Consipiratory theories

What unfounded theories have you got? They can be purely based on anecdotal evidence or no evidence at all… who knows we may even discover some are true or at least worth investigating.

I believe among others…

  • That you have better chances of a lucky the lower the CP of the traded pokemon.
  • That lower level accounts have better luck
  • That if you don’t play for a while you will get a lot of luck in your return.
  • That people use bots for pvp
  • That the matching algorithm in pvp is rigged
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I’ve thought that one for a while, as an on and off player I feel like I’ve got all the evidence I need.

There’s def a number of things going on in the PvP matchmaking that they don’t say for whatever reason. Change up a team slightly and without fail you’ll start to see people running things you’ve never encountered through the entire season. Changed up a team today and started out vs an ancient power mamoswine.

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Having seen some if the research Silph Road have done, most recently the study that suggests odds of a legendary catch increase with each throw, coupled with the clearly ropey behaviours around various shinies/hatches (Deino instantly springs to mind) I’m not sure where the conspiracy theory “line” truly is.

I agree about the increased luck for less frequent/lapsed players,I have an alt I play very rarely and it does quite well compared to the massively increased volume of catches I make on my main.

I do wonder if the odds of shinies drop with a higher frequency of raids - so that if the game detects you’re chasing a shiny hard it makes you wait longer knowing the odds are you’ll use plenty of passes chasing that shiny even if it does take dozens of goes. Although, I did also read another theory that shiny rates drop as an event progresses, Heracross I think.

I absolutely think lots of stuff is weighted or at least misrepresented by niantic, let’s face it if Mercedes will rig emissions computers and mobile phone manufacturers can build in “expiry dates” on phones so you need to buy another at a set date, some mobile phone game can very easily be manipulated.

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The “shiny legendaries” rate drops with raid frequency is an interesting one. I typically ONLY raid with free passes (often forget to use them) but still get most Shiny Legendaries despite below average raiding. Maybe I am perpetually lucky or more likely because I don’t care about shinies. That should be the new theory: shiny frequency drops with greater interest in shinies!! Did Silph Road or other ever release a theoretical shiny rate for raids?

Your examples of mainstream companies tweaking and cheating forgot one of the most interesting examples. Some mobile phone companies use an algorithm / process to boost the phone’s performance if it is being tested with evaluation software like Antutu. Better ratings / specs = better sales.

I ran into the same AP Mamo last night even though I never change my team. As I lead with Articuno this could have been a disaster but I crushed that Ice Pig anyway. IMHO the problem with PVP matchmaking is that it seems to set us up with a set of easy(ish) wins so we can go 5-0 or 4-1 etc and then follow up the opposite with a challenging set of optimal counters and we go 1-4 etc. Don’t see the logic to that strategy but this happens to me most days. After two straight losses to optimal counters I turn off the app and restart the phone and things go back to normal. Thus I am sure that the AI / matchmaking is doing this purposefully.

  • That lower level accounts have better luck
  • That if you don’t play for a while you will get a lot of luck in your return.

Well I sometimes play with my gf old account, I barely use it (only help for raid or gyms). One day I got a shiny at first check and an other day I got an other one in like the 5 first checks…

I also remember in the first community day I used the catch technique (the one that saves time), nearly all my catches had very low IV… I felt like the game was punishing me for using a forbidden trick…

Noooooooooooooo, come on. There’s so much bullshit believed by a whole lotta idiots out there that we really don’t need a thread like this :(
(Can we even call it a conspiracy thing if it’s a game?)

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And all the other players that caught the same Pokémon as you that day were punished too because you used the fast catch trick… not getting a shiny is personal but Pokémon caught in the wild have the same IV’s for everyone (same "group level"trainers that is).

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This is not a theory, it is proven fact without any actual evidence. And if you say that sentence makes no sense, I said what I said :slight_smile:


I came back to read some topics on this forum after months, and realized this is exactly why I stopped reading things from here lol.

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There are hacks out there that give people more energy in PvP, give people 3 shields, and allow them to take less damage. Some examples from first battle of match:

My Graveler vs. foe’s Rapidash (Little Cup). Sims show that I should easily get off a third rock blast to KO Rapidash before foe gets off a third Drill Run. In this battle, he fired off Drill run #3 just after my second rock blast. No lag on my end, just crazy fast energy generation on his.

Foe leads Obstagoon into my Fortress. My bug quick attack should be chomping him something fierce. Sims show that I win in all but the 2-0 shield matchup. In game, he not only beats my Forretress using no shields, he also takes out my Mantine before going down, and he didn’t get any night slash buffs that displayed. Maybe he came into the battle twice buffed already, … WTF?

Reported both matched to Niantic, suspect nothing happened since I didn’t video it. Frustrating to grind for PvP pokemon and practice using them only to lose badly to cheaters.

It’s fine, it’s safe now, nobody’s passing round tinfoil headpieces or mashing the keyboard indiscriminately mid-way through an unhinged, nonsensical rant following a normal in-game occurrence.

In a time when people shoot other people cause they are obliged to wear masks you never know… ;) :(

Listen buddy. Everybody knows this so-called “covid” was cooked up by the Kenyan “President” to take away the rights of the straight people so I don’t even know why this is an issue anymore. 🤷🏻


The frequency of game crashes or other glitches (including GPS drift) has increased, especially when I try to do legendary raids or take down gyms. Hence my latest conspiracy theory: Niantic is in cahoots with the yellow spoofers!

I think you’ll find…



I really couldn’t have said it better myself but you know the sheep will deny it as usual.


You’re all mad…

Why else would we come here?