Command Code Thread


I created this thread for players to discuss anything regarding command codes:

  • advice
  • recommendation
  • help
  • discussion
  • plans
  • thoughts
  • questions
    and etc.

I hope this thread could be useful and helpful for all players! ^^

Feel free to post and share your servants with command codes engraved~! ^^
Here is mine, for instance:

Lastly, the following post and link are details/summary/list of the command codes (special thanks to @Inflection) :

Command Code Thread - Fate/Grand Order / FGO Discussion - GamePress Community

Command Code List/By ID | Fate/Grand Order Wiki | Fandom



My plan is mostly really simple.
(Note: order is Buster > Arts > Quick)

Minamoto no Raikou (Berserker)

  1. Blades of Niten Doraku
  2. Mistress of Heavens
  3. Lady in Waiting Hysteria
  4. Magus of Flowers
  5. BB Slot? (Not sure on this one because her Quick isn’t great)

Quetzalcoatl (Rider)

  1. Lynchpin of Heaven
  2. Majin-San
  3. Aurora Borealis
  4. Cosmos Voyager License
  5. Crest of Humanity

Minamoto no Raikou (Lancer)

  1. Lady of Red Jewels
  2. The Reason of Creation
  3. Immature Illusionary Command Seal
  4. Inexistent Phantasmal Horse
  5. Djinn’s Lamp

Quetzalcoatl (Ruler)

  1. Vive La France
  2. Command Seal of a Cardinal Minded Retainer
  3. Gakio no Oofude
  4. The Spear of Love Conduct and Wisdom
  5. Nautilus

I only planned for servants i own or are guaranteed to own.


Perhaps one of these threads will be stickied one day? They’re certainly pretty common.

Because not everyone may have suggested Servants, or may not know why certain Servants are suggested for a given Command Code, I think more general advice is more useful. I will copypasta my own broad guidelines below, updated by feedback and suggestions I have gotten since then. Next I will give specific applications of these guidelines to the unique Command Codes we have gotten so far.

Command Code General Advice and Strategies

First and Foremost: Put Command Codes where they will be useful. That’s very general, but here are some specific ways to employ that advice:

  • A Command Code that has a debuff resist or ailment removal should go on a Servant you expect to get such debuffs. The most likely example is a Servant with a self-debuff, such as Fran’s burn or the self-stun of Ishtar (Rider)'s Summer Breaker. A second class of Servant this is useful for is one you expect to bring to Challenge Quest content, which often features wide arrays of debuffs.

  • This is especially important for solo or last-man-standing Servants who depend on Guts. Burn, Poison and Curse (though usually not HP costs for one’s own skills) can inflict damage that consumes a Guts, and ignores Evade or other defenses, such as Cú Chulainn Alter or Heracles. The lowly 2-star Cure CC is extremely useful in those cases, and if you are soloing you can rely on constant access to your CCs.

  • Conserve your Openers. Low-rarity 1* and 2* Command Codes come in the FP gacha and can be used relatively freely if you wish; they can be overwritten if you don’t mind losing them. (By the way, they can be burned for Mana Prisms if you’re in dire need too.) It’s the Openers that are likely to be the limiting factor if you use these; they are bought with Mana Prisms and awarded in limited numbers during events. You should probably conserve Openers for higher-rarity Command Codes unless you are fairly sure you have added all of those you want for now.

The Wait and See Strategy:

  • Conservation is particularly important if you want to hold good CCs for major content like this: say you’re facing a high-difficulty Challenge Quest or boss fight against a Rider that likes to Evade a lot. If you’re already bringing your best Assassins, and you’ve kept Hunter of Love and an opener in your inventory, then one of your already-good chosen team members can get an Ignore Evasion effect on their attack.

  • Trait damage CCs (Code: Brute for example) can be put on Servants you expect to bring to content that features such enemies. You can use Challenge Quests and boss fights to trigger your trait-damage choice, but if you don’t want the Code to sit on the shelf awaiting such moments, then consider more common missions. If you bring Cú Chulainn (Prototype) to quests that feature Beasts due to his Special Attack damage against those enemies, an extra 5% can improve his performance in that arena a bit more. Servants who have non-NP Special Attack damage versus other types can use the same sort of boost to strengthen their niche. Buster cards are the typical recipients of trait damage CCs. If you have a choice of Servants to use these CCs on, choosing those with better star generation (more Quick cards, high hit counts, or star generation skills), or whom you are likely to team with good star generators, will magnify the effect of this CC by stacking it with higher chances of criticals.

