Command Code help

It’s currently the most effective damage-boosting CC, so put it on your main attacker’s best card (I put mine on Musashi’s buster).

Frankly, there’s not much need for a command code help topic yet, as most of the codes currently available are either fairly obvious, or totally useless, so it really doesn’t matter where you put them. It’ll be a while before any significant min-maxing can be accomplished with command codes.

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First up, put it on a servant who uses their face cards. It’s pointless to put it on someone like Waver obviously, and someone like Sanzang tends to just NP instead of using her face cards for damage.

Second up, I’d recommend putting it on the buster card of a servant that you will use for soloing. Soloing is BY FAR the most efficient use of CCs. That goes for practically all CCs, not just this one. Some good examples are Enkidu, Cu Alter, Heracles, and King Hassan.

The only other thing that you might want to do is put it on a servant who crits a lot like Jalter. I don’t think that this is as good as a solo servant, but it’s definitely an option.


Other than Gilgamesh? Raikou.

Her niche is already Anti Demonic/Anti Earth and Sky so the CC not only makes her stronger against Servants it also gives her a weapon against Man attributes, who she is usually in disadvantage against. Through a similar argument you can justify giving it to Tesla instead.

On the lower rarity side you could give it to Cu Chulainn because he is a last man standing, Lu Bu because he lacks crit and powermod buffs, Caligula for his high card damage only becoming higher or just give it to your waifu.


Sharing with you JP’s writeup on this CC :slight_smile: But in summary, put it on an attacker you use a lot that relies on facecards. JP recommends last standing servants but I think it would be good on Berserkers just for 1.5x damage across classes so Herc would be one of the best candidates.


Let me give some basic usage tips for the available command codes:

1-star: They’re all worthless, burn them.

2-star: Focus and Bless are pretty much worthless, burn them.

  • Glitter is an additive +20% stargen bonus, so can be useful on high hit-count buster or arts cards to get a couple free stars (Examples: CastUmu’s 6-hit arts, Tamamo’s 5-hit arts, or Summer BB’s 5-hit buster). Basically any card with 5 or more hits will likely get you an extra star.
  • Burst is a straight crit damage buff. Not much of a difference, but the only significant, non-unique way to increase damage on cards.
  • Cure is useful on soloers that rely on guts, as it allows them to cleanse DoT effects. Put on on Heracles, Cu, and Nero. Not likely to matter in most other situations.


  • Lucky Beast: Not going to matter, regardless of where you put it.
  • Crest of Humanity: Upgrade over Glitter, used for the same purpose.
  • Armament of Victory: Put it on a card that you would prefer to prioritize over the other 4 of that servant’s cards. It’s not enough of a difference to matter when competing with other servants, but it can help concentrate stars on, for example, a servant’s single arts card for huge NP gain.
  • First Servant: Only relevant on a solo servant, put it on a card they will use every turn.
  • Red Gem Lady’s Command Seal: Good crit damage buff, put it on your best attacker’s strongest cards (probably buster). Will be most effective on a servant who has little inherent crit bonus.
  • Wedge of the Heavens: The best damage-increasing code currently available, put it on your best attacker’s best card.
  • God-Binding Chain: Probably best on a servant who has an anti-divine NP, as this will supplement their effectiveness in their niche. Apart from that, divine is a pretty common trait, so it’s still likely better than Burst as a general damage buff.

There’s a pinned thread to ask for help in general:

It isn’t limited by any theme.


Like saberlot? Otherwise know as sir crits-a-lot?
He’s one of my top contenders…

But also considering summer BB since I’ll be using her in CQ’s a lot which have mostly servant enemies, plus she at least has a small stars per turn and a gathering skill.

Both of those are good examples, yeah.

I think I prefer stargen codes on BBikini’s busters, though. A five-hit buster with +20% stargen is almost as effective as Jack’s quick card in first position (ignoring the effects of Presence Concealment and first-card bonus), and the extra couple stars are helpful even when she is being used as support.

