Common Queries for the Confused Master

Would the community be interested in filling out an FAQ of sorts? We routinely get posts asking questions that we give the same general advice about. For example: who to level out of a given roster. The guides and descriptions on GP are a huge help, but I think it might be useful for people who are just posting on the forums looking for a two or three line answer, which we definitely see in some posts.

If there is interest, I can turn this post into a wiki post and we can communally edit in common advice.

This being a forum, and things going as they do, this won’t stop everyone asking the same questions, but it might cut down on things a bit, and we can always direct people to the thread.

Is there any interest in this? I’ll revisit it tomorrow or the next day if people want to give their opinions.


With how much each roster varies, I don’t think we could cover that type of question properly in a FAQ.
I still like the idea though, and I would gladly help to answer anything I can.


you can count me in !

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I don’t know if it’d make much of a difference, really, with how wildly rosters can vary.
Just checking the tier list should give a tentative answer (level the ones on top, generally speaking).

That’s also why we get so many “Who should I roll for?” topics.

I mean, we almost always give a more specific variation of “try to prioritize an aoe and a st of each class, preferring SSR, then SR, then lower unless you need to fill a specific niche”.

My intent is just sort of getting the basics out of the way in a community FAQ, and then posts can ask more specific questions

yeah i agree plus the usual f2p advise level hans and arash etc… (actually i’m still asking myself why everyone asks who to level when the tierlist already gives a good idea on who should be prioritized

Yeah, it always seemed fairly clear to me, but if they’re going to ask here as well, might as well put a resource for them.

Or that’s my reasoning, at least

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Because tierlist isn’t the answer for every question :fgo_rinlaugh:
The usual F2P advice (the 1-3)* servants can be easily applied on a new player who lack of SSR.
But how about people who usually asked for prioritizing leveling the SSR/SR one and sometimes given different situation on NP1 above ?,
Thats will ended up give different answer based on their pov.

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I think it could be helpful. I ignored a lot of useful servants like Hans and Arash for a long time because of their rarity. These kind of common newbie mistakes could be addressed in a FAQ.

Even on who to roll for it could be some generic advice like “Try to get a support servant first and borrow damage dealers from your friend list” or something like that.


Yeah, I ignored arash and stopped euryale after deciding I liked David for harp of healing better until I read how sinking useful they are due to the forums. Now I can’t wait for the stack of secret gems we’ll get from nerofest so I can try and 10/10/10 eurayle. I even put more resources into steno for a charm lock team.

I also thought that it was fine to just use friend supports…until you get to challenge quests that need multiple supports to get through and you can only pick one. (at least I finally have tama-chan)

I’m up for it.

Would make it simpler to answer common questions by pointing to an FAQ rather than repeating a near exact same answer every time someone asks certain question.

Question is where to draw the line on what is common and what ends up branching off cuz ppl want answers specifically tailored to them?

Cuz if we want to make a general answer for “who to level up first”, it has to be thorough enough to answer any possible common question yet be vague enough to not be tailored to a specific sect of Chaldea rosters.

Same with team compositions

We can start slow and update as we find responses that are common.

I don’t see this as providing specific answers to any question. Just a base, blanket statement level of knowledge from which people can ask more informed, specific questions. That way we don’t need to give the same general kind of advice (like try to train an aoe and st of each class) before talking about more specific cases

Also need to make sure that it doesn’t overlap too much with the FAQ already available on the main GP site.
That one is pretty thorough, and doesn’t invite much improvement imo.
Sure, it’s missing some stuff, but not much.

That’s definitely true. But that’s sort of a topic people have been circling here.

If everyone asking questions as topics were to thoroughly read the FAQ and guides…

Well, most of those questions would already be answered. But they make topics to ask anyway

So it basically comes down to visibility then.

Just like my guide to account recovery stopped the inquiries cuz it got pinned to the top of the front page, we need a FAQ pinned to the top to make it more easily accessible.

To be fair when some of us started 2 (or more depending on the server) years ago there wasn’t as many available guides. Its different now, like if I would have known how good Hans and Arash were when I started I would have leveled them when I started. Some other servants are less of general useful necessity and more of a powerful niche. Like recently I got my Euryale and Billy to lvl 70 and have started to level up their skills because under certain conditions they can perform as well as higher rarity servants. Yes @Psi has the right idea we need to pin most common questions.

Still wont stop people from asking who should I roll for, servant A or servant B. But at least there will be a reduction in repetitive posts. Though I’m guilty of this too, My first post on GP was a question of wether I should roll for Ishtar or Shuten. Haha I didn’t get any of them because gacha luck took a day off for me :fgo_deadinside:

Couple of things we should try to avoid then.

  • Can’t call it a FAQ, cuz it’ll give the impression of only having the most general of info, and ppl are still gonna make threads to find answers catered to their situation.
    *Can’t make too many threads to answer commonly asked questions (who to level, who to roll, team compositions). It’ll seriously clutter the top of the thread.

So how do we plan on doing this?
A bulk wiki-like repository with a big title like “Before Posting, read this!!!” that gives links to separately made threads (who to level, who to roll, team compositions)??
That pretty much exists already.
There is a section dedicated to this. Just like there are “Discussion”, “Q&A” and “Fluff”, there is a mini section dedicated to these common questions.

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That’s why I suggested making the top post in this thread into a wiki post. I can always rename the topic and make the post a wiki. Then we can organize the advice with dropdown menus to be easily sorted.

The post limit is something like 32,000 characters, if I remember correctly, so we can fit plenty of material into that. Depending on how much we end up putting into the post, we might need to nest several layers of dropdowns, but it should still keep the post from being too unwieldy. As long as the headings are intuitive for new users, it should serve

If we can find a catchy enough title that it’ll grab newbies attention right away so that they read it and avoid making completely new threads about repetitive common topics then I’m down.