Concept: what if there was a route that involved all Three Houses?

This idea has been floating around in my mind for a bit, and I want to give the concept a shot. Basically, I have to somehow come up with a single story that can fuse Crimson Flower, Azure Moon, Verdant Wind, and Silver essay writer Snow into one and not only make sense but also respect the themes of the game. This is one hell of a task, but I’m willing to rise up to the occassion and show it to all 3 people who read my posts.

Some rough pointers:

-Male and female Byleth coexist in this timeline. This causes some problems such as who gets the name Byleth (and what the other would be called, feel free to offer ideas), what house they each choose, and who gets the Crest of Flames and a anime girl Morgana inside their head. I would go about it like this: they are born twins, one inheriting the Crest of Seiros from Jeralt and the other is born without a crest. On top of that, the one born crestless is in risk of dying, so Rhea decides to give them the Crest of Flames.

-Divine Pulse is removed, I’m not gonna even bother trying to translate this into gameplay. Divine Pulse is there for the sake of the player and contributes next to nothing to the story, so it can be discarded.

-Each Byleth will have a different personality and make different choices. Yes, they will no longer be cardboard cutouts of a human being.

-The story must hit important plot points such as Edelgard’s past and how it influenced her to start the war, Dimitri’s amazing character arc, Claude’s efforts to uncover the truth, and make Rhea a more active character.

-This is not a golden route. Three Houses is about perspective, and making what would basically be Fire Emblem Fates Revelation all over again would cheapen all the other routes.


This is pretty cool. I once saw a really cool idea where the two Byleths became the antagonists as it were, and the other three houses had to team up to take them down. Byleth finally became the Fell Star and I guess sided with TWSITD? But I would be keen to hear your ideas further


I’ve always wanted this from the beginning even tho a lot of people didn’t because of worry that it’d be too similar to revelations

But in my mind it’s different from revelations because your main cast in each game is complete in the story. In 3H, there’s not much talking in the main story outside of the lord and their second-in-command but occasionally your students will pitch in a one liner. Having more story interaction between the house leaders wouldn’t cheapen a route imo but enrich the characters and the story, the latter of which is lacking rn. I really like your idea and would have loved to see something like this implemented.


I mean, the easiest way to merge routes is to have Edel reveal the truth of the tragedy of Duscar to Dimitiri. He believes that she as the FE is responsible because of her ties to TWSID, but she isn’t, and is just using them.

They could be partial allies, with a huge disagreement over whether to use TWSID or just wipe them out. There would also be conflict over the church, with Claude maybe taking Edels side for that, but Dimitri’s side for wiping out TWSID, keeping a rough power balance.

Two Byleths could help facilitate this, by being the teachers of BE and BL. They would know the secrets of the two house leaders, and after talking with each other would realize that they need to have two speak to each other to avoid catastrophe.

The end result would be a very tense alliance, and I don’t know how it would resolve. Best I can think of is that both TWSID and the Church do something that force everyone’s hand–Dimitri agrees to destroy the church, Edel agrees to stop using TWSID and destroy them.

Ending could further show the divide, as Edel leaves the rule of the Empire to Ferdinand, and disappears on her own/with Byleth (depending on supports). Dimitri would become the ruler of the kingdom and keep things much the same, while Claude continues to work towards his goal, and the alliance becomes constantly stronger under his rule.

I think this would do a good job of having the characters remain on the same side, while not removing the conflict between them, or even having a happy ending.


Hey this seems cool thread (FE:3H Definitive Edition/GoldenRoyaleFES) I wanna chime in too! I’m fine with a golden route for 3H cuz unlike how Fates peddled Revelation as the true route, on top of its already poor narrative, this new route could just be one of many possibilities or side stories (kinda like Cindered Shadows) as long as it doesn’t upset the story structure too much. P.S I just wanted to air out things I want, and not necessarily what is best :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Bigger and more imposing role for TWSITD. While Edel is the driving force of the narrative I feel like Twsitd, who spent most of the First half in the shadows, barely had a presence in the second. give us more depth to the Agarthans, who they were before and who they are now and pushing their threat to Fodlan to forefront in the latter half of the War Arc. Also I kinda just want to see TWSITD kill and bring back Seiros as a OP Zombie Dragon God.

A single, variable narrative. I really like it when the story in an RPG is shaped by the choices you make as a player. Even moreso if the game sprinkles little things like impactful convos or items of great significance for the player to keep track of when making these those impactful choices instead of just flashing THIS CHOICE is SUPER IMPORTANT on the screen (they had a great start with BE only being accessible if you have C+ with Edelgard, sadly she’s a lord so if you already picked BE House, chances are you already gave a damn to start with) Give us choices that affect how the house leaders behave eg. getting edelgard to come around, Claude to be more trusting, whatever the heck happens w/Dimitri and maybe even affect their survival in the narrative. (A route where claude can die, not because Edelgard is a dick but because of his personality flaw)

Obvi, make more Bi options. Reason? 1. I’m Queer and 2. there is no conceivable excuse for Claude or Dimitri to be straight. Not with those supports. No ma’am! Also scrap platonic S-ranks aside Sothis. Let Gilbert be absolved of his guilt through h0rny. Let Alois taste the pain of losing his wife post timeskip and heal with Byleth from their mutual loss of loved ones through h0rny

More gameplay stuff like more deployment slots and recruitable side characters (How we couldn’t use Judith or Nader is beyond me…)