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Well, isn’t that a huge benefit there? You are able to more reliably Crit with her Arts card than any other. And there will be cases where only that one Arts will pop (and perhaps another Buster) but that’s extra 100 Star weight is making it a lot more likely to Crit with that Arts and get an NP that wouldn’t have been otherwise. Essentially, it would amount to the an NP release.

Or alternatively, sometimes all you want is a guaranteed Crit because there’s a crit buff applied (say from Waver) but unfortunately the stars spread almost equally across all the DPS’s cards. That’s where Armament CC comes in and fixes that. Better to have one Crit where it counts than miss all crits due to RNG distributions.

The other this is that a 1:2 ratio is definitely significant. I mean, if* it wasn’t a rider support (200) wouldn’t be a problem with a typical DPS of 100 Star weight, but it is. The reverse case is similar.

So far I have only used 1-2 star CC on my lvl 100 servants. More or less just so that there is something there.

I am saving the good ones till more CC come out. The Enuma Elish one will probably be put on either Nero Bride or Kama eventually.

And us getting rid of the code removers early would be awesome!

Awesome run thru on the uses for the command codes @The_Cheeseman!

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I mean, yeah, that is a good benefit. That’s why I said that’s the best way to use the code. My point was that it’s not going to make much difference if you try to use it to compete with other servants’ cards, but it can be very useful to single-out one, specific card you want to crit every time, like a lone arts card. Basically, don’t put it on low star weight servants thinking it will let them crit more often, put it on a servant who already crits often, but who has a card you want to prioritize.

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I can’t be bothered to type this entire thing out again, so instead I’m just going to link to my post in this thread which explains why Armament of Victory is actually pretty underwhelming. Star distribution is a lot more complicated than people think, so the 100% boost really isn’t that significant.

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Well, ok. Going off from the last paragraph of your first reply I was under a pretty different impression.

But most importantly this:

The best damage-increasing code currently available, put it on your best attacker’s best card.

I was disagreeing because the Armament CC is a lot more versatile than the 20% servant ATK from the Wedge CC because it is not difficult at all to provide the conditions that do make it better with the assumption of base ~100 Star weight.

If the character in mind is of the Berserker or Avenger class then an extra 10 and 30 star weight respectively will hardly do anything of course. But that was the reason for the base 100 assumption.

Conditionally*, the Armament CC seems to be the top for a single card’s damage.

Crit damage codes are fairly inconsequential, especially since Servants prone to critting have their own crit damage buffs and/or are paired with crit -enhancing support. Tacking on 3-10% crit damage to a card when you have a 30-200%+ modifier already is utterly negligible.

At best they make crit damage slightly better during buff downtime, but they’re more cosmetic than anything.

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I have to disagree with that assessment, as it assumes the armament will be responsible for allowing the card to crit, which is very unlikely to be true. As I said, in most optimized setups, your attacker’s best damage cards are going to be critting, anyway. If you are in a team that plans to do damage via crits, you should have the team setup to ensure that your attacker’s cards get enough stars, so the +100 on a single card isn’t going to be all that helpful, especially when you could put crit damage there, instead. If the team isn’t setup for crits, you probably won’t have enough stars to matter anyway, and +100 star weight isn’t going to be enough to draw all the stars you get to that specific card.

All the codes are inconsequential. The entire exercise is a matter of degrees of uselessness.

The other great thing about Wedge is that it stacks multiplicatively with crit damage buffs, not additively, so it will do even more damage than a CC which gives extra crit damage, assuming that they already have crit damage buffs. As for the star weight CCs, see my previous post.

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There are two that I can think of which I would consider actually good: White Vessel’s Command Seal (remove a debuff), and Good Wife Wise Fox (+50% heal effectiveness for 1 time 2 turns). Your could probably also make an argument for Hachiyou no Kagami (stun immune for 2 turns), but that realistically only effects Fran and TamaCat I think.

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Taking it a tad far, though.

100% star gather is a noticeable RNG tweak for the mid and higher weight Servants, and there are a handful of other codes with definite, if situational impact on gameplay.


There are a handful of codes that are specifically useful in certain circumstances. But none of them are game-changing or have a significant effect on the outcome of a battle. Most either make a mid-tier servant’s skill less bad (preventing self-stun demerits), or make a normally weak mechanic slightly less weak (healing). Some of them may make a servant’s niche slightly easier to exploit (poison/burn/curse procs) but such niches generally aren’t very strong, anyway.

Command Codes are fun and add some variety to combat, but you could erase them from the game entirely, and most rosters wouldn’t be significantly impacted.

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But what about those people who insist on using Berserker Fran for everything? Don’t take their dream away.


Fran, Tamacat, Rider Ishtar, Tamashark…

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Only if the enemy happens to be a servant though. I think it’s a little similar to Art of Death in that most don’t realize how many enemies are out there without the humanoid trait. That aside, in the conditions of the Wedge CC are worst because we are further limiting it to servants only.

You can find plenty of content out there without a single servant enemy whereas the effects of Armaments are enemy agnostic and even if you take into account what you explained in your post, (which was quite informative, thank you) you are still looking at a significantly higher chance to actually* Crit — Criting to begin with is more important than maximizing the damage for that CE if it does happen to Crit.

And the Armament also has the advantage that by virtue of increasing the probability of crits, it may also be used as an NP gain code rather than damage. The Wedge CC doesn’t have this versatility. That’s an outside-direct-damage perspective, but worth noting because if you are able to release more NPs per turns due to a well-place Armament CC you are indirectly contributing to much higher damage than you would otherwise achieve with the Wedge CC by virtue of more NP acquisition and deployment.

I wouldn’t dream of it! I fully intend to stack a ton of healing CCs on Nero for soloing shenanigans. You can know that something is sub-optimal and still find it fun, after all. My point is just that worrying too much about the efficiency or effectiveness of command codes is rather pointless, because none of them are really that good, so you may as well use them whatever you like and not agonize over it.

Sure, +3% crit damage is insignificant, but so is just about anything else you could put there, so why not?


True to a point, but again, there is actual QoL improvement to be found, so I wouldn’t be equally dismissive of all codes. There’s a big gap between “nearly useless” and “situationally helpful.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d say Cure makes a massive difference for Saber Fran. She can certainly loop without worrying about chip damage making her more vulnerable to a single crit.

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By the way, are we sure that Armament of Victory is +100% of the servant’s base star weight (50% base would double to 100%), or could it be a flat +100% star weight (50% base would become +150%)? I had assumed it was the latter, personally.

Meh, we’re splitting hairs, here. How valuable you find command codes is a matter of opinion, and my main goal was to convey the fact that people shouldn’t sit on their command codes for fear that they’re using them wrong. They aren’t good enough to agonize over, just stick them on there and have fun.

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