Considering Arena Core

So I was planning to sort out an AR defence, but I thought it may be worth building an arena core to get that extra weekly orbs + extra feathers instead. It’s definitely not because I’m too lazy to think of an AR team layout or anything.

For +10 units I have so far, I have: Helbindi, Chrom, Odin, Matthew and Sheena.

I mainly think that Helbindi or Sheena would be the best scorers I have so far in terms of BST, although I think using them both will lead to an imbalanced team (due to multiple axe units.

I do have close to 600,000 feathers and over 6,000 grails, so I’m okay to invest in a few different units. Also, will I need well merged legendary heroes in order to get to tier 21?

Is there any specific F2P units + builds that you would use and why? While I have access to some good fodder options, I’d prefer to try to avoid using premium fodder. Thanks in advance.

Focus on Gen 3 demote units for your arena core if you’re building it up now. Units like Norne, Altena, etc. that hit ~170 BST or more are solid picks for an Arena core. A good plan is to make your core Red, Blue, and Green so that you can use it with any bonus unit you use without issue.

Helbindi should be a solid option since he can run Panic Ploy and tank different builds on top of inherent access to G Duel Infantry. He’s one I would recommend keeping. If you go for a full Infantry team he can even keep his Infantry Pulse to help charge specials.

You don’t need Legendary/Duo Heroes, but they help. Some Legendary Heroes and the Duo Heroes score higher than most other units in the game, and they only get better (I believe Winter Sothis is the only one to even compete with Duo Heroes in terms of score, and a majority of newer Armors score in a higher bin than Legendaries). If you find yourself merging high BST Legendaries or Score Bonus Legendaries or Duo Heroes, go for it, but they’re not vital to a good arena core.

Some of the other users are more familiar with building Arena cores, so I would consult their advice as well.


Sadly, those gen 3 units are out of the question currently, as I don’t have enough copies to fully merge them. I guess one of the recent grail units could work.

Is there any other, more accessible, units that can score almost the same amount through the use of high sp skills?

Assuming that you use Helbindi and Matthew (both running Duel skills, naturally), that you want full color coverage, and that you don’t mind spending a lot of grails, Astram, Itsuki, and Eliwood (LA) are good choices. Mordecai is a good blue option available in the 4* summoning pool as well.

Mordecai is a good blue melee choice, Itsuki or Astram are good red melees (both Grail units—I think Astram is slightly better but you give up Wrath fodder), and Echidna or Ross are good green melees, but you already have Helbindi. I also recommend Aversa if you have R Duel Flying or Virion with C Duel Infantry for debuffs if you want to go that route (they’re also good in other modes).

Tharja is great if you want a red tome, but she needs R Duel Infantry. Same goes for Nino and Tailtiu for green and blue. You can also go with Brunnya, who needs Grails and B Duel. Dragons (Nowi, Bantu, Tiki, Fae) can be good but have dragon weakness and there are lots of anti-dragon units these days, and most don’t out-BST the new infantry units I listed first. Altena is a good recently demoted flier; others like Camilla, Caeda, and Cherche are standbys, but need Duel skills. Armors include W!Cecilia, W!Jaffar, and Valbar, or old ones like Sheena and Black Knight.

I went with recent infantry units myself—very little weakness, good BST, and infantry-locked skills are good all around.

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Get yourself an Astram. He has the highest BST of any infantry grail unit, and has a very solid statline and prf.
I would give that title to Itsuki(due to more balanced stats and a better prf), but he’s not available to +10 yet.

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Marth and M!Corrin are really solid options since they offer amazing support potential. Of the 2 I’d say Marth is better since dragons are common and he buffs the whole teams unlike Corrin.
A!Tiki is a decent choice due to her high def and solid prf. On the armor side Draug and Black Knight are probably your best bet. Draug is actually really fast for a gen 1 armor and Black Luna is stupidly overpowered.
Nowi is a VERY common choice(my only +10 currently). For lance armors Valbar, Gwendolyn, and Effie are all really good(my favorite is valbar). They have good mixed tanking potential with berkut’s/barrier lance and access to fighter skills(brave lance/bold fighter/galeforce is pretty nasty).
For colorless there aren’t many great candidates but Norne has really solid BST and runs her guard bow+ VERY well. Unfortunately there aren’t really any colorless melee units in 3*/4* pool, and colorless ranged units take a hefty hit to the BST(especially the gen 1 units)

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Red - Itsuki. You have 6,000 grails so he’s an easy choice. You just have to wait for him to be added to the Grail pool. He’s got a really good prf weapon that’s also effective against dragons as well as a good statspread at max merges.

Blue - Odin. B Duel Infantry exists and he’s actually on my Arena team with Def/Res Link for his Omni Link build. If there’s no access to B Duel then I’d probably just do Mordecai.

Green - Ross is my choice, but there’s also Echidna.

Colorless - Norne if you don’t have C Duel Infantry, but if you do then Matthew is good enough.


And its seasonal-locked on SS!Berkut. It’s not an option for most players

Hence my second choice for the blues.


Since you have the feathers…

Build Caeda, Catria and some green flyer. Just because I love flyers.

Otherwise non biased stuff


They cost grails but are very very powerful


You can’t use his prf effectively BUT he still tanks stuff really really well.


They’re both very powerful and flexible in terms of builds, just ask the Echidna harem


Has high BST, very good

Unless you have duel skills build those 4 (pick one of Itsuki or Astram and 1 of Echidna or Ross)

Based on what you guys have said, would a team consisting of Helbindi, Mordecai (I can get him to +9 currently), and Aversa (I have a spare R duel flying) be good? Astram/Itsuki seems like a solid alternative to Aversa though.

The main problem I see with this kind of team is that it’s very vulnerable to strong ranged units like L!Alm and L!Julia.

Also, what kind of skills will I need to score well? I get I’ll need aether/galeforce on all of them, as well as rally+ skills. But what about the other skills?

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I don’t really see these units that often in Arena, at least not in Tier 20, and most teams are typically easy to get rid of unless they’re using someone like Broken Azura.

I get they’re rare, due to how premium they are. But they do score pretty well, and there are a likely number of whale teams that have them, so encountering them is a possibility.

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Yeah Aversa looks good. But if you have the resources, if you go a DC Itsuki or something it could also solve your problem of L!Alm, and Julia might be a problem. You can probably just PP her on the chance she appears though

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I do have DC on Helbindi, so I could do that. Although I would be sacrificing G duel infantry.

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Hmmmm. It would work, but maybe you wouldn’t score enough. What range are you hitting with that team with g duel inf and like Sharena or something as the last person?

Well, I haven’t really sorted out high scoring builds before, which is why I’m asking about it. Maybe having a high scoring c slot would make up for it?

Nah c slots only score as 200SP or 240SP so it’s not much of a difference. Have you put your builds currently (with duel skills) into the arena calc?

You want higher SP skills to score better, but only in 100 SP increments. It’s best to try a good build ignoring SP cost in the arena score calculator and then change things up until you hit the max (750). Depending on the unit’s BST and skills, you can sometimes use a lower SP skill in a certain slot and still hit the max score.