Community Day Classic?

Bulbasuar with FP, sure. Original CD was pre my playing time, got it all done on last years Dec CD. Or two years ago, whatever it was. But sure, it can’t be forever locked behind a ETM for newer players, so why not?

To the point for this crowd though, do you think CD Classics will be a thing? Can we expected 1.5 CD’s a month? Every other month maybe to slowly drip out old CD moves?

To the point, will I ever get a full set of PVP Sunglass HC Blastoise?

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Already have three 100% venusaur with frenzy plant, but I don’t mind a return in the slightest. New players shouldn’t be locked out of the move and you get a chance for the shiny and xl candy.

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I think it’s a great idea, offers anyone who missed out a concrete chance to have a good shot at a shiny CD move insert-name-of-pokemon-here and also lets anyone who has a good shadow get the move without the elite TM. As @CatEyePorygon says, gives people a cheap, easy run at some xl too.

I’m really hoping they’ll make it a regular theme. Certainly better than last year’s “here’s a random event, evolve now for whatever loosely connected old CD pokemon we’ve linked with it”. I’ve got a couple of decent shadow charmanders that I’d like to get BB on, so finger crossed this is a regular runner.

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There’s new players all the time, I would assume - at least Niantic’s data probably indicates such, so, I got no problem with it. Anything that cuts down on FOMO is good in my book. Bulbasauur


I accept having old CD rerun, but I’d rather like they’re given some new exclusive moves, like Wing Attack Dragonite, Rock Slide Tyranitar, Fly Salamence, Confusion Metagross, etc.

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I don’t mind it, but if we’re doing reruns, I’d rather it be multiples. Would have been nice if it was Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. A whole day of just 1 thing I’ve already caught a bunch of is a little boring, but good for the newer players.


It’s only a 3 hour run on a Saturday afternoon when there likely wouldn’t be much else going on. I played almost all of them first time round and 3 hours was, usually, just enough to find one decent shiny. I think if you spliced three together, it would be a bit too diluted for anyone other than people topping up candy.

It might just be a season of heritage thing. If I’ve noticed anything from the seasons thing it’s that niantic will create a random event/research/ticket etc and then take a large crowbar and insert the keyword of this season’s theme into it somewhere.

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I think it might. I hope it does - mostly so that I can justify to myself deleting my 50+ CD Exclusive Pokemon I keep for Trading.

But on a more serious note, I think it depends on metrics we can’t see - how well ETM’s sell, how much Exclusive Move Pokemon are acquired via Trade (ie: the first time a player gets a Pokemon with a Exclusive Move is through a Trade, not through evolution), how often players catch certain Pokemon - and how many people actually raise their Pokemon past Level 40 with XL candy.

Personally speaking, I ALWAYS try to catch Charmanders. I’ve got two Perfects with Blast burn, one of which is able to be Mega Evolved (It’s also a Best Buddy), but I want to raise my Mega to level 50 so I need all the XL Candies I can get. A Charmander CD will be a day I play and probably even pay the $1 for the Research (particularly if they offer XL candy as a reward for something) because I want to get XL candy.

For that reason, I’d love to have a bunch of the Community days rehashed, even without new moves - Larvitar, Beldum, Charmander, even another Electric Sheep day (I hatched a Perfect like 5 min after the event ended - an egg I got during the event itself, so that particular event sticks in my craw a bit more than most) would be days I’d be up for. Particularly now when I can Mega evolve something and get even more Candy during the event.

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I’d already forgot about Spheal/Walrein and thought Bulbasaur was THE community day for January. In that case a bonus community day rerun is basically all benefit.

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Tbh I still didn’t know what Heritage Season was or what it’s all about until like a week ago when I read the developer note things. Niantic will be like “New event! Here’s the Pokémon which are gonna spawn. Read more on the blog.” And I’m always like “no” because I think that’s obnoxious so 99% of the time I don’t know why an event is the way it is.

I’m pretty sure they just pick a word from a hat once every three months and then make some vague bullshit around it that seems to, maybe, fit a theme.

I reckon the hat has been kind so far, but t’s only a matter of time before we have the season of cardboard or the season of binbags.

The latter could happen, 3 months of only Trubbish spawns

750 dust a go I’m in for that.

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Would Rock Slide be better for Tyranitar than Weather Ball Rock?

Unfortunately it can’t learn Weather Ball, despite being a weather ability user in MSG. What a shame.

Instead of a new community day classic. They should just put elite moves on raids.after 2 years
So any venusaur or mega vensaaur raid had frenzy plant.

They’d probably make more off raid passes then off community day quest sales to boot


That would be a nice addition, but the CD classic still pays off for XL collection and shiny collection, so a raid replacement would not fulfill the CD needs.


In that case we still need the access of exclusive moves from evolution, since people are hoarding plenty of high PvE/PvP IV candidates to get their CD moves.


<insert WhyNotBoth?.meme here>

Did they not make the Clones BB/HC/FP? I know you can’t mega them but there’s certainly precedent for it to happen.

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