Concerning Grail Units Elimination Round 2

So, I have the votes tallied. Xander had the highest number of votes, 31.
Before we go into the next round, I want to see how you guys think we should deal with the overpopulation of units.
Keep in mind there are 64 right now in Round 1, and Round 2 will be adding Cormag and Brunnya.
The ideas I had after tallying all the votes were

Snapping the bottom half, leaving 34 (remember 2 are being added)
Remove the “10 (Votes) And Under Gang” which would remove 27 units.

If you have an idea, please let me know so we can work out a happy medium.

  • Snap them
  • 10 and Under Gang
  • I have an idea!

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Side Story

There are Elementary kids in the gym nearby doing P.E. stuff and the Campfire Song Song from Spongebob started blasting on the speaker in there.

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I remember that song :feh_popcorrin:

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What kind of BS is this?

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yeah we don’t even have 31 people active in this community



Lmao, I’m dead. :rofl:

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I dunno what to tell you, man.
I think it was mainly because the poll he was in consisted of 3 other people and most people have the need to vote on every poll (Myself included)


Definitely. Also considering his competition wasn’t against other more popular characters.

Were we not supposed to vote on every poll? I sure did.

Perhaps if we knew poll options were limited, all of them could have been more fairly distributed.

Another point - I don’t think it’s fair to add 2 contenders in as they got a ‘bye’. I would skip them entirely, or potentially start the whole thing over again.

If you didn’t want to go alphabetically, you can always do a ‘wheel decide’ type of thing if you want more random organization.

What I meant was that you don’t have to. You aren’t forced to vote on every poll if you don’t want to. If you don’t see any characters you liked, you didnt have to vote on that poll.
I probably should have said that though.
And you bring up good points. I definitely could have organized this better. I dunno. I’m gonna see this poll til the end then drop it. It was failed from the start since I didn’t think about how many unit there were.