Congratulations, PM! - The Joke is on you!

The game decided to release a new event Rock Event!
The ultimate fail!

My Rock Pokémon went into the fight.
He did 1 power up move.
The rival Pokémon did 1 opening move!

My Pokémon got OHKO’ed.
This is so hilarious.

My Pokémon is max level with rock gear on. LOL
He didn’t even have a chance.

And the funny part is the game changed the Lycanroc pull rates to 2%

Here is a picture of your 2% game! LOL

I have a feeling the game might need to do an emergency fix here. LOL

Edit: I was using Tyranitar.

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Do not start the battle with Sharp as Diamonds. Use X-Attack, then Sharp as Diamonds. Sharp as Diamonds lowers your special defence, which puts you in KO range of Rapidash’s Flamethrower. X-Attack + Sharp as Diamonds then use Stone Edge on the Beedrill and you will nearly OHKO it with a max level Olivia before it gets to use Sludge Bomb on you to finish you off. Guaranteed OHKO with some chip damage or an allied Attack boost.

Using Sharp as Diamonds means that if Rapidash targets you first turn, you get Flamethrowed for *2 damage. If you use X-attack first, the Flamethrower comes before the Sharp as Diamonds.

But that shouldn’t be a OHKO with a lvl100 Olivia. At least not without a crit. It has never OHKOed my max level Olivia after mistakingly using Sharp as Diamonds first.


The fix we only need is a nonbraindead users…
Everyone try to play on that and not everybody can do it properly. I’ve already seen a trainer playing without a single rock type (please… even without the f2p onix/tyranitar x’D) and even playing with pokemon weak to fire.

The only fix that we need is an option to see the 3 sync pairs of your partners and the option to kick out the trolls x’D

PS: really… i already have a full upgraded rock type composition (My lycanrock got even the 3 gold upgrades ^-^) and thanks to some braindead players i have won just one time in that event. It’s to much hard manage ANY multiplayer content only with just 1 troll (or begginer/noobs in some cases) :unamused:

I’m so frustrated about that overestimated/overrated players… :expressionless: (specially on a gacha game without stamina that provides an infinite grind/farm option).

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You can actually see all the Pokemon your partners has at the start of the battle. It’s a short window of opportunity.

If both your partners have terrible Pokemon, I would consider leaving asap. I did it once against Blaine when my allies lead with Makuhita (bad Pokemon) and Lucario (weak to Fire), and the rest of their teams were unimpressive. I could tell on team preview that battle was a lost cause.

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That’s the problem… Usually i’m not worried if they got a normal lead to face the stage but the game starts automaticaly in a really short time and i don’t want to be stressed about that short time in an app game.
It’s a huge problem if they want to start properly with the launch focusing on the multiplayer . I hope some fixes soon :laughing:

I seriously need to get 3000 gems before the end of this event…I am struggling with Chapter 14 even with a Lvl75 Roxanne…

EDIT: Oh god I saved around 2400 gems and got very impatient and pulled 8 altogether today and got Olivia on the very last one. Phew.

Still haven’t gotten past Chapter 2, haven’t felt like playing much

You gave some great tips about Lycanroc.
Maybe, players can follow your advice on how to play Lycanroc.

The issue is I don’t own Lycanroc.
The Pokémon I am using is Tyranitar.
My Tyranitar is max leveled + max skilled + has decent rock gear on him.

I battled Very Hard Mode at least 20 times.
I won 1 time.

I think the game has made this event very poorly.
The fight requirement to enter the fight is 16k power.
The AI’s inside 1 or 2 shot Pokémon.

I don’t believe the power level (16k) is on par with how devastating the AI’s are.
I believe the AI’s have a strength equivalent to the 25k EX CO-OP Main Story.
I believe the game needs to make an emergency fix.

No one in there right mind can say this Very Hard Course has the power level of 16k.
I have fought countless battles with a 16k requirement.
They never killed my Pokémon in a single opening move.
It really isn’t 16k.

Obviously, I think if the game’s intention was to make the event with 16k power level.
They have failed!
They should reduce the strength of the AI Pokémon in the fight to match 16k power.

If the game intention was to make this event Difficult, They should have put a 20k or 25k power requirement.
I would feel less upset about the situation.
If you go and see 20-25k power requirement, You will at understand that maybe that Mode is beyond your current level.

I will admit I have beat several different 20k+ EX CO-OP battles.
However, I have limited resources.

