this game is effectively dead.

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Non-remote raids are still in the game. I use my free raid pass fairly often.

What is your local gym meta like?

Blame the virus, not Niantic, for this.

In response to the virus, Niantic have implemented quite a few (long overdue) quality-of-life improvements, including an increase in interaction radius and more recently, that raid passes are only consumed once the battle starts.

They do need to fix the problems with PvP, but I would not consider the game dead.


Sometimes the lag hurts a player, sometimes it helps a player, BUT a bigger picture: they need to find a reasonable scoring system and stick with it. From what I’ve witnessed 5-0=31 points. Pretty tough to win 'em all. The frequency they “adjust” scoring (inherently “the rules”) makes it seem like they are making stuff up on the fly

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How do you come to that conclusion? You can still do raids just like last year nothing changed about that, the only difference now is that people also can take part in the raid from “far” away if they want. But you still get your free daily pass and you can still use that to do a raid (but you need to be close to the gym).

That is somewhat funny to read, first players complain about the points system and now they can begin complaining that they changed it…