Command Code Thread

I think the bear Orion code (ignore evasion) might be handy on one of his arts or buster cards. I think there’s a pierce invul one coming next year. I’m thinking of putting the Gil code (dmg vs servants) on one buster card too.

White vessel (cleanse 1 debuff) should be useful too.

I was thinking about putting Sword of Beginning and End on one of Hans’ arts cards. Would that be a complete waste or help him charge faster since it’s guaranteed 1000 damage?

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I don’t think it would do very much
His Arts are 1 hit so he can’t benefit much from any extra overkill to boost his NP gen except maybe subsequent hits, it’s just 1000 extra damage


The sword of beginning and end belongs to my combat alchemist :fgo_mini_celsus:. Probably won’t make a difference, but I can’t in good conscience give his sword to anyone else.


Since I mainly run two Merlin’s with Qin I’m putting the invul pierce code on the other buster and it’s a toss up between good Fox wife or the stun immunity on the other arts.

Which card did you put it on, out of curiosity?
I was actually planning on doing the same thing, I just haven’t bought it from the shop yet

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Arts, because I usually am using his cards to form arts chains when I use him for more than buffs and an np.

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Yeah, that’s what I figured.

What does everyone think of the new CCs over on JP by the way?
I’m a bit conflicted between matching them to the character clearly featured and trying to put them on the most optimal character effect-wise, I really didn’t expect the Tarasque card to have a poison effect, he didn’t seem like a poisonous dragon, but I guess she did tame him so that could be why he’s not using poison. The anti-dragon Martha one I’m completely fine with though, about time she had an anti-dragon effect somewhere considering she beat and tamed one.

Endowed Hero isn’t much different than the Santer one we got this year

Tarasque would be good for Robin

And I’m kinda meh on the Staff. We don’t really need as many anti-Dragon CCs as we’ve been getting

We don’t really need as many anti-Dragon CCs as we’ve been getting

Well, MHX probably wants more ways to counter the saberfaces that keep showing up, and this is one method.


I dont know because I have to search theough 500 meme post to ever find out anything on release XD

That’s one option, or just continue to load up the savior of France for greater dragon duty.

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In general in my big post up there I probably won’t be handling any non-NA CCs, since I don’t play JP and would be depending on others’ information sources for those.

I should update with the three latest from the event. I’ll get to that soon. Grading exams is consuming my brain at the moment.


So another niche CC then. Like, I know the majority of them are niche in general, but I wish we got less specialized ones more often. Then again, I prefer to focus on my MHXs beyond their anti-Saberface niche, so I may not be the best person to comment on this

I decided to consider it a throwaway and drop it on Mashu.

Updated the main post with the Christmas event CCs. Sword and Aurora are of roughly equal use almost anywhere but do have some minor preferences for their utility (improving mid-tier cards), while Dark Disciple is probably a niche challenge quest CC.


I would suggest that Sword is a very poor CC; a flat 1000 Damage Plus effect is a significant enhancement only for Servants with exceptionally low face card damage doing very easy content.

Aurora should be prioritized for Servants like QSH who must have stars to function and who are not good at supplying their own.


That’s why I suggested Hans for Sword!


@Gou @Inflection I am having a hard time deciding whether I should engrave the Mirror of Eight Leaves CC on Tamamo Lancer’s Arts card or Buster card…
Also, for Good Wife Wise Fox CC; void Shiki’s Arts card or Altria Archer’s Quick (or Arts) card… (I have engraved it on Altria Archer’s Quick card for now but I am open to change it).
I need some help/advice/suggestions…

I don’t use Tamamo Lancer much at all, so my best suggestion would be to choose a card you are likely to prioritize along with her skill activation (which one would you definitely use if you had all of her cards available?) and that lacks a better option.

IMO the healing % CC is best applied to Servants with huge heals, and Shiki has a big one on a very short CD (albeit with an occasionally annoying demerit). Archuria works well regardless of further modifications to her healing, while healing happens to be one of Shiki’s key benefits.