The Minmax Strategy: put Command Codes where they make a large difference in a Servant’s performance.

  • Do you find it frustratingly difficult to charge a Servant’s good NP because they have only one Arts card or a low hit count on their Arts cards? Adding a star weight Command Code, such as the Armament of Triumph, to such cards will help them crit more often with Arts, greatly improving their NP generation.

  • On the other hand, some Servants like to do facecard damage with criticals more than NP. In that case, star weight on a Buster card will help, especially if you tend to team them with Riders that pull critical stars away. Crit damage up CCs such as Lady of the Red Jewel will improve damage when critting but not the chance of critting; it is best to use these on Servants with good stargen, or which you intend to use with good star generating teammates.

  • Christmas 2020 (NA) features our first and so far only flat damage up CC, Sword of the Beginning and End. Since its bonus does not depend on the Servant’s base attack strength, it makes the most proportional difference given to a low-attack Servant and a less-damaging card, perhaps one whose Quick or Arts cards you would like to use for their star or NP generation but regret the damage loss for. Casters and Assassins with their 0.9 modifier are good targets for these; Archers have their 0.95 modifier but some usually crit ability in return. The same considerations would apply to any future flat damage up CC.

Star generation and star weight CCs:

  • Stargen usually takes an extra turn to make a difference. Since there is also a cap on star generation bonus, it’s different from CCs that increase damage: very good star generators are not likely to see significant boosts to performance. You don’t need to boost someone who hits 50 regularly! So it’s not usually necessary on Servants with any sort of stargen improvement skills. Jack, for instance, will hardly ever want more stargen. The recipient of a stargen CC should have some trouble generating stars: Berserker, Avenger, Archer, and Rider have low stargen numbers. On the other hand, higher hit counts on a card help a stargen CC do its job.

  • Lexi’s list of Servants with high-hit-count cards is an excellent resource for where to put stargen CCs.

  • Star weight sees the most improvement when given to a Servant with opportunities to make use of stars. The passive skills Independent (Action, Manifestation, Navigation) increase critical strength and magnify the utility of any stars gained. So do a few random passives like Oblivion Correction and Decline of Civilization. Many active skills increase critical damage and thus make stars extra-useful. If a Servant has a passive or active skill such as “Quick damage up,” the star weight CC should probably go on that type of card.

  • Simply putting star weight on your Grailed, Fou’ed high-Attack Servant will magnify the effects of any stars they gain. But make sure that calculation comes from facecard damage – star weight is no help to Servants whose damage depends on their NP!

  • A warning: try not to mix star weight CCs on Servants you commonly bring to nodes together, or in many cases even on more than one card per Servant. Their effect will cancel. If star weight pulls 10 stars to one card for a 100% crit chance you’re in much better shape than if you pull 5 stars to two!

The Sentimental Strategy: improve the Servants you like and use a lot.

  • A Command Code is no good if it doesn’t get used! If you have a go-to Servant, a Command Code that gets used often will have more effect on your game than one sitting on your bench.

  • A sentimental way to reduce your analysis paralysis is to put CCs on the cards of the Servants they feature. You got BB Slot and you have BB? Put it on one of BB’s cards! Lady of the Red Jewels features Rin’s Command Seals – why not put it on an Ishtar or Ereshkigal? It’s not necessarily always the most effective use but it makes sense and is its own kind of fun, and in the end this is all a video game.

The last piece of advice:

Few Command Codes have a drastic effect on the game. The low-rarity heals, for instance, are unlikely to make a big difference in most battles. Five “Code: Bless” on a last-man standing Servant will heal them for 300 per turn, which might, over the course of a few hard-fought turns, buy you one more round. Sometimes that makes the difference though!

For the immediate future, the rare CCs with debuff immunity/clears are likely to be the ones that really have specific Servants where they’re extremely useful: put them on Servants that debuff themselves. Other than that, don’t overly sweat optimizing your choices.

Specific recommendations for our current unique CCs:

  • First Servant is a damage cut CC. It is generically useful for anyone, perhaps more so for soloists. However, tank taunters might get slightly more use for it, and hence Mash, featured on the card, is herself not a bad idea either!

  • Lucky Beast is a 200 HP heal of which anyone can make use, a soloist or last-man anchor perhaps the best.

  • Armament of Victory, a star weight CC, features Excalibur and can quite reasonably go to any Artoria, although perhaps not Archer Artoria. In lieu of the original owner, give it to a heavy hitter, preferably one without much star weight of their own (i.e. not Riders and Archers).

