Considering to be the man

First of all, I want to clarify I promised to keep my main (and currently only) account legit by all possible means and I won’t interfere with it, I will stand it and my legit account will never interfere in any way with the other ones I will create.

That said, I wonder that if some people truly enjoy the multi-accounting thing it must be for something. I have 5 aviable phones in which I can split the screen in 3 (or 2, not sure), making it space for 15 (or 10) accounts to carry.

But if I plan to be legit why to do it? Easy, my main account will be disconnected, but the others will be connected to each other. Just as a new way of playing. To see what it can offer and have a new… goal? I want to experience the advantages it has to play in two different styles simultaneously. Of course it has the counterpart of massive maintanment, but I will value if I do or I quit it. Oh yeah, and discomfort carrying so many phones but honestly I am used to it, I can carry that many stuff.

I made a second account when Sinnoh Stones were released and the only real way to get them was PvP. I casually caught Pokemon and did raids and traded between the accounts a few times but the only time I played both at the same time was Community Day. I’ve played the other account less and less over the last year. I’ve really only played the second account lately to do Timburr raids and trade between the two.

Having more acounts then you have fingers doesn’t work to play them at the same time… just a practical problem. :wink:

I have seen people on youtube playing multiple phones but that also doesn’t look all that comfortable:

As you can see at the 2 minute mark he plays with seven phones but is only able to tap on six on the same time (one phone he doesn’t tap on) . If you want to start with all new accounts you would probably have to relobby and that would make it even more difficult because of having to tap on the different places on the screen…

Having multiple accounts also would mean that you would have to do everything 2, 3, … 5, … 10 times so it would take up that much time that your primary account would suffer from not recieving enough playing time…

Having a baby account (second account) could make some sense but having 10 or 15 would just be to much for the regular player to be able to play.

But if you want to play multiple phones you could always take an example on this man

He plays 45 phones…on his bicycle.


In the case of the bicycle “Uncle Pokemon” guy, he was allegedly sponsored by ASUS and they gave him a whole heap of phones, probably even the rig that supports them. A little bit of an extreme example though.

Personally, though I have a second account/phone, it’s hard work at times even managing one. The second typically only comes out at raids, where I’m normally stationary and can juggle multiple devices more easily. At other times, i.e. standard walking around and catching/spinning, it really isn’t worth the extra effort. Plus there’s the security concern; one phone I can guard fairly easily, two is manageable, but any more than that (especially if they’re setup on some kind of rig) is probably just asking for trouble.

I personally have two. I created the second account in Jun and played heavily for about 10 days to rise it to level 33. After that I only spin a few stops, open gifts and catch a few mons each day and raid.

Suprisingly it is now in many occasions almost as strong as my main. For Heatran raids they do almost the same damage. Each has two groudons, two rhyperions and two excadrills at level 30, the only difference is my main has three at lv40 and slightly better IVs. In battle you barely notice anc CALCY has a 2% difference in damage.

At the end of the day 100%IVs and level 40s are collectible items that matter very little in practical terms.

Being able to duo raids (Virizion, Cobalion, Heatran and Terrakion were all doable) trading between them and doing three quick daily battles are the main advantages.

To be the main…you gotta beat the main


That’s… :dizzy_face:

I got a way to bind 5 phones to my left arm. I’m still configuring the split screens, probably will post photo. And as ikke said to my main account not suffering the dumbness of this “experiment” I will go to the rhytm of that one being the others just a bonus. I will test day 22 the effectiveness of the full thing.

Taiwan man rigs bike with 11 phones to play Pokemon Go

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I have 2 account, one made in August 2016, second on March 2018
Why i made it ? Because at that time i never meet another trainer in my area where i live. And to be able to raid T4 and Legendary i have to go to another area on weekend
Other will said do a T3 raid then when you cannot go to an area with many trainers. Done that, and it is geting boring after some time. I even raid T3 using no duplicate pokemon because i am geting bored
So i use 2 account because then i can do the raid by myself. Some legendaries can be duo, the more difficult the better for me.
Now i have some fellow trainers in my area, ussually 1-3 trainers can join me to a legendary raid, sometimes a little bit more trainers can join. But i keep my 2nd accounts, i can raid by myself if nobody can join or when i just wanna do it by myself and enjoy the battle like this Heathran Raid