Contemplating B Skills for Azama

so I’m working on my Azama again now that he has Melancholy + I feel it’s kinda dumb to have him running it and guard, so I’m asking more on the idea of what people like using for B skills.

I feel giving my Azama wrathful staff is useless since his atk is small anyway, but I’m not sure what else to give him.

I’m thinking either wings of mercy (when I get the fodder), Escape Route, or possibly something else?

Here’s what Azama is working with right now




Chills are probably the best for him.

I’ve never used chills much… I suppose it can’t hurt.

Awww, i like Azama. I aspire to make mine similar to this one day…:cupid:


Sudden Panic is an option for his B, as it works with his high HP and he has Martyr to heal damage taken. I’d advise making the C and S support related skills too. Such as Drives, Guards and maybe Chill Atk for the Seal.