  • Crest of Humanity, a solid +30% stargen CC, is suitable for low- or mid-stargen classes as mentioned earlier, i.e. not Lancers and Assassins. It is not associated to any Servant in particular. That said, some Assassins are ranked poorly for their refusal to do their star-generating job, and if you like an Assassin like that for personal reasons, this is an excellent CC to give them. Mochizuki Chiyome, for instance, is low-tier on Gamepress in part because her star generation is not so great; she has no active stargen buff. She could make a fine recipient. Servants with crit strength buffs, for themselves or the party, would magnify the benefit of the CC. Card type: Consider a high-hitcount Arts or Buster, since an additive stargen bonus has the most proportional effect starting from a low stargen base. Possibly a Servant having difficulty creating stars only has one or two such high-hit-count cards.

  • God-Binding Chains and Lynchpin of Heaven increase trait damage (Divine and most Servants respectively), and are probably best on Servants you are likely to take to quests that feature those traits – that is, especially Servants who already have anti-Divine (Napoleon, Scáthach, etc.) or anti-Servant damage (Nightingale, Okada). Of course, they are story-linked to Enkidu and Gilgamesh.

  • Lady of the Red Jewels’ Command Seal is a crit damage CC. It is good on high-Attack Servants who already crit a lot (Rider and Archer Servants have high star weight), so that the extra damage occurs more frequently in larger amounts. In fact, Emiya’s Buster is an excellent choice if you have him (I do, and he got mine), which is nice considering his story connection to Rin Tohsaka. Archer Ishtar and Rider Ishtar are both good choices as well.

  • Love Hunter gives Sure Hit to a card. It is powerful, and for that reason it is one I would suggest holding off on until needed for a Challenge Quest featuring a lot of Evasion, unless you have a sudden need for it in some other node.

  • Demonic Dragon of Twilight is a flat trait damage CC for dragons and can go on any servant you use for Dragon nodes. Dragon Slayer’s Sword improves critical damage versus dragons. They feature Siegfried and Siegfried’s sword Balmung respectively, and indeed Siegfried, Sigurd and Sieg can all make use of both of these. So can Georgios! Once he applies the Dragon trait, the CCs will kick in!

  • White Vessel’s Command Seal is a debuff clear CC. The command seals are Illya’s. As per earlier discussion, that makes it useful for Servants with self-debuffs like Fran or Ishtar, or soloists who might want to clear burn or poison. Heracles qualifies on the latter count and is story-linked to Illyasviel. Illyasviel herself has a debuff linked to her NP and thus would find this CC useful as well.

  • Demonic Beast of the Forest inflicts a 500-damage Curse for 3 turns, totaling 1500 Damage. It is almost a flat damage up CC and can therefore go on nearly any card with equal effect, favoring otherwise low-damage cards, i.e. the Quick or Arts. Edmond Dantès is the only Servant with Curse Damage Up and hence some additional synergy with the card. (Salome will later join him.) Lore-wise, the card features the Calydonian Boar, which means it is most associated to Atalante – and of course her Alter form uses the Boar’s concept constantly. (Both Atalantes can boost their Quick cards’ damage; putting it on an Arts card will mean sacrificing a bit less damage for more NP gain.) Artemis (who came with the summoning of Orion) is the goddess who actually sent the Boar.

  • The Disillusioned Blossom’s Command Seal has a cure effect but is mainly useful for removing ATK Up buffs. This is a fairly niche ability which is probably most useful being conserved for gimmick Challenge Quests; Meta_Cat points out that Kiyohime (both forms) imposes an enemy attack buff with her Stalking skill, so she can make good use of it. The Command Seals are Matou Sakura’s, who would be most associated to Parvati or Medusa (Rider).

  • Sword of Beginning and End gives a flat 1000 damage up. It is not a lot, but it will make the most difference if given to facecards you would like to use but might otherwise not like to pick due to low damage. The card’s lore suggests a Caster recipient. In its text, it refers to “the person who built the foundation of modern day alchemy,” Paracelsus. If you use Paracelsus in Arts compositions, an Arts card of his would make a good choice. Other Arts Casters would also work. (In Fate TV series, the users of an azoth blade are Kotomine Kirei, Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou… the same blade, in fact.)

