Complaining about Darius III (lorewise and gameplay)

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First of this my first thread so I apologize for all mistakes. Also I am not a historian so you should not easily believe what I spout out. Additionally I never played Extra or Extella, games in which Darius III appeared though I read his wikipage. What’s left to say… I am not a Fan of buffing a servant for the sake of simply making them better, but I advocate changes to NP and Skillsets in order to better represent their lore.

Lore (including Information from Fate Wiki) :
The Great Schah is one of the most stale and boring servants we have in the game. This not only due his basic and uninspired skillset and NP, but also because of how he was written.

My Problem with Darius III is that he apparently merely exists to Hype Iskander up, which makes sense considering Iskander already was a well established and poular servant thanks to Zero.
There is no proof that Darius III saw Iskander as a rival that was worth deafeating. I would even suggest the contrary, when Iskander started his invasion Darius III merely send some naval armament as support so that he could not be accused of total inactivity. Iskander probably would not have been able to conquer Persia that easily if the Schah considered him to be threat from the get go (feels Gilgamesh). Darius III even attempted a failed assassination on Iskander so he probably did not consider this war to be “fun” and worth continuing. Later he also proposed a treaty of friend ship to Iskander but it was dissmissed by him. I feel like Darius III and Iskanders relationship would have been more like that of Gilgamesh and Shirou, the arrogant and restrained superforce and the brillant and Skilled Underdog, and slowly evolved to the Overwhelmed and the Determined. The Writer could have focused on how Darius III felt and reflected about losing his country, Family and Support because of one man and his own incompetence.
I don’t say that wanting to fight Iskander again is bad Motivation for the Charakter, but the reasoning behind it should be more than just:“Iskander Was pretty awesome”. It could be revenge or just the wish to redeem mistakes of the past and restore the glory of his dynasty. Not all is bad though, what I love about Darius III being in the Beserker class ist that it makes sense regarding his wish. Even though Rider would probably be his best class, he could never meet Iskander in a Holy Grail War that way. In my headcannon his Rider Version would be much less fixated on Iskander.

Still I appreciate the good light in which Darius III is being placed by the writer. He is being described as brave and strongwilled Fighter and ruler, a benevolent Schah that aspires to reach the glory of his ancestors even though he attained his position through assassination. <I couldn’t find any claims that Darius III actually knew of the assassinations> Bagoas, who instructed the assassination of many royals and disposed of the former Schahs who opposed him (just to emphazise, this man was responsible for the death of Multiple rulers!) was finally finished of by Darius III. There are tales about how Darius III made Bagoas drink his own poision.
Darius III really appeared to be a brave warrior (his explicit “Job” at first seemed to be that of an messenger for the King . Feats like winning a one-one duel while under the service of schah اردشیر (sorry sometimes Latin Alphabet makes names hard to remember) during a Revolt against said Schah made him popular amongst nobility and made his reign acceptable to them.

The Schahs life ended not on the battlefield but during his retreat when he was betrayed by his own subordinates and assassinated.

Upon seeing his dead rival, Iskander covered him with his Coat as sign of respect. There are also tales in which Darius III was still on the Brink of death when Iskander arrived, who then gave him some water. Iskander ordered the Traitors to be killed and he welcomed Darius III brother into his own army. Also when Darius III imprisoned wife died before, Iskander gave her a grand burial. Darius III at first after hearing about this unusal act suspected that his wife had cheated on him. But Iskanders messenger assured him that this was just another sign of Iskanders Greatness. Iskanders rule did not influence Persian culture, which Shows one more time that the Great conquerer respected Foreign cultures just like Darius I. Why am I telling you about all this stuff? Well, it would be Kinda strange if the servant versions respected each other, but the realife counterparts hated each others Guts and tried to Ruin the others country. Fortunately we can see that this was not the case.

This was my opinion on how to handle Darius III as a character. Later I will Share my opinion on the gameplay aspect. Thanks to everyone who read this convuluted mess up to this point, I really need to learn how to keep it short and simple. I appreciate Critique and corrections. What is your opinion on how to handle Darius III as a Charakter and gameplay unit? Were you dissapointed or did you actually like their dynamic? Do you even care if the servant is nothing like it’s realife counterpart?


I won’t comment on lore because I don’t know jack about the historical Darius III. I will comment on gameplay.

