Comparing the niche of the two selkies

they have very similar stats, with ny selkie being slightly more min-max’d. theyre weapons have similar effects, with regular selkie boosting all stats by up to 7, and ny selkie giving a max +8 to atk and cutting off up to 40% of all damage taken. ny selkie’s prf imo also has a better passive, being faster special activation compared to a bit more res on top of am already large amount

in terms of skills, the main difference is ny selkie’s distant ward, which pushes her into an anti mage category compared to selkie being this gimmick of having outrageous stat stacking. imo, selkie’s raw stat bonuses open her up to more possibilities than a percent decrease in damage

what can the two’s differences allow them to do differently? I want to use both to fill different roles, with my regular selkie using a galeforce duelist build and ny selkie just having her base kit at the moment.

Believe you should only compare their stats and prfs since this is inheritable

And I think NY!Selkie makes a better Galeforce duelist tbh


The most significant difference I see is that NY Selkie is colorless and therefore a more reliable general magic tank (unless she runs into a raventome user).


Not to mention her res based close call in her prf, which can allow her to tank some hits you wouldn’t expect her to.


Yeah, she can survive something around 70 physical damage hit at neutral def unbuffed if her dmg reduction is active. That’s impressive considering she has like 16 def and below 40 hp.