Oh didn’t realize BB had 5 hit busters… Now I really can’t decide. Doesn’t help being indecisive by nature, plus 2 yr wait for them to be freely swappable

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Well, you can overwrite the 1-2 star codes, so you can see if you like Glitters, and then just stick the Wedge on there if you want to. The FP codes are basically just place-holders for future uniques, anyway.


True, but I’ve not really noticed any difference from the 2* ones yet on those I’ve used them on. The effects are just so small

Yeah, that’s usually the case. The FP codes don’t really have significant effects. I would only unlock cards that you plan to put a unique in at some future date, and use the FP codes just to fill the slots for the interim. Like, I will be using BBikini a lot, so I may as well toss a couple Glitters on there, as I won’t be using the openers for anything else, and one or two bonus stars is better than nothing. But even the very best, SSR codes are only marginal benefits, not much in the way of game-changing effects.

Well I haven’t looked up the future codes so I’ve mostly unlocked cards on grailed favorites for 2* placeholders. But that’s probably also part of the indecision. Since I don’t know what’s coming, don’t know if I should wait putting a big one on a favorite because one that will work better could be just around the corner.

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Well, if you never engrave it, it’s definitely going to be useless. It seems like there are enough removers available from events, and that new codes come out slowly enough, that unless you put them in really weird places, you shouldn’t need to remove them very often. Just put them on servants you like, and you’ll be fine.

Again, the codes make so little difference, you may as well just put them somewhere to get some value out of them. The opportunity cost is about as low as it gets. Very few codes have any special use cases, and those are pretty obvious (the debuff cleanse code for self-stunning servants, the poison code for Robin, etc.)

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Every event so far has given us at least one remover, sometimes multiple.
Might as well engrave, and if something better comes up, then you can move them around.


It’s notable that many of the game engine QoL changes get ported to the US version early, so it’s possible we may not have to wait 2 years to free-swap them. The change was retroactive on JP, so it’s basically acknowledging that they think the new way would have been better from the start.


Good advice there.

I think the Armament of Victory is a lot more powerful than people realized though. Assuming players placed it on a character with at least 100 Star weight, and that you have star flowing from whatever source, you can, essentially guarantee that card to Crits since most supports will be casters with Star weight of 50. In that case the Star weight ration is 1:4 and for the solos is 1:2 but In either case it’s great because it would mean double and damage and NP gain for that card (as opposed to the servant-limited 20% atk of Wedge of Heaven). Granted, you don’t need the right Stars source and Star weight configuration for the Wedge CC to do it’s thing, but the potential of the Armament CC seems much higher from what I gather.

I’m not sure if others use or consider this.<?>

Well, in an optimal single-attacker, double-support setup, you probably have good star weight balance and plenty of stars to feed your attacker, anyway. Like, in my Musashi team, I am usually getting at least 30 stars/turn, and Musashi has a base star eight of +50 over her Caster supports, so she collects most of the stars to her cards, anyway. The Armament is mostly to direct stars away from her other cards and onto her arts card so I can guarantee the crit to fill her NP gauge.

+100 star weight on a single card just isn’t going to matter in the vast majority of cases. If your attacker actually gets any significant benefit from it, you’re team is probably not optimized.

Well, isn’t that a huge benefit there? You are able to more reliably Crit with her Arts card than any other. And there will be cases where only that one Arts will pop (and perhaps another Buster) but that’s extra 100 Star weight is making it a lot more likely to Crit with that Arts and get an NP that wouldn’t have been otherwise. Essentially, it would amount to the an NP release.

Or alternatively, sometimes all you want is a guaranteed Crit because there’s a crit buff applied (say from Waver) but unfortunately the stars spread almost equally across all the DPS’s cards. That’s where Armament CC comes in and fixes that. Better to have one Crit where it counts than miss all crits due to RNG distributions.

The other this is that a 1:2 ratio is definitely significant. I mean, if* it wasn’t a rider support (200) wouldn’t be a problem with a typical DPS of 100 Star weight, but it is. The reverse case is similar.