  • The Holy Night’s Aurora generates 4 stars above whatever a card might normally generate. This is roughly the equivalent of adding an extra, un-damaging Quick card to a chain. It is good for units who can make good use of stars and do good facecard or facecard+crit damage but have some trouble getting the stars. It’s equally effective for any card type or base Servant strength and so, like Sword of Beginning and End, might well go on a lower or mid-tier unit you’d like to use more often. This video uses it on Billy the Kid, who has no less than three crit strength buffs (two actives and a passive) but not a crit star gen skill. Of course, the card features Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter), who… by these criteria, is not herself a great recipient, as she and her adult form both have stargen capability already but not crit strength skills. Let Dark Santa give her gift to someone else. :^)

  • The Dark Disciple’s Command Seal removes a DEF Up buff when attacking, and is thus best against foes who use such buffs. Unlike with Kiyohime, no Servant currently gives DEF Up buffs to any enemy, and thus this Command Code is probably another one to reserve for a quest when it becomes useful. The seals are those of Kotomine Kirei when he was the Master of Assassin during the Fate/Zero Fuyuki War. Hence, Hundred Personas would have the most lore connection to this CC.

  • Good Wife, Wise Fox increases any healing a Servant might receive, once. There are two good strategies for use on this: put it on the healer, or put it on a DPS you are likely to bring with a healer to keep them alive. Note that this code will be most useful when it is HP, rather than Evade or Invulnerability, that is keeping the Servant alive; thus, this goes well on a tanky unit without other hard defense. Tamamo-no-Mae herself, the Fox of the code name, qualifies on all counts, in which case an Arts card is probably a good target; however, her Buster could also work if you use her to occasionally throw some damage as part of an Arts stall team. On a DPS you expect to heal regularly, the Buster is probably the target.

  • Mirror of Eight Leaves specifically prevents stuns. It is best on units with a self-stun, so that you can time its use; interestingly, a lot of the units with self-stuns, such as Ishtar and Fran, have decent reasons to choose their Quick cards (e.g. Ishtar (Rider)'s Quick buffs, or potential Quick chains), and avoiding self-stun is not something you need to worry about every turn when you’re building NP or doing facecard damage, so this is a case in which Quick cards make a decent recipient of a code. The Mirror is associated to Tamamo again, and since Tamalancer has a self-stun she qualifies for the code on multiple counts if you have her. (Originally, of course, the Mirror is Amaterasu’s.)

  • Bride of the White Rose is one of the better heal Command Codes, benefitting all allies on the field. The card pictures Nero in a variant of her Saber class. It is something to put on an Arts card for a stall support perhaps, maybe the same as one with Good Wife, Wise Fox. It is not a high priority Command Code, so don’t fear to leave it on the shelf if you’re short of Openers, but it’s no slouch in a long-haul stall, especially if Healing Received Up is available to the party, wich can also come by routes such as CE.

  • Star-Severing Evil Sacred Sword increase critical damage against Sabers. It belongs to Mysterious Heroine X (Alter), and a Quick card for one of the Eckses is an excellent choice, simply to increase their anti-Saber theme. (Quick cards have more natural star weight, so they are more likely to crit in the first place unless the field is flooded with stars.) If you lack an MHX, a Quick card of any Archer will do as a recipient as well, to synergize with the usual class affinity.

  • Dove Report removes a Crit Strength Up buff from an enemy, and if it does so further gives a 10% critical rate reduction. Lots of the large mid-boss enemies give this type of buff to themselves: Spriggans (usually classed as Sabers) are notorious for getting a few and then critting really hard, so this is actually a decent CC for Servants who face them (an Archer if you have one in to take them on, a Lancer if you want to give one a better chance to survive the encounter!), perhaps on a Quick or Buster to keep it for times it’s useful. The dove spy is Semiramis’.

  • BB Slot is a chance-based CC, either giving 5 stars, healing the attacker for 500, or giving a one-turn 10% debuff resist. Most Masters are not fond of chance-based effects, and none of the effects is particularly mighty or crucial to a strategy. Stick it on either of the BB versions, any card type, to stay in theme for her, unless you’re looking for a filler for another Servant you use more regularly.

  • Coffin of the Fall removes a Debuff Immune buff, and increases critical strength against Good enemies. The latter will be the more consistent use. It belongs to Archer of Shinjuku and is, of course, tailored to bring the pain against Sherlock Holmes, who possesses such a buff and the targeted alignment. Indeed a not insubstantial chunk of the Servant roster has both qualities! Hence giving it to someone you bring for anti-Servant battles could be good. More generally, an Archer’s or Rider’s Quick (for the natural star weight) or Arts (for the NP gain) card would be a normal spot for it. Prioritize characters that have debuffs they’ll want to use, and skip putting it on characters that have any built-in buff removal. Moriarty himself qualifies on all counts.

