Contingency Contract Season #2 [Operation Blade] General Discussion And Preparation

Blade just got announced for mid Feb and we all know that it’s gonna be on 10th
Well damn it’s 4th now

So what are we doing now when there’s still a month to it? Discuss about your preparation for E2 and mastery plan, your strat and how high the risk you will go, etc etc

Banner Joint Operation

Login event

Item in shop

New skin: 18 primes for Nearl and 15 primes for Rope

New medal set

Daily stage

Permanent Stage

General Guide

Low star clear risk 18

High end clear risk 30+


My Mosty and Ch’en are ready for it tho, I’ll aim for risk 24+ for now, just need to E2 Hoshi left

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  • E2 S2M3 Ange
  • E2 S1/S2M3 Elysium
  • Possible Masteries on S2 Saria

10 Slot Comp

Not sure who to put in for the 10th spot


  • Risk 18-22 on Week 1, Higher for Week 2
  • High Risk Clears on Daily Stages, preferably Max

Maybe you could add Manticore to slow those weeb katana down more with Ange, I still want to E2 her for risk 24+ but 8 T4 Manganese kinda turns me off, hope Gavial event is next because 8 T3 manganese in shop can ease the farming a bit :fgo_casgilworry:

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I figure I wanna see how well I can do without looking up any outside strats until at least day 5. If I can manage R18 week 1 without looking any guides, I’ll wait until a few days into week 2 just to see how high risk I can get on my own.
I have a pile of slowers E2’d already, between Angie, Suzu, Podenco, Manticore, all of which have at least M2 on their skills, so that’ll probably be a main way to go. Though I’m a little curious if I can manage straight tanking everything with Hoshi buffed by Shining and/or Aak S2 if I give the avengers the attack speed boost. I’ll probably play around a bit and see.

also, buying all the skins.


For some reason, I actually had two plans for risk 23-24 on week 1 - the magic debuff strat and the sniper debuff strat. I was weirdly prepped for both so I’ll see which ones would take me higher.

Magic debuff strat (10 man team):
Siege S2M1 - Block enemies in front of blue exit
Ifrit S3M2, Eyja S3M3, Mostima S2M2 - arts dmg meltdown in front of siege
Saria S3M2 - arts dmg amp and tank faust
Shining and Ptlio SL7 - healing team from ballista
Cuora SL7 - block katanas to sync all enemies to reach siege for arts dmg meltdown
Myrtle S1M3 - dp print
Weedy S3M3 - deal with casters and faust (may help siege with cannon)

I’ll replace either cuora or mostima with (borrowed) hoshi or suzuran respectively to make things easier.
May reposition cuora/hoshi and eyja to assist tanking and killing faust respectively.

Sniper debuff strat (10 man team):
Blaze S2M3 - block and kill enemies in front of blue exit
Schwarz S3M3, Ange S2M3, Elysium S2M3, W S2M2 - Deal with avengers, casters and faust
Saria S2M3 - heal team from ballista and tank faust
Ptlio SL7 - heal team from ballista
Pram S2M1 or Shamare S2M3 - phy debuff avengers and faust, and dmg amp for blaze
Bagpipe S3M3 (borrowed) - sp talent and killing first avenger for smoother early game (when schwarz is not ready).
Myrtle S1M3 - dp print and stall avengers in schwarz range if needed

I do have the option to replace bagpipe with SA S3M3 to assist dps both lanes to help blaze and killing first avenger simultaneously. My early game would be slower but it should be fine.

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I didn’t look anything up but I’m pretty sure I’m ready to fail


My strat will consist of borrowing @kuu0 ´s Angelina again. :ak_laughinglappy:


You don’t have her yet?

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Nope. Just her skin…I mean costume…myes costume. :fgo_bbsmile:


Skin? W already eat almost all of my budget and left me with 18 OP. So those OP is only for best killing whale

And same as above except I’m borrowing @kuu0 Bagpipe

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Last piece for my strat complete :feh_reinyes:


So I’m not a pro by any means and don’t even really plan to try hard the CC (i’m more of a collector).

However IF I can help someone by sharing my Operators, I will be more than happy, so here my Code and Support Unit.
Silence S3 M1 , Utage S2 M3 , W S3 M3 (or S2 M3 if you think it’s better, let me know)

Also here all my Evo 2 Operators (be aware that Ifrit will also be in the pool, I’m currently uping her), let me know if one of them would be better for this CC , not only for me, but also as Support Unit to use for my friends.
I’m ready to help if I can, I hope… :ak_wshock:

Feel free to ask me to change something or give me your advice, I would gladly talk about it :)

Here are all my 5★ and 6★ Operators pool if you want to go serious on this, but don’t feel forced to it, replying to the above question and sharing your idea for a Support is more than enough :heart:


Thanks in advance for your time and I hope I can be of use ! :ak_wshock:

CC2 announcement :feh_lucyshrug:


Also next standard banner with Ch’en and Warfarin in shop :fgo_emiyashades:

Joint banner

Login event


These Login Reward are really cool. I hope you can sit in the rocking chair.

Scene revealed

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At first glance I thought it’s a younger version of Ex-wife
Or her little sister or something
Hahaha :ak_mostima:

Now I’m more than ready for CC2 :feh_rein:


Are you ready?!
:fgo_gaooo: :fgo_gaooo: :fgo_gaooo: