Confused can you get past Welfare in the RP Shop in the future?

I am missing a lot of Welfare which have no Reruns and i think heard that they will appear in the RP-Shop in the Future?

Will it be every Welfare that has been released thus far and how many RP is it for a Copy or NP 5 Copy?

For those with a Main Interlude already, it’s 1 free copy + ascension materials, and dupes cost 2 RP each.

So far in JP there have been two. You will see them when they release main interludes for them.

I think BB and Santa Altera.

That said, most of them do not have main interludes yet.

Hopefully Shiki gets an interlude in the future then since I’d really like to get her. No guarantees it’ll happen but that would be cool.


Based on what’s in jp so far, I think main interludes are just introduced to complete the story for the masters who missed them. Both CCC and Christmas Underworld are canon to the main story. The only other canon events afaik are ooku and the current imaginary scramble. So I don’t see past welfare making a return for now. But hey saber lily is in fp summon so that counts for something right?

Lol… More welfare in FP summoning would almost be better.

Well then the problem becomes ascension mats not being available for any welfare except lily. Obviously I don’t know DW’s plans but making chacha available again is probably not on their priority list :fgo_insane:

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onigashima is canon
since it KINDA introduces raikou and shuten to the main story which is needed for shimousa
and kintoki himself uses his rider form in solomon

most likely a raikou banner + onigashima main interlude sometime