Confusing IV ranks

Influx of Seel spawns enabled me to finally catch some good ones. According to IV4U (the most user-friendly one IMO) my best ones are ranks 14 and 50. The weird part is that my rank 50 seems to be superior. Only the Defense shows as lower, which I wouldn’t care about because Defense is Dewgong’s best base stat to begin with. So why isn’t it higher ranked? I wouldn’t even win CMP tie with the rank 14….

You said it, defense. It just takes the overall stat numbers for rank calculation.
Whether you personally would chose a higher attack one doesn’t matter.
Which one is better in daily use depends on a variety of things and cannot be predicted solidly. So just pick the one you like or the one for which you need less resources.

They’re both at like level 8 haha. Gonna be expensive.

I just wonder why those spreads get ranked like that. They estimate 4 points of defense and less attack > 2 points of HP and more attack? Strange.

But would you rank 3.5 points better than 43 points?
Break/bulkpoints are distributed similar, so 4 points more defense is stat-wise better than 1.somethjng attack ppoints and 2hp. I think the formula is that also used by pvpoke, there you can put in the values and a combined stats value is given (about 2250 for a good dewgong), the higher defense one has got a few points more in that calculation.

CMP depends on how often you face opponents with a similar charged attack readiness and similar attack value, so very difficult to weight. You could give one or two additional points for that, but I don’t think any tool actually does this - maybe someone knows better?