Conrad is quite good as wall + Other lance cav discussion



Also how can someone say that Conrad mixed bulk is bad despire being probs the best mixed bulk of all the Cavs?


And, you know…
Mergable unlike 90% of cavs we got lately.


People just can’t settle


Big noobs don’t know what they’re saying



Have they not used Conrad? Or only tried to use him offensively? Because I can’t think of a cav unit that’s a better tank that him. He’s one of the best F2P lance cavs, even without a unique weapon.


Conrad is a meh unit that ‘fails to stand out’


How I wish DK could have conrad stat and no prf…


The better question would be who said that?
There were no Conrad related threads neither do I think that anybody on here says that he’s bad.


Eh I dunno whats wrong there.
They praise multiple times his good Defense and yet you show a defence build where he’s good at.
He can’t really be a offensive cav duo to his bad Speed and he needs QR for doubling.
Dunno whats your point here, GP is right.

I’m frankly surprised they didn’t pull Masked Marth and made two different versions. Or like Sirius… or the black knight. Etc etc etc…

oh you built an enemy phase unit. No one has ever done that before. /s

Well, I am overblowing it a bit.

But the review does feel very heavy ‘yeah he has good bulk… BUT Conrad can’t do X, Y and Z’

Especially the line ‘Conrad does little to stand out among defensive lance cavaliers’ irks me because he really has much more mixed bulk than any other melee cav. Especially if you look at the 3-4* units.


They’re right though, besides tanking, without really heavy investment in his offensive power he’s bad.

And there aren’t many defensive cavs that are meta these days, but for example F!Berkut is better than Conrad duo to his prf.

And he’s more mixed build than anyone else, because there aren’t any other defensive cavs who have the same BST than him.

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Besides that why won’t you @ a writer and just ask them why they wrote it that way?
I’m pretty sure they can give you a solid answer on it.

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Conrad is honesty my most used Lance cavalier,
His fantastic defensive stat are really useful, his resistance is enough high for surviving even to some of the strongest mage
and his defence is workable too :feh_hridexcited:

Also he is a cutie boy, how could you don’t like him


Ah, the conversation from this morning in the Discord.

I still will never understand why they suggest a Brave Lance, like, at all. :roll_eyes:


Conrad is good at what he does, but he doesn’t do much. Compared to more versatile units that have workable speed as well as mixed bulk, it’s easy to understand why people prefer to use other units.

If we’re talking to someone who’s thinking of merging a Grail unit and wanted a good mixed bulk lancer, then Conrad is who I’d point to, but other than he, well, fails to stand out.

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Brave Lance is what people suggest giving to practically any and every slow melee unit for an “offensive” build, or at least it was way back when. I’m honestly surprised that this is still a suggestion considering 1) how old and outdated the suggestion is for units like this, and 2) how much better it is to just go pure end phase.

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