I can’t beat all the EX CO-OP’s.
I have focused my resources into beating only a few which I wanted to work on.
I can accept that there is some CO-OP’s I am not ready for.

However, you go to very hard mode in the event.
It says 16k requirement.
It makes you think as if you can win.
Than you get 1 shot.

It really is an insult to the player base in my opinion.
The players have fought countless of battles with 16k power.
None of them 1 shot your max level Pokémon with a single move.
It isn’t even the Sync move.
It is just a normal move.

If it was Sync move, I’m sure many would agree the 16k power battles have the power to 1 shot on Sync move.
Do you honestly think a Max Level Tyranitar should get 1 shot by normal move?

Furthermore, the event is called Rock Event.
The game has several Rock Pokémon.
The event isn’t called Lycanroc Event.

A player should be able to win with his Rock Pokémon even if he doesn’t have a Lycanroc because it is a Rock Event!
Yeah, this event is the worst.

I expect the game to do an emergency fix to fix the AI.
If they don’t do an emergency fix, I will not participate in there event.
If that is the type of event they wish to have, I will play EX CO-OP.
I will not be forced to play an event I don’t enjoy.

I thought the idea of a Rock event to strengthen your rock Pokémon was such a fantastic idea.
I did the Rock level up modes in single players.
It was fantastic.

I did the Hard Mode on Multi-Player Co-Op.
I thought it was refreshing as well.

I get to the Very Hard Mode on Multi-Player Co-Op.
It pretty much ruins everything.
1 bad apple to ruin the bunch.

All the game is doing is hurting themselves.
Good Luck - getting matched with players in Very Hard Mode.
I think it is going to be ghost town entry.
It is a real shame.

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You should edit your OP to make it clear that you were using Tyranitar. You don’t mention the name of your Pokemon or the boosting move you used, and I assumed Lycanroc by putting two and two together.

This is harder than expected and definitely harder than the Blue event. I won that on hard most of the time using Lycanroc on auto mode. Maybe 18k? IMO the Ex Training events are easily more difficult, even just on Hard mode. I’ve only managed to clear the Brock one on Hard and that’s because Onix is extremely vulnerable to Treecko (and that was my allies’ work where as I was relatively useless). The rest I found mandate certain Pokemon at high levels, where as there’s more flexibility with Blaine since you can use multiple Pokemon. Good luck clearing Rosa without Pidgeot, and Skyla without both Lycanroc and Pokemon who can take down the Haunters. I haven’t managed these yet even with Pidgeot and Lycanroc (I’m missing high-level Pokemon for the Haunters).

Brock has terrible special defence. He does work well because of spread damage, but he has to avoid special hits. If you seem him get targetted first turn, swap him out for someone who can take damage. There are other Pokemon who are viable. Many supports are viable, some are F2P, can tank a special hit, and can generally be included in the team pretty easily because of the relatively low 16k strength requirement compared to 20k. Cranidos is viable for taking down the partners early game, but the recoil is excessive against Rapidash. Houndoom can combine damage output with Snarl as a defensive measure. Blue is a decent filler if lacking Rock-types for offensive and can mega-evolve. Hurricance confusion can be a game-changing boon.

I edit my post at the end with Tyranitar.
I thought people would know I was using Tyranitar because of my picture.

However, it’s all good.
You gave helpful information to people regardless so it isn’t issue.

Truthfully, I have only focused on 1 EX Training Event at this time.
My top priority has been Fire Gear.

I have been doing EX Erika the most.
I believe I have found the perfect combination to win.

As far as the other EX Training Events
I have theory crafted a team set up that I want to try vs. EX Brock.
The issue is I still haven’t acquired the necessary Pokémon to give my theory a try.

  • To beat EX Brock - I was think of using the following base set up:
  • Grass Type Striker.
  • Water Type Striker.
  • Fodder Pokémon

The Grass Type Strikers in the game are Treekco & Rosearaide.
I don’t own either one.

The Water Type Strikers in the game are Clawitzer, Empoleon, & Feraligator
I own all 3.

The Fodder Pokémon I am thinking of using is going to be Serperior, Starmie, or Makuhita.
My idea will be to switch into this Pokémon to sponge the Enemy Sync Hit.
I don’t want my main Attackers getting wrecked by Sync move.

If I manage to pull Treekco or Rosearade, I will give EX Brock a try.
I am not in a rush.
I am making slow, but steady progress.

