Command code Q&A

I had some questions about Command codes in general.

  • Would it make sense to add command code recommendations to the servant analysis sections, much like what’s done with CEs?
  • Openers are currently on the MP shop, though the “non-limited” ones have a 55d expiration. As that is longer than just this month, does this mean they don’t get refreshed monthly? Will they be available on a regular basis? Do they drop from other activities?
  • Command codes themselves drop from the FP summon. But I think I remember hearing they drop from other activities as well–I presume events and maybe story… any from dailies?
  • How many per X amount of time are we likely to get? (both openers and the codes themselves)?

I was going to ask if they consumed inventory slots, but I see from my Spirit Origin window that there’s now a Command Code tab along with servants and CEs, so I guess that answers my question.


There are CC recommendation for servants on Appmedia so I don’t see why not.

You can get openers from events if I remember correctly, same with CC.

Each event have about 3 of each openers in the shop.


Whats the minimum good NP gain? I was thinking of having 3-4 heals.

yeah we should have a tier list/recommendations like how ce’s recommended on servant pages for command codes

I’m in favour of there being a recomendation however keep in mind that outside of Solo battles you will only be able to trigger that code once per 3 turns.
In a party to really take advantage of it you will need to consider CDs, NP gauges, anticipate enemy actions and card counting.

For instance Tamamo cat or Fran could make good use of the stun immunity code when alone but if she is in a team then it will be hard to trigger it when desired.
Another example is the increased healing received code, for solo servants it is easy to either stack it or activate it each turn when there is sustained healing (Enkidu, Nero, Arjuna, Shiki Saber, Cat… etc)

They are part of Da Vinci’s shop so there will be new each month.
They are also event rewards/found in shops.

Generally we get them from FP summons and events.
There are also sometimes Master missions that rewards them.

In my experience reruns of events launched earlier than the 3rd anniversary does not provide any openers or codes.

Newer events usually provide 1-2 sets of Openers but the amount of codes vary.
Sometimes there is a single but other times there can be around 3.


Right now the selection of meaningful codes is super limited. Aside maybe from Focus for Servants with higher base star weight and no gather skill, they don’t seem to be very impactful .

There are stronger ones coming from future events, so it would make better sense to add Code recommendations to profiles later.


This WIP CC spreadsheet is relevant to the OP and some answers to it so I’ll just link that.


Are the CC permanent ?

They will introduce code removers that will let you move it to someone else. But removers are in the RARE prism shop, or events, so recommended to think out choices carefully. I think fp codes can just be overwritten by better ones


The current event has a number of code removers available for a very reasonable price in the normal Mana Prism shop.

How do you view the command codes you already have without using an opener? Right now I only have 4 (counting Lucky Beast), but eventually there will be too many to recall what I have.

I didn’t see the option under Formation or in My Room. Did I miss a menu somewhere?

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You can find them in a tab in the Formation->Spirit Origins List folder.


Thank you very much. I hope someone else had that same question, because I swear I saw them at one point!

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Maybe but that also have to see with the play style of the Master so that may ended or pretty bad or decent, and of ir is a matter of perspective

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It’s my understanding that 1* and 2* Command Codes can be just overwritten without a remover, right? In which case, if you have a surplus of codes and Openers or expect to put a better Command Code on a card later, it’s fine to put a low-rarity CC on a card awaiting a better CC, do I have that correct? (Not that anybody on NA has a surplus of any of these yet.)

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Yes, that’s correct. It’ll destroy the 1-2 star CC in the process, but if you don’t mind that then there’s no issue.

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Question about Command Codes:

  1. What is the purpose of Command Codes?

To amplify strengths?
Mistress of the Heavens, Blades of Niten Doraku, Command Seal of a Cardinal Minded Retainer on Buster cards, Merlin on Arts, Santa Alter on Quick

To cover weaknesses?
Heal heal heal heal star gen or heal heal heal art star gather star gen

Yeah, those are generally the two main uses for CCs.

Another good example of CCs that cover weaknesses are the self-stun immune CC and the ones that remove ailments/debuffs.

Another use you haven’t mentioned is preemptive defensive measures. Some people give the cure CCs and the debuff clear CC to soloers so that they can remove debuffs that come their way. Though in the case of the debuff clear CC you only get one copy so far, so you’d have to choose between using it for removing self-applied debuffs or using it on a soloer as a layer of protection.

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Yeah I was gonna do that. All my offensive firepower will go to Kiyohi.

All my defensive will be Fujino’s.

ıts such a shame that they’re limited. Atleast being able to farm 5 of each code during events would ne nice