Command Chain Calculator Bug Fix and Patch Notes Thread

Fixed. Sorry, completely forgot about this one!

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I remember the same happening with atalante, is it some common type of bug?

Yeah, strictly speaking it’s not a bug of the calculator itself but data entry on GamePress, since people keep mixing up the NP Gain and NP Regen effects.

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Ah, makes sense, I get confused by the wording at times as well.

Um couple of bugs i noticed last night.

  1. When you enable “super effect” it applies it as normal but it doesn’t deactivate when you deselect it.

  2. Ishtar’s mana gem skill and other delay by X turns effects aren’t being applied, it’s treating it as if you activated it this turn instead of a preceding turn.

fixed the super effect bug. #2 will take a bit longer, but working on it!

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This is a super awesome feature. Question are you responsible at all for upkeep of the coding on the tied to account servant list or is that someone else?

That’s Micah, but I can pass over any bug/feature requests.

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Main things i’d want to request:

  1. The ability to sort the columns without using a third party plugin.

  2. A Class column so i can do sorting by Class

  3. List the Np level in the Summary as well so i can see at a glance if thats up to date.

  4. More advanced request but eventually i’d like to be able to have several tabs listing the servants with each tab being a priority tier with the ability to then choose which tab contents, (and what each tab contains obviously), to add to the mats list requirement a the bottom, that not only would let me focus on updating servants i’m actually working on but allow for an easier time figuring out what i need for specific priorities.

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  • @Carl_Bar forwarded the requested features to the right party.
  • Add overkill hits column to Command Chain Calculator per staff request.
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I tried to calculate the damage of Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) today but when I checked the trigger special trait damage ( I was doing it against a saber ) it didn’t have any effect. Also tried changing the attacked class back and forth since I thought it might have added it implicitly when I chose saber as desired enemy but the damage numbers stayed the same. I was only checking out her NP damage.

Is chain calculator broken? It will not load up the images or results . I rebooted to see it was me, but it is still doing the samething after reboot.

I have a problem when trying to calculate Houzoin stats with his NP up and i don’t know this is a bug or not???

Mmm, looks like it’s a bug related to how the calc handles non-damage NPs. Will work on a fix.

The calculator worked for me once upon a time, but I can’t get it to populate any results now that I’m trying to use it again. I’ve tried loading different Servants and selecting different options, but nothing at all populates. Tried in IE and in Firefox.

Might there be a common mistake I’m making, or maybe a browser security setting that is known to interfere with the calc?

Seems to work fine on Firefox/Chrome on my end, even with adblock on. Anyone else can replicate the issue here?

I appreciate you checking. When I get home from work I’ll dig into my setting more to see if it’s specific to my system.

Just in case, if no result show on first load, try click Calculate to see if that kicks the calc in gear.

Just had the bright idea of trying it on my phone, and it works perfectly there, so something with my desktop is causing the issue.