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This is probably going to be a lot more than I originally planned it, but all the same I couldn’t really think of a better title.

Now imagine you’re the master of your own Chaldea and a lot of the game mechanics were a thing.

Would you feel safe giving certain Servants Embers/Ascension Materials in prioritizing them by capability or by your own personal preference? In other words, how would you maximize your Servants’ potential when they’re living breathing beings?


Give power first to the strong one (like Ozy)and before to the weak one(like paracelsus)

Nothing would change if game mechanics are real.

If only such an idea as OP friend carry exist in real life lol.


You mean you wouldn’t avoid Serenity, Raikou or Kiyohime like the plague?

That and I don’t really want to count the class advantages because that’s just stupid tbh.

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I would raise Raikou early anyway because she’s good for farming, there’s also Kintoki to distract her somewhat. Serenity and Kiyohime can wait after lotto embers.

If my actual life was on the line where I’d die if I fail…I’d 100% optimize my roster for the best outcome every time.

If it was basically just me stepping into the role(lmao I put roll the first time, thanks gacha.) we exactly have where you just quit/CS/SQ if you fail…I’d 100% play favorites.


I’d probably end up alignment based, prioritizing good over evil. I wouldn’t want to get myself dismembered by strengthening someone who might not remain under my control, or harming those around me with creative interpretation of commands.


I’d try to be equal, but I do have my preferences. Mine are mostly leveled anyways so this problem isn’t as bad as one would think I believe. They all know I’m getting to them in time

I absolutely would.

Jalter would probably get a bunch of them because A) I’d be terrified of her killing me if I didn’t and B) I want to enjoy the terror on the enemy’s faces.

Beyond that, it’d be a combination of Favorites and Strategical Value. After all, many of my favorites do have strategical value: Jalter, Emiya, Tomoe (I’d literally make my roster be set up to make her strategically valuable), Altera (let’s face it, going off her lore, Altera should be the most destructive servant possible), Maid Alter, Caster Nero…

After I was done with the Strategical Favorites, I’d go for the fun/creative strategical comps. Like this one:


If you have to use them you have to. For a long while Kiyo was my only 3-star Berserker.

Also, Serenity is sweet and I pity her lack of human contact, I have no problem with her. I haven’t summoned Raikou, but if Big Bazonga Berserker is hot for me I can’t say I’d mind. She doesn’t seem as crazy killer as Kiyo.

That said, I have limits. Gilles de Rais (Caster) came to me early, but for moral reasons I have yet to give him a single bond point, ember, Fou, or skill mat. (His Saber form hadn’t done the things his later life did, so I have used him.) Fortunately, this is perfectly fine considering his gameplay also sucks. But I’ve sort of wondered what possible role he would be playing in my Chaldea – he’s still summoned, I didn’t burn him, and he shows up in event scripts.

I’ve decided that Servants like that are in back offices making tools, feeding mana to devices, or serving as target practice in the simulator. I would have insisted on a contract that strictly limited their ability to use any magic, or fight or injure anyone without explicit orders. If they came to Chaldea then they must have had some intention of helping humanity. But not unless I was truly on my last ditch would I dignify some of them. I have enough good, effective Servants that materials of all types are at a premium anyway, so not everyone gets them and they would, I presume, understand that.

To add, the Servant I really wonder about is Angra Mainyu. I mean, he’s literally the incarnation of the world’s evil! What’s he doing answering a summons? Surely he can’t be here because he wants to help us out? How could we trust anything he did, even back office work?

He’s in my Chaldea, but as far as I’m concerned he’s under orders to stay where the security cameras can see him, don’t demanifest, don’t use any supernatural abilities, don’t tax our resources more than the average Servant, and don’t fight or harm anyone, with harm defined by my definition of it. Read some books and play video games. Just don’t mess with our mission.


Agreed, level Georgios up early on to protect you from troublesome servants. Though there are several alignments that don’t reflect the personality/behavior of the servants, like Fuuma and the Hassans being Evil alignment despite being loyal. And Kiritsugu just follows orders as well.

It would probably come down to how well I would get along with each of them, given their very different personalities and such.
But since most of my favourites have a good-alignment I should be relatively safe, and most servants should be understanding the importance of mats efficiency anyway given that the fate of the world depends on it.

Pretty sure Gilgamesh would keep everyone in line anyway though.

On that note, if you want to be safe, investing in Karna early would be super worth it since he is 1000% loyal and lorewise pretty much nobody but Gil and Enkidu can stand up to him.

A) It’s going to be real sad to have a irl front row to Arash’s NP over and over and over again.

B) Kojirou would have hunted dragons to extinction. Ushi and Astolfo would become Demon Slayers.

C) Likewise there will be no cemetery left untouched and no perpetual machine left intact.

D) People who have a problem with this can take it up with my complaint department which is run by Cesar, Carmilla,, Mephistopheles and Elizabeth Bathory.

E) Mash, Heracles, Altera and/or Tama Lancer will have to be my bodyguard(s) at all times.

F) Danzo and Hundred Face Persona will be my secret service H&R just in case a few evil servants want to one up my already immoral amoral behavior… moral. Moral behavior. Yep that’s what I meant.

G) If Blackbeard’s NP has in-game and out-game effects I will pack as many servants upon his ship and ride into every boss battle on the Queen’s Ann Revenge.

H) I will ask if BB can manipulate servant stats and see if she can give a ‘boost’ to their level (lv151), skills (lv15), or my items (666 bones).

I) Ironically I am never to be left alone with BB, Spartacus, Wu, Shuten, Mephisto, Gilles Caster, Euryale, Phantom of the Opera, and/or Stheno. No matter how much I want to crawl in Sparty or BB or whomever’s arms this rule is mandatory by Roman and Da Vinci and myself.

J) I’ll do what I have to do and roll up my sleeves and take a drilling if it means Fergus’s drill will work over 9000x better on the battlefield. This goes for most servants. The things I do for humanity’s survival.

J) Roman, Da Vinci, Sherlock, Cursed Arm, Emiya and Tomoe are my inner table where I discuss plans with. Mash, Lancelot, Altera and Tamamo are on the outer table. Tomoe, Altera and Sherlock are my second in commands.


Actually, Angra Mainyu isn’t the incarnation of all the world’s evil. Some backwaters, superstitious town decided they needed someone to blame for all their misfortunes, picked a random boy as a sacrifice, called him Angra Mainyu, and imprisoned him in a temple on a mountain. In all honesty, other than his “curse” that he inflicts on the person to kill him (which was turned into his NP in FGO), he’s no different than any other human. Hell, you could probably beat him up…
Like, not even kidding, he’s more the incarnation of a victim than anything else. The fact that he can sound so damn… cheery is a miracle.

I see that you, too, are a man of culture with excellent taste in Assistants.


I mean,every servant (literaly)can beat him without problem,but you know he is a servant, the weakest ,but a servant that literaly is in the level of a average person, so if you are strong enough the beat a average person then ,yeah you can beat him no problem

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I mean, in Hollow Ataraxia, Angry Mango ends up being legitimately heroic! He’s really more of a punch-card villain who plays a role, but is actually a pretty chill dude. I’d much prefer hanging out with him than, say, Gilgamesh.


Can we get an F in the chat for one super weak angery boi.

(But yeah, I like the guy. Just not his mats. Those can go die in a fire for all I care even though I will eventually 9/9/9 him.)

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The ironic thing of Angra is that he is supposed to be evil,but like Kojirou that also is supposed to be evil, he is totally not evil at all

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