Command Card Strengthening 4th Anniversary

With the upcoming anniversary we will get a new mechanic to enhance our favourite servants, similar to gold fous or command codes.

According to the wiki: This feature gives the opportunity to all Servants in game to enhance the base attack of their Command Cards. The UI is similar to [Command Code]Engraving, where after you have selected a Servant, you will need to select which Command Card to strengthen.
As of the update of this new feature, the Weekly Login Bonus will now include a “beast foot print” at every 7th Day of the login streak.

You can increase the attack of a command card up to 500 atk, each strengthening will give you +20 atk, so you need 25 to finish one single command card of your servant.
As far as I’m aware it is not a flat damage boost, instead it works like getting 500 additional atk from a ce for a specific face card.

Servants that will profit most from this are dps that rely primarily on their face cards, like qsh, sherlock, super orion or I guess inshun and Jekyll
But the boost is not that impactful and it will take forever to finish all face cards on a servant, you might as well give them to your favourite.


Honestly, it takes so long to max a single character that I might just save them all for Barghest in 2 years.


Looks like another way to deal with reverse qp hell at least. 252mil to do a complete set of 5 command cards.

I’ll probably give them to saberlot as a favorite who often relies on his facecards


I’ll save all of them for Ushivenger like i did on JP


Isn’t it a little under 2.5 years to get enough footprints to max out a servant? It’s so slow and minor. After the 0.23 modifier this is just a +115 damage before buffs, you’d need to get a 4.35x modifier on your face cards for the buff to actually be better than a standard damage plus.

I really don’t understand why they made this suck so much.


Gold fous ended up being too easy to max. Had to up the anti so OCD perfectionist would still have plenty to do to perfect their favorite


I think the +500 atk also takes hidden class modifiers into account, so berserker or lancers profit more from the boost than assassins or casters (who get shafted as usual)

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I’m not a jp player but I assume they give them out in event shops or as presents for download campaigns or whatever

I guess I’ll feed them to Arjuna Alter Buster cards.


Here we go again, Arthur :fgo_arthurnervous:


Using them on Melt.

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This system is so pitifully trivial and slow there’s just nothing to get excited about. Woop I get an extra 500 base attack on Godjuna’s busters in 1.5-2 years. Much wow, so difference.

At least Gfou boost overall potential and cover a full Servant in, what, 9 months?


I really wish they gave them out faster. I don’t know how I’m going to choose who to give them to first when it takes so long to get enough for just one…


And it did it twice as fast too.

Honestly, it’s one of those things where lower rarity servants get more out of it than high rarity servants, though not by much, and especially not compared to grailing.

For example, let’s take Arjuna Alter. When “just” maxed, LV90 1k/1k, his attack is 12669. If you max out one of his Buster cards, that card will have a whopping +4% damage increase. If hypermaxed, that goes down to 3.4%.

In comparison, let’s say you max out a buster card of a lower rarity servant. Let’s take one who might actually even use their facecards to do damage, and use Isshin as an example. Normal maxed Isshin runs with a modest 7792 attack, so a maxed Buster card would net him a 6.4% damage boost. However, if you hypermax him (and why wouldn’t you already if you are considering giving him these cards boosts?), it goes down to 4.5%.

In short, the benefit is incredibly minuscule, and only really makes a difference in extreme buff-stacking scenarios… but then whether you overkill Crit your opponent by 100k or 105k is not exactly a game-changer.


I still believe these are a mistake.

Takes way too long for such a minimal improvement.

Just another blatantly obvious way to try and keep people playing, and potentially spending, for as long as possible.

Sad thing is, with the currect state of JP being as slow as it is, there’s a very real possibility we won’t even see the fruition of these trivial boosts.


Wait for the 6th Anniversary in JP when they announce Golden Paws that will let you increase from 500 to 1000, one per month (with the same 20 points increase per paw, of course).


Honestly, if the limit was 1000 and they were handed out more regularly, it would be at least slightly useful. A 10% boost on a Buster Crit is actually noticeable, and it might help to reach some damage thresholds even without ludicrous buff-stacking, but as it stands, it’s a worse gimmick than the Command Codes, which are already very niche and costly for anything but one’s most beloved soloer servants.


Not sure if I’d consider CCs costly since the QP expense is negligible, but otherwise I agree that the Beast Paws are silly. More of a way to mark a favorite Servant since it takes so long just to max out that relatively small benefit.


they seem pretty useless unless they used for a low attack 1-2 star but mine gonna go to both martha’s