  • Faint Black Delusion’s Command Seal inflicts a fairly strong poison, 3 turns at 600 damage per turn, with a -100 HP demerit (nonfatal) to the attacker. The command seals are Matou Kariya’s and so are most lore-linked to Lancelot (Berserker) or any Sakuraface Servant. The Servants with the most poison synergy are Robin Hood, whose NP deals extra damage to poisoned Servants, and Shuten-Douji (Assassin) and Hassan of the Serenity, both of whom increase poison damage. Serenity’s is available as a skill rather than an NP, but Shuten’s can apply to all enemies.

  • Spear of Love, Action and Wisdom is Trishula, Shiva’s weapon and hence the lance that Lancer Servant Parvati uses. The critical stars are minimal; damage up against charmed enemies is likely the most consistent utility. Put it on any Servant who can Charm; Parvati is certainly a good choice. Classes with lower stargen would see the most marginal difference from the stars. (No Berserkers can Charm; Archers, Euryale and Kid Gil; Riders, Alexander, Marie Antoinette, and Medb; Sabers, d’Eon, Suzuka Gozen, and Medb (Saber).) The choice of card type to use is one the Servant will use for high facecard damage; often a Buster, but for Parvati, a Quick to go third in a chain might be the more likely target.

  • The Nun with a Bodhisattva’s Merciful Gaze, featuring Kiara herself, is strictly trait damage against Lawfuls (many Servants) and Rulers (few). Save it for a challenge quest or give it to an Avenger (or a Berserker, as this thread suggests, for consistent anti-Servant damage). Plaster it on a Buster when you do, unless your choice of Servant really boosts another type – a Quick on Dantés if intending to be used with DSS, perhaps.

  • The Crimson-Hearted Liege’s Command Seal is Waver’s seals from the Fate/Zero Fourth Holy Grail War. It increases the critical strength of a Buster card. Put it on a Buster for a Servant that likes to crit with their facecards - a Rider, Archer or Foreigner with a strong attack. Other bonus considerations are Buster/attack boosts and critical boosts in their skillset. If you have Iskandar himself he hits on all counts, of course. Reines, due to her attack down demerit, is not the greatest candidate. Alexander is middling; he has Rider star weight and good stargen but of course 3* attack stats.

  • Spiritual Cube, Gray’s scythe Add, is a CC that gives a nice 15% trait damage against undead. Undead bosses are not common, but they’re very common mobs, so a Servant you bring to undead nodes will work best. Of course it’s tailor-made for Gray, a welfare Servant most players will now have. Scathach, Martha Ruler, and soon Ibuki-Douji are Servants with anti-Undead niches in their kit.

  • Da Vinci is a Caster Servant. Wait, she’s a Rider? No, she’s a Command Code, and she boosts NP strength for a turn when used. There is almost zero consideration for where this CC can go, other than it being a Servant with an offensive NP chain you like: drop it on a card you would use to chain with their NP. Note that of course you have to use it the same turn and before the NP, so chains that are useless with the NP second or third – NPAA looping, for instance – are no good. For a soloing Servant with a viable chain, though, this is basically a permanent free 15% NP damage boost. This is generally considered a great Command Code that you may end up shuffling around for quests.

  • The Great Fool of Owari: Starring Oda Nobunaga on the card art and name, this card provides crit strength up versus Divine: hence, it should go on someone you’re likely to bring to an anti-Divine fight who is likely to be critting (good star weight and Luck, or lots and lots of stargen). Archer Nobbu qualifies on both counts, with an anti-Divine trait and Archer star weight. If you don’t have any of the anti-Divine Servants, then perhaps Izo and/or Nightingale, for their anti-Servant niche, although Nightingale doesn’t crit that often. Otherwise, whichever Archer or Rider you might bring to a Servant fight. Same card type consideration as any other damage-boost CC: usually a Buster, but if a Servant consistently boosts another type and gets big numbers out of that, use one of those.

  • Fine Sword: A powerful effect giving a permanent Ignore Invincible to the attached card, this Command Code is suitable for anyone, perhaps soloers particularly, as Invincible is more likely to appear during challenging quests. Typical card-type consideration. The sword is Okita Souji’s.

  • The Inexperienced Fantasy’s Command Seal: +100% star weight to an Arts card. Criticals on Arts cards help NP gain, so someone who could use a boost to NP gain is your option here. Ganesha/Jinako makes an interesting target for this Command Code, since the Moon Cancer class has low star weight and despite having three Arts cards and an Arts NP, her base NP gain is low. Gorgon and Salieri can benefit substantially from it as well. Avenger Nobu already has fairly good NP gain but with only a single Arts card… well, more NP never hurt, right? The command seals are Master Artoria’s from Capsule Servant. Which makes the most congruent Servant in F/GO, um… Altria… uh… Lily?

