Conkeldurr power up


Have you power up your conkeldurr? To what level?

I got my conkeldurr via trade evolution and lucky trade and it is of level 25 and not outstanding IV 91% 13a/15d/13s. I wonder any breakpoint it misses when maxed out at level 40 against any upcoming legendaries (at which fighting conkeldurr is a good counter). Any idea?


You can check whether and how many breakpoints you miss in the “Good to Go” page on . You can also put in different Friend bonus and Cloudy/No weather, depending on which situations are more common for you. It lists all the possible bosses, so you’ll need to determine by yourself which are relevant, i.e. which bosses you’ll realistically use Fighting type to counter.

Breakpoints barely matter if you aren’t doing shortman raids all the time. In my opinion that Conkeldurr, if it’s gonna be the only one you will get in a period of time, get it to at least L30. It’s great as a Fighting contender, just behind Lucario, and is much cheaper.

Why do you say it is much cheaper?

The evolution cost of Riolu is 50 candies to get it to Lucario, the evolution cost of Timburr is 50 candies to get it to Gurdurr (and if traded then it is free to evolve to Conkeldurr otherwise 200 candies).

If you want a second move when you do it with Riolu it only costs 10 000 stardust and 25 candies (Lucario 75 0000 and 75 candies so do it before evolving), when you do it on Conkeldurr (all evolutions) it costs 75 000 and 75 candies.

Both are 5km buddies so you will need to walk it for some time to get all the candies you need (or get super lucky with your eggs :wink:).


Finding Gudurr in raids is easier than finding Riolu in eggs, hence the “cheaper” (I suppose)

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Conkeldurr will appear as t4 evencually it means 20 candy from a raid. Then you can easily do a team as easy as tyranitars. Of course there is a chance for a CD but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. Yes it is a great fighting mon and since I have 6 of maxed out I can start letting my weaker machamps go. I will save my 6 maxed out hundos dough😀

With Niantic now using the high candy cost as an incentive to encourage trade evolution, I doubt Conkeldurr will be a T4 boss any time soon. :(


Thank you, exactly this. Some players may try to hatch a lot of eggs and still not get Riolu, while Timburr is more consistent to get.

I have hatched over 20 7km eggs in the last 2 weeks and spent 500 (free) coins on that pack with the 3 incubators and still no Riolu. EVEN, in my other account, I haven’t done anything to expect a single Riolu and, while walking trying to hatch an egg on my main account, suddenly, I check my other account and see a Riolu popping out of an egg with the bonus of 42 candy due to the hatch-a-ton thing.

It amazed and annoyed me at the same time.

Other than that, I’m having a blast playing this game, even if it’s kind of unfair :man_shrugging:

If you are aiming for a Riolu and can walk more than 50km during a week, you can try to keep 1 egg slot open for the AS reward Monday morning at 9 am. Usually you’ll receive a 10 km egg (it may occasionally give you a 5 km egg instead of 10 km, or no egg at all even when 1 slot is open).

There’s 1/6 chance to hatch Riolu from this 10 km egg rewarded by AS, thus an extra chance besides the 7 km egg.

Well played :ok_hand:

I’ve been doing so, all I’ve gotten are a Beldum and a Bagon… Not mad tho.

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