Consecrated Water

I need more consecrated water to max out my prints, is there any efficient way to get it?

It’s mostly from events, you can’t really farm it unfortunately.
The last update added some to the void battle treasure trade shop if you haven’t bought that yet.

oof okay ill try to max my prints out with what i have then thanks

You should also always but the 3 waters that and ate available in the story daily. They aren’t going to help you immediately, but they do add up over time.

Unfortunately, like it was already said, Consecrated Water comes mostly from events and Treasure Trade. You can use the 2* print drops as exp fodder too, it’s not much but it adds up and saves you some waters.

always buy the 3 waters and 3 berries from shop everyday - only things that can’t be easily farmed. i guess running whatever double drop event on should yield upgrade items and trash wyrmprints (always upgrade with the 16might ones as you can’t sell those for eldwater) but there is no shortcut, only diligence.