  • Crest of the Stone Bird is a teamwide crit up, and so it can go equally well on any Servant you are likely to bring to a crit team, especially a critical damage supporter. Scáthach-Skadi or Osakabehime are excellent choices. If no other option jumps to mind, most players should now have Nagao Kagetora, who fits in the role with her crit support skill Glory Gained on Foot. The crest is the Musik family’s and hence is either equally related to all Servants in Chaldea (via Goredolf) or is very slightly more related to the Apocrypha Servants, mainly Siegfried, who is not really a good target for a crit support CC.

  • Mage of Flowers gives 10% charge when using the card, although only once every three turns. Who doesn’t love more NP charge? Since it can only fire once ever three turns at most, its effect is essentially 3% per turn on a soloer; but hey, if one happens to have a support Servant who is best in team compositions, and for whom faster NP can be parleyed into even more NP gain even faster, that’s great! While almost anyone can use this, Servants whose NP returns NP, such as Merlin, Tamamo, or da Vinci (RIder), work great; for lower-rarity options, support Servants like Hans would appreciate it. But seriously, an occasional 10% to NP is good for anybody who isn’t a one-turn farming wonder.

  • Brush of a Mad Painter: Arts crit up. Good for an Arts critter… like Hokusai (Saber), whom everyone has if you finished the event, or Hokusai herself. Not much else to say here. If you don’t want to put it on her, find someone with else with a star bomb (or star gather) and an Arts boost, to synergize.

  • Ukiyoctopus: Removes an NP Strength Up buff if one exists; if so, decrease enemy’s Arts resist. This is either (1) a CC you’ll pull out for a Challenge Quest, and put onto an otherwise already useful Arts Servant, or (2) something to put on someone who takes care of your pesky large dragon problems, as mid-boss dragons tend to be the most common foes that use NP Strength Up buffs. Interestingly, Sieg’s Arts NP would benefit well from this CC – if the dragon survives a turn to buff itself before you get his NP charged and ready!

  • Chain of the Heavens: +20% damage to Divine enemies. Trait damage can go fairly well on any Servant you expect to bring to strong battles. If you happen to think of anyone your anti-Divine Servant (here are the ones with anti-Divine attack bonus natively: Anti-Divine ATK Up | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress), then they’re perhaps a good option. Of the list mentioned, Martha Ruler and Nobbu in her Berserker and Avenger forms would perhaps get the most general use of it. Card type: Buster is the usual recipient of trait damage, unless your target Servant is likely to get bigger base numbers from a different card type with self-boosts or your usual Support. Lore: Enkidu’s obviously, and also used by Gil. (My choice: Karna Buster, since he’s the only Servant from the anti-Divine list I have. I had also given him Great Fool of Owari earlier.)

  • Law of Creation: Remove a DEF Up buff and (regardless of whether removed) increase critical strength of the card by 10%. You could give it to someone without buff removal to spread the ability around, or consider giving it to someone you already bring for buff removal, to enhance their role. Like all crit strength CCs, you’ll get the most use from that side of it on someone with native good star weight and high base attack: Riders and Archers, or someone with a star weight skill. I figure Casters may be a bit more likely to DEF buff themselves than Lancers, so maybe a Rider is better? Lore-wise, of course, it’s Gil’s Enuma Elish. If you have his Archer form, woe upon you from his wrath if you give his prized weapon to anyone else! Card type choice: it might marginally improve the NP gained from an Arts card, but that’s a minimal consideration. You could use the Servant’s preferred damage type, or even a less-preferred type since DEF Up stripping may not be needed every turn. (My choice: Martha Rider Arts. I often bring her for her buff stripping. My only Gil is Caster, which is a bad choice for a crit up code. I’m sure he understands.)

  • Your Faithful Sheep: It’s an upgraded Code: Cure – you might call it a Pretty Cure? It removes Poison, Curse or Burn, with the addition of healing 100 HP. Okay, but removing the ailments is still going to be your main use for it. Use it the same way as Cure: put it on a Servant who self-inflicts that sort of damage (Fran or Babbage), or on a solo Servant whom you don’t want losing Guts to a damage-over-time effect. Lore: Dumuzid is Ishtar’s ex, Ereshkigal’s one-time prisoner, and Altera/Altera Santa’s flattering companion. None of them particularly want him around though. (My choice: Heracles Buster, the third such CC I’ve given him – it’s not like he needs damage boosts.)

