Connection error code 101 issue

Good day,

Is anyone else having issues with the game for the past 2-3 days on Europe server? As in, it keeps coming up with “Connection error code 101”-messages every few minutes and occasionally logging out to the main screen?

There was a big Android system update a few days ago as well, which might be related. But if so, I’d think more players would have the same problem and would report it. And yet, I didn’t see this issue listed under any maintenance announcements or known issues on the official sites. Not sure if I should try reinstalling the game (and hopefully retain all progress) or wait for the developers to discover the problem and fix it.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advises on this matter?

Yeah i’ve been having the same issue and it also happened after my Samsung did an update and i dont know how to solve it

Finally seeing more connectivity messages on their forums. Both my phone and some of the other noted complaints mention using a Samsung. Looks like its system update really did screw over the connectivity somewhat.
Personally, I’ll wait for the new content update to hopefully fix this issue as well, but will also submit a support ticket to the developers. In any case, glad to hear I’m not the only one having these issues for the past week, give or take.

Same problem here! And it was after a Software-Update too…

Looks like they finally fixed the Samsung connectivity issues with the latest software update. Not a single crash for an hour, whereas game used to disconnect several times a minute at the worst times.
It only took the developers 2 weeks to fix this problem, but better late than never.

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