When I beat Ex Brock, I lead with lvl 85 Croconaw. Can’t remember the rest of the team. The two allied Treeckos KOed Onix before I could KO a Lunatone ( I was targeting Lunatone) and before Onix could use a sync move. From there it was easy. That gave me the impression of two strong Treeckos = gg. Which means you don’t need to wait for Treecko or Roserade (I lack both). But you might need one for Very Hard. Coincidentally it was also my one and only attempt at Ex Brock Hard. I lack the team strength to attempt Very Hard. Lycanroc, Pidgeot and Nosepass are my only Pokemon who have max level cap unlocked.

Since last posting I beat Rosa. Used lvl100 Pidgeot, lvl90 Nosepass and lvl81 Serperior. Start with Smell Ya Later + X SpA, then spam Air Cutter, switch out before sync to Serperior. Can use Nosepass to block a Sludge Wave with Wide Guard and for support. Serperior can also support. Send in Pidgeot again ideally after a sync move.

Never use Makuhita or any Pokemon that gets OHKOed solely folder. Ideally your folder should be a bulky support Pokemon. It can actually survive a sync move and provide support and actually be useful. Dusclops and Serperior are the best candidates.

Wait so the element of the gear actually matters? Well I guess I should actually go grind some different gears then.

The reason I want to use Makuhita is because at the start of the fight.
Brock likes to do a Team Buff - Psychically Damage Reduce or something.
He tries to put up a wall so he takes less damage.

My idea is to lead with Makuhita so that Makuhita can remove the Wall.
Than I will switch out into my Striker.

After my Makuhita removes the Wall, I don’t really need him any more in the fight.
So I can let the Sync move OHKO him.
It’s ok if he dies at that point.
He has done his job!

Alternatively, I could use Serperior or Starmie.
They are bulky supports and they have Unity Bonus.
I’m not sure what my 3rd Pokémon will be to be honest.
I have several options.

I could use Nosepass as another option.
I think Nosepass Wide guard can block Onix Bull doze move.
I have been theory crafting for most part.

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I am not an expert on the gears as they are still new to me.
However, I have talked with a few people about gears.

I don’t know if the people I talked to are right or not.
However, I can tell you what they told me.

I will give you an example:
Let’s say you have Fire Gear equipped to your Pokémon team.
All the Pokémon in the fight that are Fire will get the full bonus stats.
All the Pokémon in the fight that are not Fire will get only half the bonus stats.

The idea - is to get gear that matches the Pokémon you want to be really strong.
The main 2 Pokémon I have been using is Raichu (Electric) & Infernape (Fire)
I have been farming Electric & Fire Gear.

I use Raichu to beat several different Supercourse battles.
I use Infernape to beat the remaining Supercourse battles.

Today, We had to do Supercourse Thorton & Gardenia
I use the below team to beat both of those Very Hard Courses.

The Pokémon I want to be the strongest & deal most damage is my Infernape.
I put full Fire Gear on to make him super tough.

The only other thing to be aware of is what moves you plan to do in the fight!
The game has 3 different gears

  • Bracelet - increases Psychical Attack
  • Bandanna - increases Special Attack
  • Pin - increases HP

My Infernape has the skill called “Fire Punch”
It is a Psychical Attack.
My Bracelet is what makes it deal more Damage

My Infernape has the skill called “Fire Blast”
My Bandanna is what makes it deal more Damage

The reason this matters is because let’s say I plan to use only the move “Fire Punch”.
The Bandanna would be useless to me as a Fire Type because I don’t plan on using any Special Attacks that are Fire related.

What I could do would be to change the Bandanna to a Grass or Flying Type.
My Bandanna would than help my Serperior or Swanna do more Damage when they use there Special Attacks.

The reason I keep both my Bracelet & Bandanna Fire is because I alternate between my Fire Punch & Fire Blast in the fight.

Fire Blast sometimes misses on me.
It has lower accuracy so I use Fire Punch from time to time.
Fire Punch has 100% Accuracy so it never misses.

Fire P. Deals less damage vs. Fire B.
BUT it is more reliable!

