Conrad is quite good as wall + Other lance cav discussion

My point being that the bulk is exactly what makes him stand out, enough on it’s own. With the new Mirror stance 3 being the exact tool he wants to bring his damage to a reasonable level.

@Lain while I stand by that I think Conrad is better than the GP topic makes him sound, I do have to admit…
I make it sound like a much bigger deal than it is with this topic title and it does kinda comes over as unnecessarily salty on my part.

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Yes, the “fails to stand out” part doesn’t apply to his bulk since that’s what makes him good. My point, though, is that he’s not versatile, and how much versatility a unit has is what many people look for, especially if they want them to stand out.

And let’s not forget how easy it is to make an offensive unit defensive than it is to make a defensive unit offensive. If the speed is too low, then Brave Lance is really their only option aside from Brash Assault. Meanwhile, offensive units can use things like Safeguard, Barrier Sword, Guard Sword (or the lance/Axe equivalent), etc.

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Good point, he’s not versatile.
I do think that’s a better way to say it then saying he doesn’t stand out in other ways.

Both are true, but the latter implies his bulk isn’t enough.

Yeah, it’s easier to make offensive units more defencive but… Should you?
If you pump in the effort to make, say, Oscar defencive he doesn’t come close to Conrad’s potential just as Conrad cannot hope to match Oscar’s melee phase/duelist capability.
Conrad knows what he wants and can focus on that, don’t make a fish climb a tree.

If you want a more versatile unit, then yes you probably should.

Let’s see, this Conrad has 51 atk, 52 def and 49 res when defending melee foes.
If I were to make a defence focussed Oscar…

47 atk, 44 spd, 45 def and 34 res
With the spd boost being dual phase to keep his versatility.

Better for flexibility but doesn’t come close to Conrad when it comes to walling, especially when it comes to bold fighter armors.
Or would you do it a differend way?

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Depends on what I’m wanting, really, as well as the unit. Oscar is not necessarily someone that I find to be that versatile considering how low his resistance is (as well as his somewhat decent defense), even with a boon, and the amount of resources one has to put in just to get it to each acceptable levels makes it not worth it unless max merged (and even then that’s a huge maybe).

Hell, Oscar’s offensive potential isn’t even that great unless you’re using his prf, lol.

Maybe it’s just me? But I find it much easier to make offensive units defensive if their base speed is good enough. :man_shrugging:

Ok Mia can outperform Tobin there. But that’s Tobin, who’s not Conrad.
And Mia, who’s a 5*.

Even if we ignore the fact that Mia and Conrad would be on totally differend teams, that’s still 6 more base def and 5 more base res on max DF, +1.

If I give a speedy character more bulk it’s usually to make them a duelist. So they fight in a more versatile role that doesn’t excell in super offence or defence.

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If there’s a unit with high speed and attack without skills, and they have workable defenses, I like to do that.
Ex. Mareeta, Sothis, L!Roy

It was more of an example. Of course Tobin is not Conrad, and Mia being a 5* exclusive doesn’t really make my point any less of, well, a point. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My point is that we’re talking about making offencive characters measure up to defencive characters.
Tobin isn’t really that much of a defencive character. Better grab an example that is…


Much bigger difference, huh?
Ofc, to undercut myself a bit…

Eyvel would be my choice for a great speed wall.
Still Helbindi does have merrit compared to Eyvel, because you need to invest into spd to make it work. For Helbindi you can just skip spd for more bulk or atk.

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The point is not to have an offensive-turned-defensive unit have the same amount of bulk as a pure defensive unit. The point is to have a versatile unit. Someone that can run multiple builds effectively, as well as something like a speedy tank if need be.

Of course Mia is not gonna reach Helbindi levels of bulk, and to think she can is pretty foolish.

Well, a versatile unit can do more yes. But they can’t wall as well.
So I don’t think walls that much worse because they’re not versatile.

Sometimes it’s better to have 2 specialists in the team rather than fill it with allrounders.

Yes, but when it comes to finding what a unit does that helps them stick out, units that are more versatile are typically the ones that stick out, whether that be because of stats or because of prf weapons/skills.

More versatility helps then fill more roles and use skills like Null Follow-up effectively.

Or at least in my opinion. :man_shrugging:

To be fair, I also use versatile units more.
But like I said, I build them to be duelists. Take some hits, deal some back, sometimes heal ect.
It’s a differend way of fighting. And there are more options and more units suited to it.

For tanks there are just few real good options outside of armors.
It’s just that Conrad does happen to be one of those options I feel can shine in his role as tank.
Especially if you go the route of ward cavaliers and use characters like Ranulf.

I thought tier 4 was too low for him. He’s really tanky like an armor unit with a good statline and 3x the movement compared to armors. That has to mean something.


But doesn’t have any of the skills that actually makes armored units threatening. I think that’s why?


It’s not strictly better of course, but as far as cav’s go, his statline is one of the best defensive ones in the entire game :/

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That last bit is something I feel goes underrated.

A cavalier has the movement to not only go in for the kill, but for enemy phase allow the cavs to pick and choose their opponents better. And get out of trouble easier when needed.

And cavs use the emblem skills the best out of anyone, finding it easier to put themselfs in a spot outside enemy range but inside an ally’s 2 spaces.


Totally agree. Movement and position are really the most important elements to having perfect battles that go your way in this game.

If feathers were a lot more common, I would have absolutely merged this one up. He looked really good to me. And the build above in the thread is pretty much what I’d go with him too. He’s a good unit, and is the best at what he’s trying to do. There are a lot of interchangable galeforce lance cavs, but not really any good defense ones these days.

Conrad fails to stand out in the fact that just isn’t special.
Just because he isn’t special doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the capability to be good. :feh_birbpeek:
Conrad’s statline fills one role, which is an enemy phase tank. While you can try to focus on his Atk to make a player phase one-shotter or use something like Brash Assault, in general it’s better to focus on a unit’s strengths. If you need an offensive blue cav, there are many out there.
At the same time, there is merit to mixed phase builds. :thinking:

I personally still find that cav teams are very solid, even with powercreep leaving them behind a bit.
I still use my cavalry team which is all Gen 1/2 cavs very frequently, and they still do very well in modes like Chain Challenge, even if they don’t cut it anymore in things like Abyssals.
Turns out having an entire team with +6 buffs is still good.