Compilation of Amazing PoL Units

I wanted to make a list of units that are really good in PoL, with builds if there are specific builds that are especially good for this gamemode. Inviting your suggestions, including units I haven’t listed and units you think should go in a different category than their current category.

NB Division 1 is not necessarily better than division 2. I just wanted to distinguish between units that are good everywhere and units that are unusually good in the unique conditions of PoL.

Division 1: Usual suspects: Units that are really good / OP in general and who aren’t any worse in PoL

Top tier:

  • B.Hector
  • B.Ike
  • V.Gustav
  • Sp.Myrrh
  • Ayra
  • Kris
  • B.Ephraim (maybe not on a level with the others overall, but in this mode the healing is more valuable than in other modes)
  • B.Micaiah (Yune’s Whispers better in this mode than elsewhere)
  • Gunnthra, pending Chilling Seal II
  • L.Dimitri?

A-/B+ tier? These units are maybe slightly less strong than those above and could potentially go in the list above.

  • L.Ryoma, pending refine
  • Seiros
  • L.Corrin
  • B.Celica (similar to B.Ephraim, but competition for infantry slots is so fierce)
  • Lewyn
  • Y.Marth (maybe not on this level in the game overall, but dual effectiveness is a bit better in this mode)
  • L.Chrom, mainly because lack of red bows make him hard to work with combo bonuses. Otherwise he would be top tier
  • Ingrid?
  • Sp Idunn?
  • V.Rudolf
  • Pent
  • Sothis and W.Sothis (Sirius very good)
  • H.Nowi (atk/spd/res rein prf stackable with other rein)
  • B.Lucina
  • Fae and Astram? (depending on whether you run into panic) Fae can stand in the back with her prf and go HP+5, sudden panic (or sabotage if you prefer), ward/goad dragons, ward dragons seal.
  • Nowi
  • Surtr?
  • Shannan?
  • Myrrh
  • L.Sigurd (extra movement doesn’t matter, but forced double is good, tankiness is good, everyone atk+6 is good barring panic)

Division II: Units that are medium-good or worse in the game overall but who are really good in PoL

  • Aversa
  • H.Xane
  • Arden
  • Seliph (Divine Tyrfing refine)
  • Kempf
  • Rhajat
  • Tibarn
  • M.Morgan without refine?
  • NY Anna (due to base kit)
  • Igrene
  • any red bow (enables max scoring with units like L.Chrom, Jorge, Python)
  • young Tikis
  • Naga
  • Seteth

Division III: Units that have special potential in PoL but don’t see much use due to scoring restrictions

  • Jaffar
  • B.Veronica
  • WF Hinoka
  • Jorge
  • Python
  • bows in general
  • daggers in general
  • special mention to L.Lyn who might become good depending on her remix upgrade
  • infantry in general, especially sword/axe/lance

Division III: Amazingly bad

  • Duo Lif
  • Lif

Special division: Units that are really good in a lot of modes but who are average at best in PoL

  • Mareeta
  • Shamir
  • Freyja
  • Units dependent on solo condition in general
  • Edelgard
  • L.Ephraim

It’s really frustrating that all our red bows are either seasonal (NY Anna, S-Joshua, P-Brigid) or are amazing fodder (Igrene, Midori, P-Brigid again). I foddered both Igrene and Midori off, and have never pulled any of the others


There has been a Reddit post that addresses PoL units in particular.

Top tier unit for this game mode?
It’s actually Arden, hands down.

Recently I started prioritizing my PoL brigades based on max HP instead of their combat abilities, and have been able to stay in tier 10 since then.

Try bringing more units with high HP / HP a slot + seals. Since the scores stack up each round, they can boost the final score by a wide margin.


Playing on intermediate or advanced? I’m not convinced advanced is playable by spamming HP; units just die.


