Command Chain Calculator Bug Fix and Patch Notes Thread

This thread will be where I keep track of minor under-the-hood fixes to the Command Chain Calc (and related tools from this lineup).

Feel free to post any bugs you encounter here /feature request as well to prompt for quick fix.

Outstanding issues

  • Angra’s wonky skills and NP not implemented correctly.
    - Musashi’s double hit skill not implemented correctly.
  • Enkidu’s Quick OR Art skill applies both effects atm.
  • How to handle any effect-after-x-turn effects (chacha, melt, etc)?

Patch Notes

2019/12/05 - Fixed IE & Edge support issue: removed usage of spread operator.
2019/11/27 - Implemented Space Ishtar NP switch and Musashi Fifth Force, various fixes
2019/10/13 - Fixed a bug with some aoe skills not applying correctly.
2019/09/25 - Add overkill hits column
2019/09/24 - User Servant integration
2019/09/23 - Various bug fixes, special thanks to XLM!
2019/08/08 - Fixed display bug with &. Fixed Inherent Wisdom bug with Da Vinci & Tesla
2019/06/13 - Fixed an oddball issue with certain skills with similar names (details via @kuu0 and @da-vincichan)
2019/06/01 - Mash’s third skill is now working for NP gain via kuu0
2019/05/29 - Fixed a bug with Atalante Skill as reported via @kuu0
2019/05/22 - Changed Servant Attack autofill to assume +990 Fou by default.
2019/05/21 - Fixed a bug with Sharing URL not working with GP Community. This may break existing generated CCCalc URLs.
2019/05/16 - 6M Campaign Update; Removes Event Buff cap per discussion here
2019/05/06 - Made sure Gray’s NP Overcharge effect applies correctly.
2019/05/05 - Fixed " servants with non-alphanumeric characters in their names display as the html version of the character instead" bug.
2019/05/04 - Fixed Siegfried Golden Rule, some issues with Sima Yi’s second skill.
2019/05/03 -
Servant Icon now links to Servant page
Implemented the 50% overkill bug from the game (will do a writeup next week, more info here)
fixed some NP damage issues from Chloe, Tristan, and Li Shuwen.
2019/05/01 - various minor fixes
2019/04/30 - CCCalc Official Release

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Not really a usage-impeding bug, but some servants with non-alphanumeric characters in their names display as the html version of the character instead (i.e. Chevalier d'Eon). Looks mostly like the ’ and & characters to my quick checking.


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Fujino with her first skill active gives 30% NP charge instead of 30% NP gain up.

Hey! That’s an awesome tool. But it could be even better:

  1. setting available cards from other servants - this would make my life so much easier as it would list only currently available options. Or even supporting up to 3 servants at the same time (bonus: also up to 3 different enemies). This would present all options that you have.
  2. direct links from your servants list (tied to your account) and from servant’s details page, resulting in prefilled calculator. It would be so convenient.
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Lancer Raikou’s NP gain seems a little off. I’ve tried by setting only one Buster, Arts, and Quick card versus an Archer at two sets of health: 17k and 22k. Both resulted around 20-27%, which didn’t sit right with me seeing how actual in-game results differ greatly.

Will be looking at resolving various bug reports over the weekend. Sorry for the delay!

Does the calculator not take Overkill into effect?

If a single attack triggers overkill it does. There’s a bug preventing subsequent cards from counting correctly.

Ah, that explains it.

I remember I already reported it… In another thread.

I’m very slow sometimes.

Is there a way to calculate when the enemy has a defence buff? Normally I’d just take whatever the value is off of the attack buff modifier, but you can’t put negative numbers in.

Working on that

Now accepts negative values under the advanced tab.


Fixed. Sorry, completely forgot about this one!

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I remember the same happening with atalante, is it some common type of bug?

Yeah, strictly speaking it’s not a bug of the calculator itself but data entry on GamePress, since people keep mixing up the NP Gain and NP Regen effects.

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Ah, makes sense, I get confused by the wording at times as well.

Um couple of bugs i noticed last night.

  1. When you enable “super effect” it applies it as normal but it doesn’t deactivate when you deselect it.

  2. Ishtar’s mana gem skill and other delay by X turns effects aren’t being applied, it’s treating it as if you activated it this turn instead of a preceding turn.