Darius is the second best low rarity AOE zerk in the game, he loses to Spartacus only because Spartacus has battery. Darius’ damage comes entirely from his interluded NP and raw stats, this is good thing because he needs minimal investment to start doing his thing (farming). In comparison you want to max (or leave at 9) Kiyohime’s skills if you want her to hit similar damage, and Kiyohime only hits harder against a single target anyway. But almost every newbie will raise Kiyohime before Darius, because Darius is a brown three-year-old giant and not a cute girl (I was one of those).

The other benefit of how he gets his damage is that his damage doesn’t drop off after the first NP, while others like Spartacus relies on one-turn steroid to reach that damage. This isn’t relevant in farming but for CQ runs coupled with Golden Rule Darius can NP multiple times without suffering damage drop, his high hitcounts in his NP also means with stargen buff they can drop plenty of stars. These traits make Darius the staple point-man for low rarities minturn/time-attack runs.

How about “buffing them to make them not crap?”

Lore-wise, AKA not in an FGO fight, Darius has a great set of abilities, especially for a berserker.
Golden Rule second only to Gil; which is nebulous enough a skill that basically means you don’t have to worry about resources for the duration of the War. A better Disengage skill than Cu, was entirely hit-and-run tactics for most of the VN. And the same rank of Battle Continuation as Cu, who could fight Herc for hours and do very plot relevant things after taking fatal injuries. Plus his NP is both ten thousand soldiers and a rider NP at the same time.

honestly just slap one of his skills 20 battery and he is good to go. unless its a 5 star you cant expect much from berserkers in fgo gameplay wise

Gameplay: I was one of the few who opted for Darius III instead of Kyohime or Spartacus or some other low Rarity Beserker I can’t remember anymore. They all share the same purpose which is farming. Using them for Anything else is possible with the right setup, but it is almost never the optimal thing to do due to their class. I agree with what you say @L11

Passives: Madness Enhancment B- Why is his Madness Enhancment that high? It is on par with Heracles, an Oni and an literal Monster. Madness Enhancment is inherent to the Beserker class and Darius III lost many Things that were dear to him but he never showed feats of Madness similar to Ibaraki, Heracles and Asterios. Madness Rank of C would be much more reasonable, on par with Lancelot and Nobunaga. I know that they would never dare to nerf something on a character.

Riding skill: There is None. Why? Did he forget how to ride because of his Madness Enhancment? He is still riding on “War Elephant” in his NP and even the Accel Zero Advertisement depicts hin riding his grand chariot. His Rider class should have this on A+ Rank like Iskander and his mad Beserker Version could have it lowered but not entirely removed.

Independent Action B: Why Independent Action? Considering his history with Bagoas it seems plausible. Darius III managed to set himself Free from the Eunuch that tried to control two Schah and killed them and their relatives. That’s not all though, this skill would also represent how the persians culture survived many opressions until today. Darius III
would represent this perfectly as its protector.

Active skills: Golden Rule B-Nothing to comment on this. Fits perfectly.

Disengage A - Give it a targetable Taunt for 1 Turn (or 3 turns if we didn’t have to think about Balance) Many users of the disengage skill are able to restore Previous Battle conditions through skill and strategy. Disengage often represents the Hit and run tactic. Darius III on the other hand was always able to retreat because of his guards. They never allowed Iskander to reach their Schah.

Battle Continuation A: Honestly, way too high for him. He died while thinking about his next move (never stopped fighting) and He survived some battles, but it’s just not one the same level as Chú Chulainn.

NP- Give it a 10% Noble Phantasm Charge.
Honestly there is no flavor in his Noble Phantasm. He summons an undying Army, but what about them is undead in gameplay? They appear, do aoe Damage, debuff and go home being a Family man. NP Battery could atleast be interpreted as the soldiers slowly rising up after being struck down once.

I don’t know. Just tucking the same NP Charge on every bad servant starts to feel boring.

Alternatively, if they updated his attack animations that’d be a way to use his army more like with Wu Zetian, and I’d like if he got the Martha treatment for his extra attack, have the mammoth attack in that.

Interesting idea for Disengage, that would help his survival and allow him to keep the debuffs coming with his NP. And I think they could do something with his Battle Continuation to reflect the somewhat undead look of him and his army.

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I read up on him in the past and I agree he could hardly be considered a “rival” to Alexander the great. He just kept retreating, raising armies, and losing.

Lore wise though his 3 star rarity doesnt do him justice. He already has nice parameters and is a force to be reckoned with as an individual, and his NP allows him to constantly raise an undead army.