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Sorry to revive that post, but regarding Very Hard EX Brock, I’ve had some experiences with it and here’s what I’ve seen so far (keep in mind that I have Brendan and for all of them he’s my opener sync pair):

  1. Had two partners with Gardenia/Roserade as openers, they couldn’t damage Brock enough to kill him before his sync move. That was enough to lose the battle. (Not sure of their effectiveness on Hard mode, could probably work)

  2. Had one partner using Kris/Feraligatr and one with Brendan/Treecko. Since Feraligatr didn’t focus Brock, we had the same fate as the first scenario. (On Hard difficulty that works just fine, two Treeckos can take down Brock there)

  3. Well, this is basically a sum up of what’s needed: Brock needs to die ASAP because if he lives, he does massive AoE damage while his allies deal big AoE damage but not enough if you damage them harder. It’s basically the Gamepress article all over, you can just read it. Really. Go there. But if you want further insight, keep reading here

Important note: Kris has a major role after you take Brock down because she can defeat Lunatones without dying instantly to their AoE. Well, since I don’t have her I bring Roxanne (which I suggest to everyone, honestly) to help with my partners’ survivability (x defense all + wide guard) as well as bring another strong striker in case I need to help with the Lunatones (even if the damage I deal is not comparable to a super effective crit hit of Mega Kick)

And then Treecko can take down the Frillish but if you still have the other Striker it usually works as well. Basically there are a few strategies that work out well after you KO Brock, his is the only criteria I’d say you always have to meet to winning this challenge. Glhf, you all

Cleared it today. My observations leading on from what you’ve said: I agree with everything you’ve said.

Ideally you want three Brendans as the lead. At the very least two Brendans and one Gardenia - I’ve seen this work and Onix was beat before it uses sync move, but you can’t afford to miss as many Leaf Storms. In part this seemed to work because Roserade usually got aggro instead of the Treeckos, as opposed to spreading aggro between the Treeckos. You hit the nail on the head in that you need to defeat Onix before it uses a sync move.

Treecko should be at least level 90. This is because it can then reliably tank two Ancient Powers, one from each Lunatone. At level 85, it can get 2HKOed by it, and if that happens before Onix uses a sync move, it can lead to a game loss. Higher level / more sync move helps as it gives more leeway in case of Leaf Storm miss. If unlucky with too many misses, it can lead to Onix using sync move.

Kris is the other major character to bring in. For dealing with Lunatone. She is great for two reasons. One is her high single-target damage against Lunatones. The second is that it takes three hits to take her down thanks to her Endure ability (without Endure it’s a 2HKO). That’s strong surviability against Lunatone’s Rock Slide. Kris can be level 85 and Croconaw and only be 3HKOed with enough damage output (based on my observation with level 85 Feraligtr,).

There’s more flexibility with the third slot. Roxanne seems the best on account of Wide Guard, primarily for Lunatone’s Rock Slide but also helpful for Frillish Icy Wind. Strong support options help too. You may not have enough team strength to bring her unless all your Pokemon are max level. Rosa and Pheobe are good options too on account of their bulk and support. Rosa gets super-effective hits on the Frillish. It’s better to save Treecko after beating Onix to come back in and finish them off, though you can sack them after beating Onix and still win. I’d imagine that Gardenia in the back with Treecko in the front would work too.

Overall from my experience, as long as you have Brendan + Kris + filler, it’s the easiest of the Ex Challenges.

They might have listened to the feedback about the difficulty of Hard Blaine. Hard Marlon is comparatively easier to Hard Blaine.

3 Treekos or 2 Treeckos + Roserade is pretty much auto win. I was using auto mode the whole time and still won even with 2 Treeckos + Serperior repeatedly! Only lost once, and that was 2 Treeckos + Vilepume. Opponent is immune to Stun Spore, rendering Vilepume a garbage pick.


It’s way easier. If you have both of the best sync pairs for each event you can see how noticeable the difference is, but maybe it has something to do with how busted Treecko is

When you see Treecko doing around 2.5k damage in a single leaf storm you wonder if we should even compare that to any other mid-range offense. Imagine if that thing didn’t lower Sp. Att, it’d be a monster

Yeah, Leaf Storm had pretty high damage in the games and this was how Game Freak decided to keep it balanced. Shame Serperior was given Contrary in the main series.

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Auto also is relatively not bad with Treecko compared with other strikers. In this event it used “No Going Back” first, then 2 Dire Hit +, then spam Leaf Storm, which is generally the optimal move choice.

Serperior in the main games had other things to hold it back so it wasn’t OP in the main series. The main flaw, but not the only one, was that Serperior’s first hit was weak due to its terrible special Attack, and that gave enough time to deal with Serperior adequately.