Fae is solid for support. +5 Spectrum buff to herself and 6 others, High HP pool, access to Sudden Panic, and can wall out the more notorious Blues like Brave Hector, Duessel, and Legendary Dimitri. Been using her in my team and she only ever runs into issues against dragonslayers (but aside from Chrom and the odd race-traitor they all suck scoring-wise), but that’s what the other 7 spots are for lol

It’s also real satisfying seeing the enemy side FLOODED with Panic debuffs, followed by them all getting stat boosts


That’s fun until the opposite side doesn’t really use visible buffs and presents an Aversa. I had that happen to me a few times :/


Here is the post:

Playing on intermediate or advanced? I’m not convinced advanced is playable by spamming HP; units just die.

I play on intermediate. Just like what you said; units tend to die, or gets really low in advanced due to sheer difficulties, making it suboptimal for scoring. This may change in the new patch with additional scoring boost, but I doubt +100 is going to justify the difficulty jump.

Id probably move Gunnthrá down a tier because while her new skill will be great, her hp kind of tanks the score (probably a factor in why you have B!Veronica in Division 3?)

The main reason Vero is in Division 3 is because staves are horrible scorers for this mode. No color variety = mega combo tanking

Gunnthrá’s low HP is problematic, but she is a green tome (and tomes are the most accessible weapon type with a four color combo due to Xane) and she is cavalry (movement combinations are important, too), and green tome cavalry are small in number

Also Gunnthrá is killer combined with Aversa, an amazing unit for PoL

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Misplaced. Kempf is the king of this mode. He ruins others runs and is the best cav you could possibly use. And as a unit overall he is near bannable in pol. I am not alone in these thoughts. I believe he should be considered a staple.

other modes

As an ard unit he will end and destroy any unit stupid enough to tank him. What I mean by this is, his disruption is only countered by a skill no one truly uses these days, null c

As an aro unit he is the only unit who can run at a potency he does. It can be described as highly strategic at best worst of times and unfair at the best of times… His brokenness is decided by the player. He rewards differntly from your average pp or tank strat. As in he has no counters. Legitimatly, he plays a different game.

As an arena unit he makes any problem unit you can run into pointless and allows trash to get over treasure.

None of this is bullshit btw. Interesting list tho.


Yeah I get that lack of color variety AND low HP make Vero a less desirable unit, but that’s also why I only said to move her down 1, not all the way down to 3. As you said her and Aversa make a heck of a combo, Aversa is Division 2 and she is a more ideal design for a PoL unit (score-wise - merge friendly, high HP, enemy grouping =penalties, etc.).

Well the first division is “units good in general who aren’t significantly worse in PoL”, and a lot of the ones listed have hardly the best HP of their class. (Micaiah, for instance)

Gunnthrá was listed as “pending” depending on how good Chilling Seal II in practice, because right now she’s pretty crap, but Chilling Seal II looks amazing on paper

Also, looking at HP, the only green tome cavs Gunnthrá significantly loses to are S-Sylvain, who also has ease of merging going for him, and Cecilia, who has slightly less HP than Gunnthrá but is also easy to merge

There’s Picnic Leo too but he’s a hefty Grail investment and very few people build him

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I think he’s a killer in PoL too, actually. He does end people’s runs, no question. The second I see him, my first question is whether my Reinhardt/Olwen higher level than him. Instantly; all other considerations secondary. I just don’t think he’s better than medium-good in other modes except maybe AR-D. That’s half of one mode. On AR-O he can be considered for galeforce teams or, probably better, stall-breaking teams. That’s enough for medium-good and not more. In arena, again, good, but player phase strategies that intend to exploit his counterattack-blocking are limited unless you’re planning to wipe the entire opposition in one turn. And that’s…it? I think he’s about middle of the pack in other modes.


I should clarify, divisions with lower numbers are not necessarily better. I think Aversa and Xane are better PoL units than most of the units in division 1.