  • Mistress of the Heavens: naming and picturing Ishtar, this code increases a Buster card’s critical by 25%. A simple CC: give to a Buster card of a Servant with high star absorption and good base attack. (My choice: Ishtar Buster, of course.)

  • Balance Scale of the Universe: a double trait damage card: 10% to Threat to Humanity, and 10% to Saber. You can use both of them if you ever have to bully Hokusai (Saber), you big meanie. Otherwise, Threats to Humanity are fairly thin on the ground until LB6, although the Trees (and their Seeds) all qualify. Enkidu MHXX, and, in the future, Artoria have anti-Threat attack bonuses, if you wish to enhance that role. Otherwise… well, give it to a strong Archer, for use against Sabers. Card type choice: preferred damage type for the Servant. Lore: the card is clearly associated to the MHX line if you have any; the weapon itself is Rhongomyniad, so Altrias (and Gray) have some connection. (My choice: Altria Archer Arts.)

  • The Bearded Scarlet Gentleman’s Command Seal: 3 turns of 500 Burn damage from the card. Completely agnostic of basic Servant attack or star weight, this can essentially be added as a filler to any card you might normally use for something other than damage on any Servant, for those cases when you’re not NPing your way through every wave. Card type: literally any you would normally use for the Servant. Lore: These are Tohsaka Tokiomi’s Command Seals from the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War, so the code is most associated to Gilgamesh Archer, followed by any Rinface. (My choice: Ishtar Arts, since if I’m building NP I’m not NPing that turn with her.)

  • The One Bearing Fortune: increase a Quick card’s star gather rate by 100%. A bit of an odd duck – for many Servants you don’t want stars going to their Quick cards. For good targets, consider Servants for whom you will already be using Quick cards, probably because they boost Quick. You may wish to consult Lexi’s list for the Servants with high hit-count Quick cards and good NP gain on them. For both those reasons, I chose Sakata Kintoki (Rider); he’s on Lexi’s list and boosts Quick in two different ways. The card features a mouse in its role as the vahana of Ganesh; unfortunately, Jinako is not really a good candidate for the code.

  • Angel’s Bed: removes a Crit Rate Up buff for an enemy, and recovers 100 HP. The former is the more commonly useful effect. Perhaps give to the same servant you gave Dove Report, which removes Crit Strength up, as Spriggans buff themselves both ways! Put it on whatever card type that Servant might normally use against such a mid-boss. Of course, the bed refers to Nightingale, or Nightingale (Santa); the latter could well use it as an Archer who might face Spriggans. Since I like lore for CCs, she was my target, on an Arts.

  • The Improbable Phantasmal Horse: Crit strength +20% for a Quick card. A code to give to a Servant who favors Quick cards and already has good star weight (Riders, Archers, Foreigners). The Griffin is… Bradamante’s, actually, but Astolfo rides it. Lancers have 90% star weight, but Bradamante does boost her Quick. Since I have neither her nor either Astolfo, I gave this to Kintoki Rider as well. (Technically speaking, you might want to put these two on different Servants; T1BF will pull stars from the card with TIPH if you don’t have plenty of stars flying about!)

  • Maiden of Orleans: a 1000 HP cure is considerably better than the regular Code Bless, even with a 3-turn cooldown. Steady heals are part of the stall strategy, so if you have any favored stall Servants, like the Jeanne on the card, give this to one of their favored cards. It’s self-only, but keeping your walls alive is just as important. Not having OG Jeanne, I gave this to a Tamamo Arts card (marking one of the rare times I have used a Remover, to peel off a Crest of Humanity from the early days of Command Codes).


By giving jack’s quick cards drop rate, arts gather rate and buster crit strength i fully go overboard with crits

The c. Star drop rate allows me to gain some stars while in assassin form and gather codes in the buster cards lets hyde get the stars from BB and do big damage


Focus: increased stargen on both Qs, increased starweight on a single arts card to help with np gain. The rest (1x A, 1x B) will be changed at a later date


What are some good command codes for James Moriarty? I’ve been wanting to do him for a while but he’s just such a Niche servant that so happens to be my favorite…

This specific post was enormously helpful. It tabulated all the high hit-count cards.

I put Armament of Triumph on Raikou Lancer and never looked back.


Our esteemed mathematician has a five-hit Buster card and needs crit stars to use End of the Spider’s Web so he’s a great candidate for stargen CCs, especially Crest of Humanity. He has a Crit Gather active skill and Independent Action for crit strength so he’s mostly good on those scores, although there’s no harm in adding more crit strength if you wish.


