Coming back to the game to pull for Gladion

I played Pokemon Masters during its widespread August 2019 launch for about a few weeks, then stopped playing since it was such a battery hog. I saved all my gems (except 300 that I used on a “trial pull” where I got a 3 star Brawly). I was waiting for Gladion to get added, and now he’s finally in.

I had about 12,000 gems saved from when I quit, and the game gave me 3,000 from the welcome back rally.

These were my results:

I’m totally fine with this. His VA voices 2 of my favorite FE characters.

Wrong Team Skull member…

This one was nice, his theme in ORAS was great


So I didn’t end up getting Gladion, unfortunately. Wonder if I should keep playing or delete the game again.

Also, this section of GP was deader than I thought it would be…

Pulling for spotlight 5-stars is harder than it sounds. At least you got some nice 5-stars like Sabrina and SS Grimsley.

I hate my luck, used over 9k gems for SS Leaf and 3k for Lusamine, got none of them.

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To be honest, you should’ve waited until you got 40k gems for guaranteed pull.
Also, pulling from pokefair gacha(in the future, when he’s added in it) will give you better chance.
I’ve got good result with those so far