Community Note: New attacks for some pokemon

Just like in January, several species will get their movesets updated in july

Some highlights:

Aerodactyl: Rock Throw - Rock Throw allows Aerodactyl to compete in the Great League against other Flying-type Pokémon, such as Altaria.
Moltres: Ancient Power, Wing Attack - Wing Attack provides Moltres with a Fast Attack alternative to Fire Spin, and Ancient Power gives it a new type option for its Charged Attacks.
Aggron: Smack Down - The Fast Attack Smack Down should make Aggron a formidable choice to use in any league.

Plus we now know which pokemon will get charm
Charm: A Fairy-type Fast Attack - Raichu, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Wobbuffet, Granbull, Donphan, Gardevoir, Delcatty, Latias, Togekiss, Gallade

Good thing that Salamance didn’t get Fly as the CD move. Aggron will be now a solid budget rock attacker for newer players and I’m really happy that Aerodactyl finally no longer has completely unusable attacks for its typing. Charm seems quite interesting tbh and it looks like it won’t be an exclusive move for Gardevoir. Nice


Fyi, the new moves are available now, including Charm!

Yup, already TM’d togekiss, granbull.
I think that Gardevoir and Gallade will get Future sight if they are picked for CD. Won’t be the best moveset for them, which isn’t a bad thing at all tbh. Hopefully they’ll improve Gallade’s fighting moves by then.

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I just changed a perfect maxed Gardevoir, 2 Aerodactyls, level 35 Shiny Moltres…they all got the brand new fast moves. Not sure if that was their plan or some luck. Do they now have 3 potential fast moves or did one of the bad moves get eliminated (really luck doesnt matter bc I’d like to throw away FTMs anyway)

It doesn’t look like any moves were replaced, so some of them do have 3 fast moves now.

Aggron and Aero are now useable? Am I dreaming?


Also Electrode can now get Foul Play and Electivire gets Ice Punch.

Moltres getting Wing Attack is goddamn [J U I C Y]. Also extremely glad Charm isn’t being held CD hostage.

My concern at this point is the TM lottery getting more ridiculous for a wider range of Pokemon. Hypno has six charge moves now. Donphan has four fast ones. Even with semiannual updates like this it won’t be long before a majority of Pokemon have 4 or 5 fast and/or charge moves available with no means of being able to directly select the one you want.


Aero is not just simply useable. It’s GOOD. Checked, and Aero ranks #4 on Rock types, behind Rampardos, Ttar, and Rhyperior.
As for Aggron…being an upgrade to Regirock is, well…good enough.


If the Skull Bash boost applied to PvE, Lapras would regain its status as a great gym defender.

Just because something is not the top pick, doesn’t mean it’s bad.
Both Aerodactyl and Aggron also have an interesting niche in being now two solid rock attackers that are not weak to grass, to which many rock attackers even have a double weakness. This is very good for Ho-Oh raids if the later has Solar Beam. In this scenario Rampardos has a lot of faints, Tyranitar’s bulk is gone and Aerodactyl is actually the second best option, although it still faints a lot since it has a lower defense and stamina which means it’s not bulky against neutral hits. Aggron, on the other hand, is actually a solid anchor here, since it has a very low faint rate compared to every other rock type.
The thing that’s annoying is that both of them could have been made useful way earlier and then they would have seen more usage

Also both of them have mega evolutions. While the rock type moves won’t be of much use for Mega Aggron, since it becomes pure steel, it will make Mega Aerodactyl a solid pick(depends also on how this will be implemented. If for instance, you can only have one mega evolve of every species at time, then Mega Aerodactyl would be an interesting pick.

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Kind of a weird complaint, but since bug types don’t have that many great attackers, why wouldnt they give armaldo X-Scissor?


Aerodactyl has improve a lot, but it seems so limited to that solar beam scenario, and even then Rampardos seems like a better option and the end. I can see the type coverage that flying give to rock (neutral damage to fighting and grass, and resistance to earth moves) but Aerodactyl stats doesn’t help him compete against monsters like Rampardos.
As for the future, depending on the moveset Archeops could become the better Aerodactyl.

Man, it’s weird seeing Aggron have actual viability somewhere that isn’t Granbull.

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It could have both smack down and x scissor. While it wouldn’t be the top attacker from etiher type, it would be solid pick neverthless.

That being said there are several other species that could greatly benefit from a move update with moves that already exist in the game:
Tangrowth - Power Whip or Grass Knot
Exeggutor - Both Kanto and Alola versions could get Grass Knot
Gengar - Poison Jab
Tyranitar, Absol, Honchkrow - Foul Play
Jolteon, Zapdos, Ampharos - WIld Charge
Magnezone, Ampharos - Thunder Shock
Magmortar - Overheat
Nearly every flying bird can learn Sky attack
Same goes for Ground types and Earth Power
Nidoking - Mud Slap and Sludge Bomb
Omastar - Smack down
Kingler - Surf… actually every water type that’s stuck with Water Pulse deserves something better

Steel isn’t currently in demand and that was till yesterday the only place where Aggron could do a solid job. Had Aggron had such a rock moveset from the begining, then I doubt that people would trash on it as much, although as I already said countless times, the problem wasn’t the pokemon, but the people who didn’t bother making a team

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I never said that Rampardos wouldn’t be a better option, although against grass moves it gets wiped out like Gengar vs Future Sight.
My point is that Aerodactyl is now a viable option, but its performance depends on the movesets it faces. Flying is for some scenarios a lus, while for others a hindrance.
I myself got a 100% from research a while ago and I will max it out now since it’s no longer having the awkward moveset syndrome.

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By extension the recommended algorithm, but otherwise agreed. Had more people bothered to create teams we wouldn’t have seen Aggron getting chucked out all the time to the point of memehood.

This almost makes me want to seek out Aerodactyl tasks again in hopes of finding a higher IV shiny or using a lucky trade to reroll with someone who also has one.

Crabhammer is tucked away in the game master somewhere, I’d anticipate it receives that before Surf. The only gray area there is that we have no clue how good or bad it will end up being.

So much this


Dang, that almost makes me want to max my 100% Aggron :see_no_evil: