Connection error message

I’ve been getting a “Connection failed. Please try connecting again when you have a more stable connection” error message when running the game for the first time. My net isn’t the best, but I’m pretty sure it’s working fine right now.

Is there a way to fix this? I’m from the Philippines.

Just close the App and re-launch it. You can also try going for Airplane Mode for 5-10 sconds, reconnect to WiFi or Mobile Data and then Launch the Game.

You can then connect in-game.

Hi as well to ym fellow Filipino DL Player. :)

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Thanks for the response!!

Sadly, it doesn’t work even after re-installing the game, trying a VPN, or connecting to mobile data. I did try asking customer support, but I doubt I’ll get a reply :joy:.

A redditor said it’s because my phone is rooted, but it isn’t xD. It’s sim-locked, but not sure if that’s the problem.

EDIT: holy crap, the sim-lock is the problem (probably). I did a SafetyNet check and I have a CTS Profile mismatch despite my phone being un-rooted (as far as I know; it’s secondhand).

Odd, I don’t use VPN to connect to DL though, even my Sister.

I’m on Globe, whereas she is on Smart, we can both log-in fine without the VPN. Hahahaha.

But, it could be just a network issue and not really with your phone. – I mean, you know how bad our Network here is. HAHAHAHAHA.

HAHAHAHAH yeah :joy::joy:.
Anyway, I’ll give up for now; too bad xD, I was really looking forward to the game. I’ll just try again once the net improves, or when I get the sim-lock problem fixed after quarantine :joy:.

EDIT: found the solution. My phone automatically has the bootloader unlocked even after a factory reset, which causes a connection problem with Dragalia Lost. To fix the problem, you have to enable Developer settings on your phone, and from there disable OEM unlocking. The game started working for me after that lol. This works for Android phones, not sure for iOS.