Compile Divine Code 1

I didn’t really see a poll so thought I would build one here.

Which is the first FULL LINE OF FIVE that you did/will complete?

  • Awakenings/Fates
  • Radiance
  • Blades/Sacred Stones
  • Holy War
  • Mystery/Shadows
  • Heroes

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I did a full line already, but I suspect at some point (maybe part of the CYL celebration?) they will eventually add in new units and lines. If your like me, save up, friends! I suspect some lulls may be coming next, maybe panic or pulse smokes. What else would be on the horizon? Could be another few years, but it could be sooner than we think.

While we are at it, any special notes on who you are looking to merge vs fodder on your favorite line of five?

What should we see next?


Yeah, no.

My plans are…
M!Grima merge
Owain merge
Special Spiral fodder


Preeeeeeeeeeeety sure they change at the end of the year, no?

Anyways i went with Fates for a CC, Owain, and Corrin merge but I haven’t finished it yet. kinda wish I went with Mystery/Shadows for Fort. Def/Res, but the entire line of units before it had to be garbage


Well, we have DC: Part 1, I would expect new lines to use new codes, but we’ll see.


I would say Radiance as I already got the B!Tanith manual, but all 4 of those manuals went to merges and unfortunately I have no Greil, so I haven’t bothered spending 2k codes on him to finish the line since I can’t merge him…

I’m sitting on 2600 codes right now cause after the Tellius merges I have no idea what I want to spend the codes for…


Man, why did the entire Heroes and Shadows/Mystery Line have to be complete garbage?

Anyway, it looks like I’ll be completing Awakening because it had good skills and merges I wanted. Shell Lance for Cormag, Grima merge, Blue Flame, Close Counter, and Null Follow-Up were all good skills I didn’t mind nabbing.

I did have a line started on Holy War, mostly for Special Spiral since I was planning to give the skills there to Norne, but I have Duofonse now and Robin Resplendent incoming so I dunno anymore.


Went Holy War for the Leif Merge thinking you could recycle once you completed the path :feh_elisad:

Spiral and Sword Sparrow 3 fodder ain’t bad. Naesala has his premium skills on standby now.

As for who I’d like next… Someone with Atk/Spd Bond (4) or just more good premium stuff. Nothiny else in particular comes to mind



You could possibly make a Special Spiral Robin build.


I don’t remember this being stated, especially when there’s a “Limited-Time” section already and no indication of limitation for the “Normal” Manuals, but maybe I’m wrong…


After getting merges for Leanne, Elincia, Lethe, and Tanith I seriously have no idea what I want to spend the codes on so they are piling up. I don’t want to start aiming for something then decide halfway through to try for something else


Did Radiance a couple weeks ago because I wanted Fury 4 for my AR-D, plus the other manuals in that path will be useful

Plan to do Awakening/Fates next if I can collect enough codes for NFU before it rotates out. Sitting on ~2300 codes now, not spending any till I get all 6k


I haven’t finished any line…but I guess I can count the [Mystery/Shadows] one? I’m strongly considering to finish it right when I can and feel like since I often forget I can compile normal manuals :crazy_face:

Will do:

Lately I don’t need any manual, reason as to why I haven’t compiled anything from the “permanent” line-up in a long while, I keep forgetting this section of the game exists

At the moment, merging Sp!Palla…I have a +spd/-res copy lying around, she’s my favourite Whitewing and seeing she has no valuable fodder for me I’ll merge her up.
No one I need to fodder or merge from any of the other paths :feh_eirikathink:


None, you can’t merge if you don’t have the unit, so why bother.

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I respect that. It’s mainly a “if and when” if you are going for the big fodder of the last guy, not to mention what you want to take along the way. In fact the one I want most, mirror impact, has the worst 4 fodder leading up to that beautiful fodder gem, imo

Maybe, I didn’t get the memo but that would be nice if they have it figured out for us! Will definitely make me save up. My goal is to have 6k in the bank for new lines that come up, but that’s a big number. Knowing WHEN they will add lines will help my decision process.

And yeah, the fort Def Res line is garbage, but I’m glad I didn’t now that Def Res stance 3 is a thing. Right, forgot to mention stance 3 should be coming next with lulls, perhaps.

That’s a good point. I mean the temporary codes started with 2, right? But that doesn’t mean if they add a new batch they might use a different kind. Very possible here.

I’m with you, I got 2k. Just holding for now, we will see what the future brings

Awakening is a good option considering the FOURTH unit is the best by far with CC. Personally I will have to grind through the first three (well, owning isn’t bad and Grima I would merge… this could possibly be what I go for next)


I would expect there’s no reason to save up for new lines and stuff… I mean its called Divine Code 1 for a reason right? When they add new ones it’ll prob be Divine Code 2


This right here, that’s how you play the game, unless you’re just a collector. In fairness I’m tempted to do the Lethe line for her just to get a +1 merge. She is adorable.

Lol… on the plus side, you’ll have a nice fat stack of wipes when you go back to compile next!


The Ephemera started with 3 or 4 I think, they follow the number of the game update they’re added in. The newer limited Manuals use Ephemera 7 since we’re on version 4.7.0.


Could be, I think Danwood mentioned this? I hope not but it’s for sure a possibility. BUT better safe than sorry. I’m a hoarder anyway ;)

No kidding? How did I not notice that! Wait… are you talking temporary? Maybe I’m not understanding. Innes and Robin were the last tempo but not if the same game


I’m pretty sure the first Ephemera were Ephemera 3. I checked and Codes were added with the 4.3.0. update in March. They also match the current month, but I think that’s a coincidence. The characters in the Manuals are irrelevant, I just mean the name of the Ephemera needed for limited Manuals matches the update where they’re added. So I’d expect DC: Part 1 for “Normal” Manuals to be followed at some point by Part 2, 3, etc, but we’ll have to see if I’m right.