Community day Starter Speculation

Seeing as all the sinnoh starters are done, do you think they’ll jump right into the unova starters in march? Or do more voting CDs?

My vote goes for… voting :slight_smile:
Too early on gen 5 starters.

Personally I didn’t move a finger for Piplup CD, just evolve the good ones I have…if the pkm isn’t pve meta relevant I won’t care which they throw. I have better things to do on a weekend, than looking for a decolored Vulpix with weather ball or a green Dragon wicht get a fighting move.

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Hopefully they will.

My personal theory with the recent vote is that it was less a vote for a winner, and more a vote for ranking the next CD mons. I think it’s going to be Snivy next, just to follow the pattern, then whichever one made 2nd place in the vote tally. I think Vulpix made less than 15%, so it might not even show up as a full CD, only a weekend event or whatever it is we did for Grass Knot Breloom. Arguably, that’s better.

If that where the purpose they should have put more relevant mons aside from Rhyhorn.

No matter how many Vulpix fans, no matter how many people think that new players want Dragonite, no matter how many people discuss of the viability of Machamp on PvP with a dark move, Rhyperior with Rock smash was the obvious winner from the beginning. I will not be surprised if after Snivy they throw a vote day with Caterpie with harden, Jigglypuff with defense curl, Zubat with Confuse Ray and Gible with Earth Power. (And I pretty sure there will be a lot of people saying that the first three have a high chance of winning because of “reason”)

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Maybe more voting but I can’t see too much PvP excitement, say, bringing out the PvP equivalent of MM metagross - too much of a game killer.

Maybe a few more like Swinub where a good mon gets a random move?

I think that Swinub day was a success more than from the move, from the fact that it also debut as Mamoswine introduction to the game(apart than shiny, day bonus, etc). Ancient power was just propaganda for PvP mechanics.