Compare amount of Pokémon from year to year

So I guess I didn’t give 2019 a lot of love…

Just look at 2020

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I prefer rant topics over this

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I just start this year, so i couldnt make my own list. I get a bunch since january. Back then to catch a sunny castform was the most awsome thing on the world.

It could just mean you became a hoarder in 2020 and wont transfer anything :stuck_out_tongue:

The more Pokemon I have, the lazier I am to go through all of them to see what I should transfer. I don’t hoard because I get attached to everything, I hoard because I’m too lazy :thinking::laughing:

Well then don’t read this topic if you hate it then.

I have 30 from 2016,167 from 2017,460 from 2018,435 from 2019,and 598 from 2020. About 100 from 2020 are dratinis,bagons,or dragonairs saving to trade. And about 20 are Gibles that I’m saving for 2x transfer candy.

With recent topics about negative feelings about Dragon week and issues with certain aspects of PoGo, this topic seems like a positive change, a breathe of fresh air…so I am thinking that MartjinLW is maybe happy or relieved there is a more light hearted topic to read about.

Of course I am not sure if you are joking Zuccy123 or maybe there is a cultural difference in interpretation of meaning since this is an international community of Pokémon Go players.

So I could be wrong on everything? :confused: :thinking:

Oops. In regards to my earlier post. I reread the topic and posts. 11PM (or very late at night) after a very very long day looks different from 7 AM after some sleep. :woozy_face:

Zuccy, I am happy that your topic is here. I am a die hard pessimist and I have a lot of criticisms about Pokémon Go but I do need a break from a lot of the negative. Actually I need lots of breaks from negativity. So for me keep posting fun, light, or silly posts.

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So, I’m torn between evolving Shelgon or not. Salamence is not in my Pokédex yet, but if I can get 200 Bagon candy, I can evolve one more Shelgon during December or whatever.

I rarely see players comparing their pokedex with one another now. In my opinion it’s not worth it to spend resources to fill pokedex.

Salamence with Outrage is basically the same pokemon as Rayquaza (slightly lower DPS but a little bit more bulky, same movesets and typing). I would recommend to evolve in December even if you have 200+ candies.