Command codes : what are these things?

I dont get it.
What are command codes?

My idea, but might be wrong, is that it is like picking a servant card and adding a permanent effect to thst card.

But then, wont that make servsnts overpowered?

CC aren’t in NA yet. Don’t worry about it.
It’s basically just putting effects on servants’ face cards.


They’re something that make gacha rate more hellish than before…


Are CC in the sq summons not just the fp summons?

Another type of hell.
Danta’s Inferno 9 Levels of Hell ain’t got nothing on F/GO

They’re only in FP

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The further the story goes, the difficulty of the game will also increase, so I think CC can also help masters who don’t have strong servants

Just look at hanako green using them on the max grailed OG cu she uses almost religiously.

The codes varies in usefulness so some are very niche such as giving trait damage bonus on that card while others heals health or removes debuffs, boosts attack or buffs when enemy have specific status effects, inflicts DoTs boosts crit damage etc… .

You could get a nice increase in potential if you prepare but the inherent nature of the command cards limit their utility in teams.
The effects are more noticable when soloing as it is easier to decide and customize the deck to suit the servants/battle but some servants internals will prevent efficient use of certain codes.
The 25% crit damage code might have a decent value but if your servants can’t create stars then it is useless.
The NP damage ones last only a turn so it is deadweight most of the time and even if it is a servant that can spam, it might mean a disadvantage next turn.
As for other limitations there are codes with a 3 turn CD so they are less effective when soloing.
There is also the code remover that is required to replace codes, if you wish to prepare for gimmicks then those might be a hard limit as they are obtained from events or RP shop.

The major advantage of command codes is that you can prepare for game mechanics or adjust servants strengths or weaknesses.
Your Franservice for instance could use a code that removes the burn effect while Fran(zerker) would appreciate a Stun Immunity code .

A more drastic example is that I’m thinking about giving Enkidu a Healing buff code and NP gain/star gather on the sole arts card, it would provide a bit more NP spam and increase survivability.
If the code can stack then that would give 20k healing on a 10 turns CD, not that much on average but combined with the Evade and potential stun on NP it could provide a couple of extra turns that will hopefully be enough to kill the enemies.


Karma with Parvati CC on quick card is great

I’m looking forward to that sar gather CC for Musashi’s arts card, too. Other than that, they appear to be balanced such that they can help with the execution of a strategy, but likely not enable new strategies, themselves. Which is fine, as I don’t think it would be healthy for the power of accessories, like CCs, to overpower the servants, themselves.

Mostly just a way to decorate your favourites. Unless you are doing some CQ minturns or high RNG solos, command codes don’t make a major difference in regular gameplay experience (barring exceptions like debuff removal for servants with self-stun in their kits).

tfw honako is a whamen

anyways command code are broken when used solo

it makes broken servants more broken
and it makes some other servants usable

yall can look up the effects on cirno

i also have pent , chen gong , kagetora and mhxx but you get the idea

some of these effects compensate or boost these servants skillset

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I only uses some CC on my servants but most of the time I don’t bother

I cant wait to slap my one summer CE to Jeanne, to give her 20000 hp. And then, improving her solo potential with carefully chosen CC

dont need to slap the ce when you already grailed her to lvl 100 and max gold foued
and my jeanne can technically half solo anyways

oh yea speaking of tank

proof cc are completely broken

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Not sure why Musashi was listed there. She was broken way before Command Codes. ;-)


There’s not a huge impact in gameplay, but they can help a bit to some servants…
I’ve only equipped them on Yu so far tho…