Community day question

I just got enough candies to evolve my Metang, should I do it now or will Meteor Mash return in December? Will the December CD only count 2019 CD ‘mons or all so far? Thanks

We don’t know what’s going to happen regarding pre-2019 CD mons in December.

Given that Metagross isn’t really that great without Meteor Mash, and there’s unlikely to be anything that a Flash Cannon variant will be particularly good against before December, I’d hold fire until then.

I really hope 2018 CD mons do get another chance at their exclusive move. Aside from the two 100% Beldum I have waiting, I’d love another shot at a Venusaur and Charizard with their respective moves.


I hope they allow CD '18 Pokémon to evolve with their CD move without having spawns diluted with them. However, since it’s only a 2 day event (unlike a full week last year) I think it’s unlikely they will do anything more than just “evolve any 2019 CD 'mon for its exclusive move” and maybe increase those spawns.

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omg that would be like bliss ey for my new secondary account sorry about pun

I recall it was a weekend. Bonuses available during the two announced time slots, spawns and cd move through the 60 (I think) hours.