Command Codes

what are the best Command Codes for Saberlot and Hans?

Honestly, Command Codes are all pretty minor effects, and since you normally only get one of each, it’s really hard to optimise them.

For straight offence, the best one is probably Lynchpin of Heaven, which gives that card 20% special damage on basically all servants. Since Saberlot is crit focussed though, there’s a few CCs that increase star weight of that card by 100% (which isn’t actually that much, Saberlot’s skill gives him 3000% at level 1), or there’s a few that can increase critical damage by 20% on that card. They’re card type specific though, so you’d have to put one on an arts card, one on a quick card, and one on a buster card.

For Hans, Honestly I wouldn’t recommend putting CCs on him. You probably aren’t using his face cards basically ever. If you really want to though, then I’d only recommend putting them on his arts cards. Bride of White Rose heals your front line by 200 HP, and Magus of Flowers gives him 10% charge, but can only be used every 3 turns.

Just so you know though, all of the CCs that I’ve mentioned here are the best of the best. Every servant that you have is going to want at least some of those CCs. In my opinion, the best uses of CCs are to put damage CCs on servants that crit a lot, such as Jalter, or to put healing/damage reduction CCs on solo servants. Supports probably don’t need CCs, because they shouldn’t need to use their facecards.

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Ty for the answer!
where can I get all the stuff u mentioned? are they in fp summons or somewhere else?

3-5 cc in events. That lynch pin one comes with Gilfest since it’s gil’s cc (hence bonus damage to servants)