Lexi’s list is great, I’ll add it to my notes above.


There might potentially be some servants I missed, but I think I got all of them.
I used a program I wrote to filter and find the servants that meet certain criteria, so it’s possible maybe a servant or two did not have their data stored properly.
(For example, Nightingale’s data was malformed due to her np gen rates being different for different cards.)

So any servant with different np gens on different cards might have been overlooked.


Yeah, Nightingale has the following stats:

She has one 6 hit count quick card that has 50% np gen rate. Pretty good if you want to use her, but her low Zerker weight means I don’t really think she’ll be critting that often even with the CC.
Unless you get mostly her cards during one turn, so her quick can pull stars away from her others.


Even though I don’t own James Moriarty, I did some research for which command codes could be good for him.
I have created an image for the command codes I would put on him if he was my favorite servant and decided to go “all-in” with the command codes that are released up to now + Quetz Samba Xmas = this year’s command codes:

or you could possibly put Holy Night’s Aurora Borealis on Quick Card instead of Arts, put Lynchpin of Heaven on Arts Card, and Crest of Humanity on Buster Card. Also, you could put Lady of the Red Jewels’ Command Seal on Buster Card.

But it really depends on whether you want your Moriarty to have the best offensive command codes engraved or a balanced one.

Another option is for you to engrave most of/all of the command codes available now that you think could suit well with Moriarty and see how he performs with it and replace it with better command codes in the future.

Lastly, don’t forget the 2* command codes from FP (Code: Bless, Glitter, Burst, Focus & Cure) which can be used as well while waiting for better command codes to be released; it is better than nothing engraved and I find it quite good, useful and fun.


The set ups I’m aiming for:

B- Da Vinci-chan
B- Maiden of Orleans
A- White Vessel’s Command Seal
A- First Servant
Q- Holy Night’s Aurora Borealis

Okita (Saber):
B- Blades of Nitendoraku
B- BB Slot
A- Magus of Flowers
Q- Cosmos Voyager’s License
Q- The Reason of Creation

B- Wedge of the Heavens
B- Wicked Disciple’s Command Seal
B- Mistress of the Heavens
A- Your Faithful Sheep
Q- Code Cure

Not as good of a placement as it could be, but I’m mostly going for something like this. For some reason, I avoid the lower rarity CCs like the plague.


Can we get this linked in the pinned thread?


Recent update: added a brief note on Sword of the Beginning and End, a flat damage CC.

I’m pretty sure that mechanically the 1000 damage is divided over all hits and so hit count doesn’t affect its utility. Can anyone confirm for sure?

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Similarly to the Code: Cure where the servant gets a 100 HP heal when the engraved card is used, there will be an extra 1000 damage flat, regardless of hit counts, when the engraved card is used.


Updated list of specific Command Codes with Demonic Beast of the Forest and The Disillusioned Blossom’s Command Seal.


The Disillusioned Blossom’s Command Seal has a cure effect but is mainly useful for removing ATK Up buffs. This is a fairly niche ability which is probably most useful being conserved for gimmick Challenge Quests.

Alternatively, you can use it to counter the downside of Kiyohime’s Stalking skill, like this:

Conveniently, there’s even cherry blossoms in the background of her art, so that’s a bit thematic at least even if it doesn’t fully match lore.

White Vessel’s Command Seal is a debuff clear CC.

While this is mainly designed to counter Illya’s NP debuffs, since I don’t have her I figured I’d use it to counter another NP’s major debuffs, Saber Gilles:

In JP the Nautilus CC is a bit more direct in removing DEF debuffs, so I may consider that one as well, even though it’s even less thematic than this CC, which at least kinda ties in due to Saber Gilles wearing all white and being corrupted like the Grail was.


Oh ho, I hadn’t thought of Kiyohime. Yes, she and her Lancer form are currently the only two Servants who have the Enemy Attack Up demerit, so they make excellent recipients for this particular CC.


as QSH comes closer I’m planning to stack on him some of the strongest CCs
Q: Crest of Humanity (he has good hits on his Quick,and QSH definitely needs those stars )
A: Holy Night’s Aurora Borealis (since he might be in my last man slot,Stars on his own is crucial,and I’m thinking of using AQA chains most of the time anyway
A: First Servant (as a Ruler he already is tanky,this adds more to that)
B: Good Wife Wise Fox (for when Eternal Throne EX is active to get extra heals)
B: BB Slot perhaps?

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