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With the Chaldean Visionary Flames coming soon, I’m planning to use it on Emiya (as an excuse to bring him onto my party more often). I haven’t really touched him ever since I NP5’d and Max Bonded him, so I didn’t use any command codes at all in preparation for that day. What command codes should I use for his card pool? Are there any other cards that I should be on the lookout for?

Also any suggestions for Herc and Salter command codes? Plan on juicing them up a bit after I’m done with Emiya. Those three carried me throughout Part 1 and I’d still like to use them even if I got better servants than them (which I do).

Heracles can benefit from a Cure code if you use him to solo or do a last stand; that way curse, poison, and burn can’t kill him after a Guts activation.

Salter has very average Arts cards (albeit with low hit counts) and horrible everything else, so I would look for flat benefits like % damage that work the same regardless of hit counts and base gen stats.

We don’t have that many great codes yet, but Salter is Human, so Heaven-attribute enemies are at a natural disadvantage to her offense. You can fill up her cards with Nimbus from the FP pool while you wait for and decide on better options since you’d need to blow code removers to fix mistakes with the 3*+ codes for up to two more years.


Lady of the Red Jewels’ Command Seal on his Buster is excellent for Emiya. He generates stars well and so any crit damage CC just strengthens an already good role for him. Besides, they’re Rin’s Command Seals, so they’re sentimentally suited for him.

The 2* crit damage CC is Code: Burst. If you plan to use him a lot Love Hunter might also do well, although few Sabers come with Evade.

Salter can make Critical Stars on demand once in a while but as a Saber her star weight is middling. Giving her star weight CCs, especially to her Buster cards, will increase her damage output on average slightly, albeit at the expense of other Servants in the same party. (Star weight has more effect when on fewer cards in a hand.) These are Code: Focus, and Armament of Victory if you have no better choice for that one. Armament of Victory features Excalibur and is thus in-theme for her… sort of.

Here is a general guide to command codes, with generalities for any roster and suggestions for a few specific Servants.


Would I be using cure on one of Herc’s Buster Card or Art Card?

What should I do for Emiya’s Arts cards? I’m saving up for Castoria in the future, so what Command codes should I use: Star Gen, NP Gain, or Critical Damage?

My suggestion for Hercules:
Buster card : White vessel’s command seal/cure code/wedge of heaven/Holy night’s Aurora Borealis/BB slot/Any Critical Damage Up CC

Quick card: Holy night’s Aurora Borealis (will be acquired on upcoming Samba Christmas event)/Any CC generate crits stars

Art card:White vessel’s/Cure code/ Holy night’s Aurora Borealis / BB slot(will be acquired on CCC rerun)/Any CC increase NP rate

just as Gou said, the command code that can remove ailments debuff is very important if you are using him to solo. The debuffs damage can kill him right after his guts activation .
White vessel’s command code can remove any 1 debuff so i suggest to put on the card which you frequently used(buster card) you will need to use this CC much if the enemy keep debuff him.
Wedge of heaven is pretty useful when against servants bosses except for those(only few servants) who immune to Enuma Elish.
Holy night’s can provide 4 crit stars each time you use it .
BB slot have 3 random effects, gain 5 stars, increase 10% debuff resistance and recover 500 HP.
If you only use Buster card for Hercules and still want to gain crit stars, you can put either BB slot or holy night’s in one of the buster card.


I missed the White Vessel CC for this year so guess I’m stuck with Cure for now.

Depending on which other codes you have access to, put it wherever you like. It’s mainly for situations where he’s alone, so he will almost always have access to it when it might matter.

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I see so mainly just a mix of debuff removers and damage boosters for Herc. Any suggestions on Emiya’s Arts Cards? I plan on rolling for Castoria when she comes out and I know she can boost his Arts cards, so should I try to go for Critical Damage for more damage or Star Gen so that he can crit again?

You could certainly try to coax a few more stars out of his Arts cards - it’s not a crazy endeavor since you can fish Glitter codes from the FP summon, and he further buffs his own star drop rate, so his combination of average Arts hit counts and low-ish base star gen is less of a deterrent.

Emiya’s magic trick with Castoria has little to do with his face cards (though of course her buffs hugely boost his Arts). It’s being able to turn his NP to Arts type for a turn that will give an easily achievable 1T 100%++ refund.

Personally I don’t find Herc or Emiya to be top candidates for the few good codes, but Cure for Herc and Glitter for Emiya are examples of harmless enhancements, and the former can actually save Herc. That being said, it’s fair to give them codes out of love, too. Eventually we will be able to move them around without code removers, anyway.

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His hitcount is relatively low, so boosting his facecard stargen doesn’t give much benefit. With glitter, at most it’ll give 1-2 more star. If you want to give him constant supply of stargen, it’s better to give Castoria and/or the other support 2030 or pair him with Merlin. so yeah, command codes that boost damage are better for him

As for his synergy wih Castoria, her NP gain buff and Arts card buff really help in streamlining his usage. His triple Arts deck benefits a lot from Castoria’s Arts buff, elevating his overall facecard damage, and with her NP gain buff, his NP gain becomes much better, especially since he tends to crit, which allow him to spam his NP even without S3, which in turn allows him to flood the area with stars much more often within the duration of his S2 or with outside stargen buff.

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So should I focus on Crit Damage for his Arts is what I’m getting at.

yeah, exactly.

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Your options for crit damage are somewhat limited, however. Most of them give little benefit, especially if you are already using any kind of crit damage buff.

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Alright thanks. I sent my friend code just now after seeing your Emiya. Wish I could Grail mine, but I need a lot more EXP and QP so I’m hoping I finish a lot of boxes for quetzmas.

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I guess so, but seeing big numbers is fun, so I might do a combo of Crit and Star Gen for Emiya.

A-Red Jewel
A- Glitter/Red Jewel
B- Wicked Holy Sword

Is what I should aim for in the future for Emiya.

nice, I’ll accept it when I login, good luck with quetzmas!

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Wicked Holy Sword actually isn’t bad and should be a noticeable boost if you aren’t running high crit damage buffs…provided that you crit, of course.

Everything else is gravy. Personally I would take the chance at squeezing a few extra stars out of the Arts cards or use a code that gives flat star generation. Results are unlikely to be dramatic, but “better-than-nothing” is more or less the bar we’re trying to clear since Emiya doesn’t hugely benefit from most of the options.

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Crit strength is a good general rec for him, sure. Lynchpin of Heaven and God-Binding Chains give a very steady (i.e. doesn’t need stars for luck) damage up against Servants in general – a good… 1 out of 3 or so? Servants has the Divine trait.

We’ll get Sword of the Beginning and End this Christmas too, which gives a flat 1000 damage up; it’s probably better than Red Jewels over longer hauls. (If Emiya is doing a base 33,000 damage with a card which on average is attracting, say, 30% worth of stars, he’s adding 9,900 in crit damage on average per use of the card, and Red Jewels adds another 990 on average.) Of course, flat damage up works equally well for any Servant. If what you like seeing is big numbers when they fire, Red Jewels is better because it adds 3,300 on the turns it fires!

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I usually bring a friend’s merlin and my own waver whenever there’s a beefy Saber, so if I were to Buster Crit I would usually get around 250,000 damage off of Emiya’s Buster Card (including other factors; Waver’s NP defense down, etc.). So how would ‘Sword of the Beginning and End’ work out?