@LadyLuna I’m confident Chilling Seal II will be great for this mode. Debuffing everything for 7 atk is never a bad idea in this mode, and she’s going to be accompanied by a bunch of mages who will like the res debuff as well. As you said, she’s a cavalier and that’s a significant advantage. HP is not great, as you also said; this cannot be denied, but the same is true of a lot of mages. These things being said I compare her not only to green cavalry tomes but to all green tomes, and her B-slot is so strong that I immediately place her high despite her HP. I would definitely consider putting her in the bottom half of division 1 though.


Ah ok, I was looking at it too much like a “PoL tier list” then.

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Within divisions, it is a tierlist. The upper half of division 1 I consider better than the bottom half. So I guess this thread is a poly-tierlist? But not really because division 2 doesn’t care. I just felt that in division 1, about half the units are half a cut to one cut better than the others.


I’d be very careful on evaluating prf weapons, especially ones without refines. Because that’s effectively losing 5 HP, or 3 HP for a ranged unit when compared to a more generic weapon with a refine. Most of the units I run in this mode are generics with mid-high HP pools, such as Eldigan and Lex. A lot of units can justify running their prf simply because of how good it is (Kempf, Aversa) and their HP pool isn’t too bad. But for units with low base HP (mostly ranged, such as B!Micaiah and Gunnthra), I wouldn’t even consider using no matter how good they are gameplay wise, because you can always try again for a better run. Of course, when ranged units are bonus, I do make a small exception to this rule (I even used a +1 V!Veronica last time). But otherwise, I’m 100% on melee > ranged simply due to the higher average HP and access to inheritable and refineable weapons.


I wonder how the scoring boost to advanced is going to affect that part of the balance because I don’t think going all-out on HP works nearly as well in advanced. Up to now I thought the mode isn’t correctly balanced because playing on intermediate is both easier and easier to score higher. If you can spam HP on intermediate and score higher than playing “normally” on advanced, the balance is off. HP-spamming on intermediate should be about as difficult as playing “normally” on advanced for getting the same score, or if HP-spamming on intermediate will be easier than playing “normally” on advanced, it should score lower.

It’s the Book I-II arena problem without the cash grab. Ranged units (especially horses) were harder to deal with than melee units, so the solution was to score so high that ranged units couldn’t appear. Obviously, that was stupid, and we still have a vestige of this issue in that duel skills are a lot less threatening than swift sparrow 3 or its analogues. It was possible to score higher by taking the easier route, and that has been the case in PoL for a while now. Rewarding laziness and cowardice is not the way to design a game or a gamemode.

(Also, ideally they would have some way of taking the randomness out of the mode, like, go by average score rather than max score, but it’s time consuming if you get a bad run.)

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With the way the mode’s scoring was designed, the optimal strategy was always going to be stacking HP as high as you can. Obviously flawed, but not the purpose of the discussion. Even after the changes, playing intermediate with a ton of HP stacks will very likely still remain the optimal way to play just because tier 10 has enough players now to the point where staying in tier 10 is easy for anyone who tries, as they will always score higher than the players who are in tier 9.5 since the PoL meta is largely stagnant, unlike Arena where bonus units and seasons change every week. People can reach top 100 by playing intermediate. After the change, that might go to top 500 (which is still a stretch, but I’m inflating for the sake of the argument), which still stays easily. Of course, having less rounds means less times your HP is being added to your overall score and the base score matters more, but it won’t be enough to the point where advanced will be optimal.

I do agree that advanced should be the optimal way to play, but that just wasn’t how this mode was designed. Intermediate is the way to go now, and will still be the way to go after May 6. Advanced might get you a spot on the front page, but you’ll still get the same rewards as people who are hundreds of places below you. Not worth.


Lol. I use both owlen and rein. Owlen is… Aweful. Rein is an excellent back liner. Wouldnt say either has use over kempf as they hold a different role.

As for other modes nope. Not even slightly. Altho, he runs a lot differently from.your average broken unit. His abilities right down to his stats are not apparent.

He needs a guide.